1000 Words - The Picture Thread

This is a thread to post your pictures.

Any sort is welcome - CGI, photos, paintings, reflectoporn, whatever. Any form of visual art. And of course, a place to critique and compliment the artists.

It's gotta be your own work, though, and try and keep the file size to something reasonable (200k). Because some of us, like me, are on dialup and don't wanna wait forever for this thread to load. If you want higher-res or bigger versions of files, ask for them to be mailed to you.

I know there's some good stuff out there, from other threads. And I can't wait to see more.
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Here is one, this is a concert shot of my boys Richard Pryor on Fire. Their goal, like mine, is to be huge in Japan. Their sctick is 15 songs in 15 minutes. And I'll tell you what, one of the hardest fastest 1/4 hours I'VE ever seen.

Also this will test the file attatchment thingy here.

{edit: which does not work as I planned apparently. So here.}

The one called 'scape' (15.html) in your gallery is amazing.

I forget what formula that was, but it was from a fractal program I had for the Amiga, and some formula I downloaded for lack of a better term as a "plug-in" for the application where you specified what equation to represent. I tweaked the color scheme, took a slide photo of the output (low-res which took about 4 hours to render), then projected that onto a model. The rest of the images, unless blatantly fractal are Deluxe Paint or video feedback stills.
Originally posted by PsychoInductive:
Their goal, like mine, is to be huge in Japan.

Like Paul Gilbert? And, uh, Spinal Tap?

Gromit's final seascape is beautiful.

And nice goanna, Bravus.

Pigeon Man, taken from the clocktower of Brisbane City Hall, 8-2-2k5. (I was pissed when I realised my camera was set to only take 1MP res pictures)

Study of a Bird of Paradise. I love these flowers. Made a good present for Mum. 30-9-2k4. Heavily Photoshopped.

I did not take these, I'm in them. These are a couple of cool double and triple exposed photos from a childhood trip to Tahoe with my family. They're my favorite photos of me with my siblings, even though they're quite outdated now. They're not just cool looking, I really feel that they express what words could not.

Entirely unphotoshopped, the photo development place made an error.

on my way to wurk this morn, i came across a truck on fire in the middle of downtown seattle on a foggy saturday morning. As the firemen were finishing putting out the blaze and the smoke blended into the dense fog, i pulled out my camera and shot some footage. I'll post some stills later.
Originally posted by lithos:
Booger, me reckons that photo would look awesome either monochrome or sepia.

(Hmmm, right click->save as...)

No way man. You couldn't have planned that color palatte better, why would you want to get rid of it?

I have no idea why.

2/3 composition is pleasing to the eye. Perhaps that contributes?
Thing is Hurts, that by removing the color palatte, you remove that segment of information from the image, forcing the viewer to concentrate more on the cintent and compostition of the image itself.

I have a lot of pictures at clubs where they look good simply because of the colors that are present from the lights and things, but the image itself, the person, form, line, shape, narrative, etc., is not there.

Likewise, I have many photos where the colors don't really matter, they are more like icing, or (to go with a food metaphor) the presentation and garnishment of a fine meal. The actual food itself should be able to stand without the garnish and presentation.

Now, as to Boog's photograph there, I would say that a lot is being said, and to a degree the color may detract from the image itself. Often times by taking an image into B&W, you make a person view the scene in a different state of mind. Thus, they will look at a scene and examine what information comes from the setting, expression, body language etc.

And finnaly, before my drunken ass passes out, I thought it would look wonderful as a B&W(since it is still my favorite medium) and did so. All credit to Boog for the pic. All I did was a little greyscale conversion, contrast, and crop, and this is whatI came up with:

But enough of such things, my drunk ass is going to bed.
Seriously, though, that is a damn good pic. It's the thousand yard stare and the almost absent-minded tucking in of the durrie pack into the pocket - like he has purpose.

Quite possibly, I'm speculatin' here, to kick the arse of the whiteboy who took this shot surreptitiously.

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