1000 Words - The Picture Thread

We got back through the Alps, enjoying the gorgeous scenery that photos just cannot encompass. Ot at least that I cannot capture. We have had several of those moments, either because what looks wonderful to the eye seems drab and too small in the image (like the Turcany hills, with a farm surrounded by cypresses on top, surrounded in turn by vineyards and olive trees), or because it just refuses to fit inside the frame, like the mountains.


Nevertheless, it has become almost a reflex action, and some of them are quite nice, or curious, or just right.









Managed to catch my first lightning during a thunderstorm in Austria.

It was behind the hill at the other side of the house, I had certainly the wrong lens with me (EF-M with no decent manual filter) and no tripod. But at least I have confirmed the theory and now know the settings:

Lens Type - Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
ISO Speed - 100
Exposure Mode - Manual
Exposure Time - 32
Aperture - 3.6



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