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> William Gibson FAQs
> How can I get in touch with you?

You can write to me in care of my publishers. They will then compost
your letter, allow it to ferment for several months, and eventually send
it to me. I will then neglect to reply, no doubt suffering an
incremental increase in negative karma. It's up to you.

> What are the titles of all your books? What order do they come in? Do I
> have to read them in that order? What's the best one to read first?

BURNING CHROME (short stories)


THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE (with Bruce Sterling)



That would be my recommended order, although you could just plow in
anywhere you want to, and let the chips fall where they may. Of the two
non-trilogies, the first was very consciously constructed to be read in
any order. The second less so, to the point that ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES
makes markedly less sense if you haven't read the first two.
> What movies have been made from your novels?

None. Two of the stories in BURNING CHROME have become films: JOHNNY
MNEMONIC (dir. Robert Longo) and NEW ROSE HOTEL (dir. Abel Ferrara).
There is also a charming British short of THE GERNSBACK CONTINUUM,
though very hard to find.

> Is it true there's a movie of NEUROMANCER in the works?

Perpetually, it seems, and going on a quarter of a century now. The most
recently rumoured version, to have been directed by Chris Cunningham, is
now definitely not happening.

> When is your next novel coming out?

I don't want to think about it. As soon as it's finished, basically.

> Why haven't you ever toured where I live?

If I haven't toured where you live, you probably live outside those
areas publishers regard as offering maximum demographic impact. I just
go where they send me.

> Are you ever going to write a sequel to NEUROMANCER?

I hope not. If I did, it would almost certainly indicate that I had
gotten into some particularly dire kind of financial and/or spiritual
trouble. It would be the literary equivalent of deciding that the way to
resolve a mid-life crisis is to go back and marry your highschool

> Who are your favorite writers?

That gets harder to answer honestly as one gets older. When I started
writing, I would have instantly said William Burroughs and Thomas
Pynchon. But in 2004? For the past decade or so I've been recommending
Iain Sinclair, so I'll stick to that. And Jack Womack. As the 21st
Century kinks and hunches its remorseless way forward, Womack's sequence
of "Ambient" novels just keep making more and ever-scarier sense.

> Who are your favorite bands?

Like on AM radio, right this minute? The White Stripes. Otherwise, I
swim in a vast, atemporal and indeed bottomless sea of music. Well,
actually not bottomless. The true bottom of all recorded music is Dock
[sic] Boggs singing his "Country Blues".

> Why aren't you blogging anymore?

You might want to check to see whether I'm still not blogging. I've been
thinking I might start again.

> How do I find out if movie/TV/comic book/whatever rights are available to
> one of your books?

This is a test. To see whether you are, as they say in Hollywood,
"real". If you don't know or can't figure how this is done, you probably
don't need to be buying any rights.

> Will you read my manuscript?

Nope. Somebody else might, though, and if you're serious, you'll find
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