The Restroom Project

bathrooms on acid, they can be such fun! i remember flushing a toilet like the one in trainspotting (though this was before i saw the movie) and seeing the grey/black/brown contents overflow and spill all down the sides, over the floor, everywhere. someone came in and turned on the light and then i was blinded by the reflections from the white, gold & pine of an upper middle class country style bathroom.

did i mention all the surfaces were crawling with disembodied doll heads?

my favorite LSD bathroom tho was at the Renaissance Fair. My GF of the time and I had dropped litterally right before getting into the car (not us driving) and it took a fair bit of time to get out to the middle of nowhere which is the logical place to hold a Theme Fair. So of course the first thing we did as the stuff started kicking in and we finally arrived was find the restrooms. Which were, keeping with the theme, hidden behind huge wooden doors. Somehow I fathomed how the door worked and got into the stall and stood there draining the lizard and listening to the bizzarre sounds of the festival as the walls breathed in and out around me.

There is nothing quite like hearing a groaning troll from the next stall over...
My favourite LSD bathrooms (maybe that could be the title of a thread on its own) were the toilets at Campbell House student halls of residence, which are 3 streets away from where I work. The thick, dirty orange paint always looked like it was glowing as it flowed down the walls in waves.
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There's nothing better than having plants in the bathroom. Just love that.

me too, ever since a particularly great conversation I had with one while I was trapped in a bathroom whilst taking LSD in high school...

I am such a lightweight, weed-wise. My FIRST marijuana experience at wot, 16?, found me, ultimately in the bathroom, convinced I could send my hand through the mirror. The mirror "disolved" in structure, to my mind. My ex and I had quite a conversation about this.
My acid trips were far more fun, complex, and compellingly visual.

Nice evasive shot, with visual info, FP. Smiling.
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Originally posted by Marshdrifter:

Are you sure it's the internet that's all poopy?

Just asking because it seems likely to be the
other way around.

Sorry, MD; do you mean that it's the poop that's all internetty?


I'm so wired, my poop has wifi.
I was in a little brew pub with a friend earlier this evening, and I made a point of telling her about this thread. You see, I snapped my latrine picture (with a regular film camera) the last time the two of us went out for a microbrew, back in October. She didn't even blink.

"I think it's art."

"Yeah, I can see that it could be."

"Shall I send you the picture, then?"

"You scanned it?"


"Oh, yeah, definitely want to see it."

This is, in my mind, the right kind of pre-judgement.

I'm considering making up a business card:



Might come in useful in the next few months.
ps, the bartender's cell doesn't have a camera. I am lurking to find a digital I can shanghai for the project. Some poor, unsuspecting tourist, perhaps. Heh.
Considered explaining this thread to a coworker last Sat. and just started laughing. She ropes and pens cattle, competively. She is our resident buckorette. The gap was too great and absurd.

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