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Too much BZFlag of course.

My new favorite server is LouMan's Lasermania: CTF with a big square map and TONS of laser flags. It rewards group strategy, and is nowhere near as anarchic as tybox.

You can often find me there between 10PM and midnight.
Did some game shopping this weekend:

Finally got my own copy of Psychonauts for Xbox (had been playing it at work and putting off getting my own copy). I'm only about a third into the game. I like it a lot though. While it's not totally 'revolutionary' or whatever, I think it's a great action/platformer. There's a really solid art direction and level design that makes for a great gaming experience. Since the meat of the gameplay takes place inside people's minds there's a lot of little themed jokes that crack me up. The controls and the camera are pretty tight and psionic powers that you learn to use while inside minds are fun.

I also picked up Shadow of the Colossus for PS2. Basically this game kicks ass. Shadow is the spiritual successor to Sony's internally developed, 2001 sleeper ICO (which also kicked my ass, in a good way). I've been following the development of this game since the first teaser trailer was released and I enjoyed playing the demo several times at E3 back in May. It's nice to finally have it at home and enjoy it at my own pace. Although some of the controls take some getting used to and the graphics aren't technically mind blowing, the art style, subtle story telling, and incredible atmosphere that made ICO such a unique experience have all carried over in spades for Shadow.

Lastly, I grabbed a used copy of Yager (8 bucks) for Xbox. I've been meaning to pick this one up when I could find it used for cheap. I'm a fan of arcady air combat games and the fan reviews of this were top notch. It's a straight forward sci-fi flight combat game with a slant to arcade style controls vs. sim controls. There's a generic sci-fi/soap opera story line that I'm actually getting a kick out of and the music and graphics are solidly on par with what you should expect from the Xbox. It fits that niche for when I want an action packed, arcade style, eye candy, diversion.
Played a bit more Quake 4.
The story has a nice twist after a while...


The Strogg capture your character and process him into one of them.
There's a little ride, where they cut your arms and legs, replace them with mechanic parts. Then they cut holes in your chest, coat you in metal and process your brain.
You're saved by the marines at the last second... so you have new capabilities, but still fight alongside your squad.

It doesn't change much for now, but it's a nice experience.
I saw a commercial for something called "Spartan Warrior" or something like it. Looked hella cool, but it's not out for PC (and if it was i probably wouldn't be able to run it anyway).

Anyway, GTA San Andreas is growing on me, i'm starting to enjoy it more.
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Playing old school "Soldiers: Heroes of WW2" and I fucking hate it!*

*because I always get killed.

Got a copy of a PSP version of "GTA:Liberty City Stories" just for working at R*

Can't play it though since I don't have a PSP. Aw, crap.

I smell Sony viral marketing scam.
Me and a buddy recently played the hell out of X-Men Legends 2. I loved both the first and second incarnations of this game. I mean, playing X-Men in an RPGesque format just rocks. Plus you can be Jean Grey and pick up bad guys with the power of [creepy voice]your brain[/creepy voice] and bash them into walls. The secret character unlock is neat (Deadpool), though I don't know what, exactly, that has to do with the X-Men. I recommend this game.

Also playing NCAA 2006 football... basically because I'm stupid. I'm not stupid in the normal "run-Forest-run" sense, but in the masochistic "I'd-like-to-buy-this-game-every-year" sense. It's still good though. New features include a career following mode (which is way harder than it sounds) and some in-season recruiting. It's a good game, as always.
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After reading its Wired review, I'd like to try shadow of the Colossus... but I don't have a PS2.

Game looks sweet. Wish I had time (I still need to finish Xenosaga and FFX and X.2! And those games are over a year old!)


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Finished Psychonauts recently. Great game. I'm glad I finally got around to playing it.

Started playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Gameboy Advance). Fantastic puzzle/platformer. I'm about half way through it. Haven't played it in a while so I'm having a good time with it. I'll likely shelve it again when I get about 3/4 through. It's just a lot of fun and I tend to save games like this and stretch it out over a long period of time. It doesn't involve a complex story, game world, or control scheme so it's easy to pick up and play again after a long break from it.

I'm still playing Shadow of the Collosus. I'm taking my time with this one also because I know I could get obsessive with it and blast through it in an afternoon. I'm preferring picking this up rarely to beat a new collosus.
Playing Enthusia still. The great thing about this game is that it is an actual education into cars, whereas Gran Turismo, while much improved still doesn't seem to simulate physics as well as it could. Mostly, you just learn how to find a line (or a bank shot) in GT. Anyways, tonight in Enthusia, I finally learned how mid-engine cars WORK, thanks to the little g-force/traction graphic that dances around. After winning and driving a mid-engine Lancia Rally for a while (and over-rotating out of practically every corner, losing control on the slightest of curves, and various other handling misadventures) I was finally forced to pay attention to the little meter in the corner and figure out why the hell it was all happening to me. And as an added bonus, after I figured it out, went back and drove the NSX again (which I've always heard almost universally praised but never understood exactly why it was so) and realized that as a MR car, it is simply incredible because it almost doesn't behave like one. The thing is tossable, but without sacrificing control completely. And it will save your ass in a heartbeat--all you have to do is downshift, which slows you and simultaneously throws all the weight on the front wheels for max traction to carry you safely through the turn you just misjudged. Wow!
Will get Call of Duty 2 soon.

The company gave me a copy of The Warriors for the PS2 and I like it. Not really into beat-em up type games but I like this one.

Still playing Baldur's Gate 2 and on Chapter 2 (odd to refer to a game by Chapter but it DOES play like a story as a good RPG should - not like that shite, World of Warcraft).

Downloaded the demo for Paperball, which is basically an Arkanoid-clone, and an excellent one at that. ( WEBSITE HERE )

Also play pick up games of That Cloud Game ( Download Here) since its easy to play, relaxing, and not too time-demanding.
Not actually playing but will soon be ajudicating Pirates of the Barbery Coast CSG at my local comic/games shop. (It's the current expansion to Piarates of the Spanish Main CSG, which was the first CSG by WizKids who also make that Rocketmen: Axis of Evil game that Kradlum mentioned)

I belong to a club that does historical stratgy games using minitures (Like woarhammer for history nerds, My T34-80 could so take your space marines) and play those every couple of weeks or so.

I've also been talked into doing board games with some other fellow geeks on Wednesdays at the comic store (this is convineiant cause i'm there every Wednesday anyway for new comics day Last week it was something involving the Knights of the Round Table.

on the PC:
Video card with HD ouput + HD TV + MAME = lots of time waisted playing old coin-op Galaga and PacMan.

Nothing interesting for GBA since DS came out. :-P

But... Mostly I've been doing the Soulcalibur III for PS2.
Worked on my next book all day yesterday, then finished off Thief 3 (official title 'Deadly Shadows') last night. Lots of fun. Suzie and I are still working our way through Dungeon Siege 2 (been too busy lately to do much).

I have Quake 4 in my hands the other day, all ready to buy it, but then put it down and decided to read some reviews first. There seems to have not been a lot of buzz for it, which worried me a bit. I'm delighted that they've gone back to having a single-player mission, so we'll see...

Was in Compusmart, and one of the reasons I didn't buy it right then was the sales guy. I knew exactly what I wanted, but he came and hung out near me anyway, mused about some other completely irrelevant game that happened to be close, then had the gall to hand me his card so I could tell them at the checkout he'd 'helped' me and get him a commission. All he'd done was made me uncomfortable and given me less chance to read and think.
It's a great game, but you might need to find some concentrated time to get immersed... I found playing it in bits and pieces didn't work so well.

And, reading Quake 4 reviews just now (I'll probably pick it up) I realised I got Doom 3 for Christmas and have never finished it, so I might jump back into that for a while and finish it off before plunking down the cash for Quake.
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
HL2 has been an 'off process' quite a while, for me.
I'm stuck in the jail corridors, with troops assaulting me, and I have to use automatic turrets to help me.

I'm just a little further than that. Probably died a dozen times in the process of getting through that part. I just got back into the Citadel in the main part of the city. (Chapter 11 out of 14 total, I think)

My main problem for playing it a lot at one time is that I tend to get basically motion-sick from playing FPS's more than 2 hours or so at once. (which is even weirder, considering I don't even get motion sickness in actual vehicles)
Hint for your section you're stuck on, Louis: get really good at popping out of cover (I hide in a locker!) and setting your turrets up again when they get knocked over, then popping back into hiding and just shooting anyone who gets past the turrets and comes looking for you. Took me a few tries as well, but that strategy got me through.
Bravus, I don't know if it has a gore toggle...
It's pretty gruesome anyway, with the gore on or off.

It has a very cool variation on the flashlight thing :
The machine gun is the only weapon that contains a flashlight.
So, if you turn the light on, it switches back to that weapon.
It's far from being a lousy weapon, but it's definitely less powerful than some of the later ones.

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