The Stockings Thread (now with shoes as well!)

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Actually, I briefly considered posting a picture of me wired up with my heart monitor I had to wear this week, with some kind of cyber- joke. But then thought better of showing that much skin.

If you should ever play the XBox version of "Knights of the Templar", the End Credit sequence shows me 'troded up with a sign saying "I survived" (had to wear it for 2 days).

The doctors said it was stress related and not vascular malfunction. I thought I was going to have a heart attack (squeezing sensation, tingling in left shoulder, erratic heartbeat)

Hope the ticker is ok, Splits.
I recently got a pair (I think they were Calvin Klein, most of my favorites seem to be) almost identical to these, with a thinner band at the top, less lacy.

But to get back on topic... I'm not so much a fan of the fishnets, unless they're worn over another pair of stockings. For me, it's mostly about the tactile sensation, or the anticipation of aforesaid sensation, and fishnets just aren't great in that department. Even fairly heavy tights are more attractive to me than fishnets. 'Nets reek of 'trying too hard.'

That I find very interesting. I generally don't wear tights under my fishnets because I don't want to wear waist-high tights (honestly, as much for coping with the heat of a hot club as for sex appeal) and I can never quite get it right, pairing two sets of thigh-highs. It has to be just right or the tops look weird.

I'm also a fan or conservative stockings, though. I have some cable-knit navy waist-high's that I'm particularly fond of. And I think we've been over my cotton stocking obsession here before...

[off to search for related WGB conversations]
You're asking someone whose idea of dressing up is finding the least wrinkled shirt in the clean clothes drawer. Wink

That being said, I vote 1 or 3 , 4 and 8 (from the top of the page.)

If you were talking about the stockings in 4 and not the whole outfit, then yes, you could definitely pull those off. (Agreeing with FashPo in other words.)
Originally posted by BlueShift:
Originally posted by Fashionpolice:
Word of advice, get some hangers! Smile
I'm not sure my t-shirts would go on them very well.

I realized after posting, that you might be referring to T-shirts. In Danish, we distinguish between woven shirts (skjorter) and knitware (trøjer).

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