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So, if you'd like to see some other perspectives than my own for a change of this corner of the world...


Here's the....... link.



I interviewed for a job at NMT a few years back, which didn't pan out, but I certainly would have liked exploring that part of the world.  Thanks for all the photos; it's certainly more scenic than my current urban Gulf coast environs.

I just have a new favorite place, the Chapel of Silence. I could not capture the interior feeling. How can you trap quiet, calm, serenity, silence in an image.


So I can only show how it looks from outside. The rest has to be experienced on your own.



Meanwhile this was happening by the door. And not even the concert music made it in. But it was a pity the bouncing balls had a maximum height built in, they seemed like big fun.


Terrific art.  If you're not already familiar with these three, be sure to drink in some Andrew Chase, Al Farrow and Oscar Chichoni. If you're ever in LA, can't recommend strongly enough the surprising "museum" atop Glendale's Forest Lawn cemetery. Includes animal sculpture by Sirio Tofanari (pre World War II) different than the stuff you'll see of his at Google — slightly abstracted into raked imbricated scales. Eerily "Stargate."

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