~~~ I feel the same way about Margaret Thatcher. She HAS to go first! ~~~

Seriously... I ran a suicide prevention hotline in college 25 years ago. Never thought of that as a technique.

"Hey man... just think of all the people who should die but fukin won't!"
Duncan Idaho used the spring-stilts. It was the only way he was gonna make it to the lifter on time. Suddenly a lasgun tore through his thigh. His left leg, spring-stilt still attached, clattered to the ground.

He bounded off on the remaining spring-stilt, spraying blood on the hood of a Toyota.
Thank you for calling the League of Assassins hotline. All lines are currently engaged. If you know the name of the person who is making your life worthless, press '1'. If you would like us to suggest a target, press '2'. If you are having girlfriend or boyfriend related depression, press '3'. For all other esteem destroying issues, stay on the line. Your call is important to us and we will answer you as soon as possible.
The wily Ex-Premier was no stranger to the stilt attack. She engaged her Dunn and Merton robo-augmento 6000 exosuit and smiled grimly at the thought that soon the League of Assassins would have to send a professional. It was nigh time. Her very atoms ached for battle.

To be... continued?

Don't drink it all at once, Trog! Happy X!

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