What are YOU playin' ? (game thread)

yeah, I felt ZYirAH had a point in the Anticipated Computer Gaming thread, but anticipating upcoming PC games isa relatively small group, whereas people who play games would be more of their own thread worthy. (Excuse my grammar, i jsut hit my head a few minutes ago and this is wrong. sounding..)


What are YOU playing?
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I've been playing Indiana Jones and the Emperor's
on my XBox. I tell you what. Nothing is
better after a hard day of digging than coming
home to beat up some Nazis, defeating some kung fu
ghosts with the thing from Krull, and grabbing the

Seriously, when they designed that game, I swear
they must have held up a picture of me and said,
"This guy isn't buying enough games. We need to
make a game that this guy will not merely want,
but need."
last night i was sitting with my daughter who was playing kids PC games and she opened up the mahhjong they had in the 6-8yo category. i don't know whether it bears any resemblance to the real deal, but it only took one game and i wouldn't let her anywhere near the mouse. third time i got a very auspicious score (1052, a variation on my favourite number) and i've spent the last i don't know how many hours whistling the tune.
I already said it elsewhere, but here is the right place :

I recently finished Fahrenheit (European, and therefore uncensored verison of Indigo Prophecy).
And it rocked!

I'm currently playing Black and White 2.
It's fun, but I have trouble spreading my influence over mines and forests.
The game is a bit slow, but I can't make myself lower the graphics settings.

GTA: San Andreas
I'm not really sure if i'm liking it. Granted, it has a lot of little additions in it that pull you into the game more (i like the RPG-styled character development a lot). The city is a lot bigger now as well, which is nice. However the story is seriously lacking in this one, specially compared to GTA: Vice City which had an excellent story.
Another gripe is the addition of dancing and low-rider mini games in which you (much like DDR) have to press the correct series of keys appearing on your screen in order to succeed. I hate those things (hated them in Pirates! as well).
Oh, and i hate the weather effects too. The one for rain nearly kills my computer and the one for heat just looks horrible. I've been looking for a way to turn them off without using cheat codes.
Still playing Baldur's Gate 2 which is a fine RPG and still holds up after many years.

Also play VBS since I am becoming impatient waiting for Operation Flashpoint 2.

And like a pick up game of Fate which is Diablo without the lame isometric gameplay and strict class restrictions.
I think GTA: San Andreas gets a hella lot cooler after you steal the jetpack and it starts spawning at your airfield... Or when you steal the VTO jet, that thing is a blast. There's nothing like bringing the VTOJ up to top speed on the PS2 and travelling so fast that you will literally run into trees that haven't been drawn yet by the video system if you fly too low...

Personally I haven't been playing too many games lately. Not enough time and too much to do. I did finally get my PDA running emulators again, so now I can play just about any NES game you can think of on it. Which means all I ever play is GALAGA of course...
Originally posted by Wanderer:
GTA: San Andreas
I'm not really sure if i'm liking it.

I've been playing this as well. I'm down to the last handfull of missions. The goal to complete it is actually more compelling than the game itself. I'm holding off on the last few missions to try to take over as much territory in San Andreas as possible. If I start the next mission, the riot starts and acquiring other gangs' territory becomes impossible.

But you are right, the game itself is a bit repetitive. Also on the PC control of aircraft is very difficult. Still haven't passed the Radio Control helicopter side mission.
Currently playing Rocketmen:Axis of Evil. It's a 3D CCG - you know, cards, dice, little tape measures etc. Otherwise I'm painting Warhammer figures. I've never played a game of Warhammer, but I enjoy painting the figures.

I gave up on computer games when I realise they suck your life out through your eyes and found a more constructive way to lose time and energy.
But you are right, the game itself is a bit repetitive. Also on the PC control of aircraft is very difficult. Still haven't passed the Radio Control helicopter side mission.

This is when I stopped playing. I realized that the effort required to continue playing wasn't worth it after hitting this "wall".
Originally posted by Bravus:
I'll join that UT game/team too. And maybe bring along Cassie, who can often thrash me these days, at least until I warm up and get mean...

When you get here, I'll see in you in the Cyber Room, Adelaide street, city.

UT2k4, or BF2. Your call.
I have the original (and Unreal 1 and 2) here, but have only played the demo of 2k4. I'd be very happy to buy it, though, if some play was in the offing - it's pretty much lying around in remainder bins for 20 bucks these days, which is a good thing. lithos - there's this thing called the Intarweb, not sure if you've heard of it, that allows multiplayer games all over teh woreld... WinkRazz
Man, I bought Myst IV shortly after it came out. I played it for about 2 hours before I gave up. I picked it up again (full installation: 8 GIGS!!) and started playing again. This game will make you feel like a complete idiot. Have no dilusions about your intelligence. There is no way that you can play this game. It's fucking ridiculous. I can't even pass some of the puzzles after I cheat. If you play it, don't hope to beat it in under about a year.

I'm not a GTA fan. I fire those games up, drive around, crash into things, run people over, steal cars, kill people. At that point 10 minutes has gone by so I decide to play some missions, realize the missions suck and the game is boring, then give up. Popular series, just not for me.

I'd consider lifting my PC gaming ban if anyone wanted to get a WGB original UT clan going just for laughs. I destroy at CTF.

Crash-- thanks for the info on Fate. Never saw that. I'm a huge action/rpg fan. Did you ever play Darkstone? I always felt that this is what Diablo II should have been. Really solid action RPG fully realized in 3D with a great camera.

ArkanGL-- Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was excellent. Totally refreshing experience. Reminded me of the Shenmue series a lot in a good way.
My compy can't handle most new games so lately I've been rooting around the interweb for DOS games. Getting back into X-Com, has to be one of the best games ever.

My FPS of choice at the moment is Call of Duty. Gonna have to upgrade for CoD2 soon.

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