The Restroom Project

As in the mirror project but in a public restroom... Wink

My favorite shot to day is the FP shot:

and of course the one and only MOM shot:

So take out those cameras and get moving. I know there's a pic hidden in your stash just itching to come public.
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God, ArkanGL's shot looks amazing! I mean, that's a damn cool restroom.

Okay, once I get the camera back from the fiance, I will snap some pictures.

I really like FP's shirt and the colors of the door and doorframe. Just happy. Reminds me of the honey tangerines my mother is so fond of. She would buy a lot of them especially during Christmas time.

Striv, great coat!

MoM's bathroom looks so sterile. Yeah.
Arkan that is indeed a cool shot and very '2001' for which you get extra points. Plus extra marks for the john being included in the shot (being gracious enough to spare us the nightmares). I hope the facilities at your new work space are better than the previous one. Big Grin

Lithos, are you officially declaring yourself chickenshit? I'm sure there's facilities at your school; nobody said it had to be a bar. Actually it really felt strange with the people coming and going in the restroom when I took that shot. It happens to be a very public place. I just had to ignore the weird looks. I guess part of the project is the pending embarassment of people walking in on you.

Same goes for you RobW. Wink I know that mirrors are not such a rarety with blokes restrooms. Equality and all that. Vanity is not a female exclusivity.

José I sort of anticipated you. I remembered that wgb addict shot of course... Big Grin
Come on. You have a camera; just take it with you to work for one day.
Like other people here have already confessed to the possesion of such footage. They have no excuse any more to be withholding said pics.
Originally posted by xen0phile:
Seattle Public Library Restroom
Man this is a lovely pic.

Plus look at those mirrors! (RobW) you can wash your hands and check out the dude behind you taking a leak. Big Grin
You know, I just realised it, but this is an excellent opportunity. I get to have a look at mens restrooms for the first time.... [which is very cool in a sick kind of way]. Especially this one is exceptionally clean and nice to look at.
Very well done xen0phile!
Seattle Public Library Restroom

Hey! I was going to do that as soon as my new camera came in! Now I'll have to find something different. Shouldn't be too hard, though. Pioneer Square restaurants/shops have some pretty odd bathrooms...

Edit: actually, the Sunset has a very photogenic bathroom. I may need to stop in there.
Could Jon Stewart play fuldog?
Nice work, you all.

Splits...a request...
There is a great little restaurant at the top of the fish market. It overlooks the sound, above the aquarium. Rumored to be part of a former bordello. Has a lovely little bar. And, I bet, a bathroom. It could be inspiring...
Originally posted by Anabel:
Could Jon Stewart play fuldog?

Ha! Someone told me that a few weeks ago... but added, 'if he put on some weight, had wrinkly, puffy eyes, and a goatee'. Mmh.

Great shot, Xenophile! And an excellent stealth shooting technique. Why, I'm staring to get some ideas about certain place I frequent...
Why do I have the dreadful feeling some wgber will end up trying to explain this thread to the policeman arresting him/her, some time in the future? 'I swear, officer, I'm not a voyeur...' : )
Originally posted by fuldog:
Why do I have the dreadful feeling some wgber will end up trying to explain this thread to the policeman arresting him/her, some time in the future? 'I swear, officer, I'm not a voyeur...' : )

and that would be why i will not access this thread from work!
< pedant> Not every day one sees a perfect butterfly shadow cast by an overhead fluorescent fixture in the shitter. Full marks for lighting technique. < /pedant>

And the subject/poster looks every bit as classy as his writings here. A pleasure to put a face to the pseudo, Sir.
Tonight, as I turned out the lights and opened the doors to the restaurant's restrooms, I imagined shooting a shot for this thread. Maybe Friday, with the bartender's phone camera. I hate our bathrooms, still, it is Americanna, no? AND thematic, if I pull this off.
Wow! That is great Crash.
And at the same time I can't stop laughing. You clever bastard. You're actually using the flash to hide your face. Now why didn't I think of that.

Other than that. Check out the corporate luxury.
You know Remote you have to take one of these pics from your workplace too. It would be a shame if you didn't.

Anabel. that would be awesome if you managed to get it for us. Lets have a look at some grafiti!
Honestly the pic I took I never thought it would turn out to be that way. I went to the outer city bus station restrooms. This was the first time I ever visited their restrooms and only to take that pic. Nomatter what it looked like I knew I'd find at least a mirror to take a pic. And I guess I got really lucky since I expected it to be really bad. It's from this ugly place.
It's because I took it at the end of the day (the only time that the washrooms were unoccupied) and am not feeling my best (actually I am whatever the opposite word for "photogenic" is - I just don't do photos).

This is fun. I am going to have to document all the bathrooms now. Nothing like sneaking in and reaching for the camera when you hear someone cough inside a stall.

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