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Heldenplatz Vienna.
Tonight - 70 years after the "Anschluß" in March 1938 when Austria joined the Third Reich - we commemorate the 80.000 Austrian victims of the Nazi regime: Jews, political dissidents, disabled people, Roma and Sinti, homosexuals and people persecuted for religious reasons. We are lighting 80.000 candles. Come and join us. In silence.

...and maybe one day there'll be more people standing on Heldenplatz than stood there back in 1938.

80.000 names:

editengine said:
First I stopped down by the st pete pier. Being too dark to get good pics of the pier and boats I snapped this pic of an old M3 BMW with what appear to be custom built fender flares.

Yikes! That's not an M3. As a matter of fact, it's neither M, nor even a 3. That's a 2002 that someone has tarted up and labeled an M3, perhaps trying to make it look like an E30 M3. Looks like an M3 that a kid made with Play-doh.

Which is a real shame, because I'd rather have a good, stock 2002 than an E30 M3.
Originally posted by Babylon the Bride:
Did you borrow my cat?

OMG...They're twins!
Does yours have thumbs? 'Cause mine has three polydactyl thumbs on each fore paw.

The Columbia Tower, where I work, has 76 floors. I have offices on floors 57 through 61. We used to have a private deck on 62, but when we renewed our lease this year, we gave it back to the building.
Originally posted by Newro:
Originally posted by lithos:
You should get a nice Voigtlander, Newro!

Smile Wouldn't say no to a Voigtländer.
A 1840 Petzval would be nice. But does one still get film plates for it, I wonder?

Dad says yes, you can still get film plates for the Petzval. He has a Voigtlander back in his room too. And a Kiev. And pinhole cameras.

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