what are YOU lookin' at ?

what a bore.
was over at my Moms' for dinner and rented it mostly for her sake.
it wasn't bad, i mean, there was a bit of good acting in there, a little wit....
but then my cat jumped up and wanted to snooze, so i figured why not?
basically i don't do musicals. this was no exception and had nothing of real interest for me.
just thought i'd get that out of the way.
on a good note, i was actually very impressed by, and thoroughly enjoyed Mulan Rouge. go figure... Confused
That was cute, wasn't it? I enjoyed especially the part where Hugh Grand is dancing in a house that is not as empty as he thinks. Brittish humor; excellent! And warm hearting. Perfect for the season spirit.

Did anybody here see the Human Stain?

Anyway, the best movie I saw this summer was American Splendor. Definitelly the most memorable.
Originally posted by mrgy786:
This was one great chick flick!!! I'm so glad my husband didn't go see it with my daughter and I!!!

I laughed so hard I cried. It was so English in it's style and humor. Totally enjoyable!

Yeah, I loved that movie too. It was totally chick flick and proud of it too!
rented League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Bay of Love and Sorrows last night.

LXG. i really loved the idea of using classic fictional characters.
all were portrayed well i thought but found Sawyer to be annoying. old style actioneer in the vein of Raiders and the Mummy. of course all the Indy films are unapproachable, LXG was IMO, at least entertaining. good sets.

The Bay of Love and Sorrows. based on the novel of the same name by David Adams Richards, it wasn't as good as i had hoped. it lacked the monstrous power of the book's plot, in particular the intensity of the character's downfalls, redemptions, and emotional subjugation.
however, i still liked it though i think only because i had previously read it.

Yelena, you mentioned before that you thought For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down was the best piece of Canadian cinema you saw. i'm curious of your opinion on this film.
not about movies about xmas.
rather gifts recieved.

spent all day watching the Indiana Jones trilogy.
what can i say that everyone else shouldn't already know? my fave of the 3 is leaning towards...no wait....
i know....no i don't......
i often lean towards Last Crusade but really it's in a constant state of flux.

also today, i watched a rented dvd of 'The Weight of Water'. i rented it because Sean Penn is currently doing the best work of his life (for the last 5 or 10 years i guess) and to my happy surprise found out it is directed by Katheryn Bigelow who directed 2 of my favorite films 'Strange Days' and 'Near Dark'.

i was quite impressed. the tension is thick and deliciously subtle, rife with overtones of sex, jealosy, and closetal skeletons. two timelines to keep things interesting. Sarah Polley is exceptionally good. i was riveted watching her character grow from a seemingly weak and diminutive housewife, to a woman with passion and voice who inevitably rebels against her unsuited station. superb.
oh, and there's a lovely axe murder. just lovely. Roll Eyes

i will now spend the rest of my evening eating many many snacks and view as many episodes of 'Band of Brothers' as i can. i've been awaiting this set for a long while now and finally unwrapped it as the last gift yesterday.
mmmmmmm, cheeseball and bretons.>drool<
charmakarmacat's loser movie junkie journal.
or "log" for all you thailors Wink

still watching "xmas" dvds.
powered through episodes 1 to 5 of 'Band of Brothers' last night. just great stuff, jawdropping. Cool

this morning i woke up on the couch i fell asleep on.(we have seven)
invoked the "while yer up..." rule and had 'Ocean's Eleven' placed into the dvd tray and the remote handed to me. i didn't even have to move, how sweet is that.... Razz

the words i would use to describe this movie all start with 's'.

smart, slick, sharp, sexy.

and now for the non-s description:
pure entertainment that's alot of fun.
since coming home from xmas day fam schmoozing,
i have remained on my couch watching continuous movies. did i mention i watch only oh..1 or 2 hrs of tv per week?
anyway, i digress.
aside from the odd sojourn into the kitchen, bathroom, and computer, none of which rates much more than 20 minutes or so, the time spent on the couch has now reached....>drum roll please<

.......44 hours. that includes 2 nights of sleep and about 5 naps. god DAMN i love myself. Big Grin

entire 10 episodes of 'Band of Brothers' watched.
also under my belt now is the greatest movie of all time......

The Empire Strikes Back

weird trend emerging: war, nazis, Harrison Ford.
what oh what do i watch next..... Roll Eyes
another xmas present i watched xmas night.

Gangs of New York.

Daniel Day nailed his performance as Bill the Butcher.
Great sets. i find the time period of this movie very intiguing. real mishmash of oldey timey and new school anachronisms.
the fact that it's a Scorsese gang film and only has 2 or 3 gunshots (army exluded) is entirely new ground.
these characters are barely one step up from "eat thine enemy". savage and savagely rewarding fare.
LXG. i really loved the idea of using classic fictional characters.
all were portrayed well i thought but found Sawyer to be annoying. old style actioneer in the vein of Raiders and the Mummy. of course all the Indy films are unapproachable, LXG was IMO, at least entertaining. good sets.

Saw it in the theater when it was out and just watched it again tonight on DVD with my daughter. She loves Dorian Gray...I love Nemo!!! Guys with lots of gadgets are so cool!!! It would have been better without Tom Sawyer.
Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
spent all day watching the Indiana Jones trilogy.
what can i say that everyone else shouldn't already know? my fave of the 3 is leaning towards...no wait....
i know....no i don't......
i often lean towards Last Crusade but really it's in a constant state of flux.

Last Crusade had too much of a blockbuster feel,
where Raiders has a cool sort of pulpy b-movie feel.

My tape copies are wearing out, it might just be
time to get the DVD box set.

I found LXO to be full of action scenes that
weren't very exciting. It was like Last Samurai in
that it was interesting and pretty to watch, but
devoid of much soul.

Some movies watched over the past week:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Two Towers (Extended edition)
Fish Called Wanda

Also at friend's house:
Cradle 2 the Grave (dvd)
Pirates of the Caribbean (dvd)
Piranha! (on tv)
Anatomy of a Murder (tv)
ok, the remaining list of movies i watched in the last 4 days:

'Back to the Future'
'Pirates of the Carribean' Depp's accent RULES!
'Fargo' i beat myself for having forgotten how damn GOOD this film is...
'U-turn' needed another Sean Penn fix
'Good Morning, Viet Nam' nuff said.

that brings my four-day total to....


this past 4-day holiday was the most relaxed, needed, time-well-spent break from the grind that i've had in years.
times are tough all order and everyone needs a real break more often than we get it.
Yesterday night, I had a break from my X-files marathon (just watched Tunguska, 4th season): my girlfriend convinced me to watch Ring (she gave me the 3 DVDs for christmas).
That was scary : after the movie, I just thought "whaaaaat? no scary monster closeup? no hardcore psychological pressure? not as scary as Dark Water!"
But then, after midnight, I was woken up by the phone ringing (and too confused to answer in time). After that, I spent 10 minutes sitting on my bed, reviewing the events from the movie, in the dark (and scared beyond reason because of the phone and the confusion). I could not sleep for 2 hours, because I couldn't help thinking about the little details I didn't found scary at first, and who suddenly terrified me...

I won't spoil anything here (I knew too much about the movie, because of some posts I had read here), and just say that Ring is really good. Now I can't wait for Ring 2 and Ring 0.

I still think Dark Water is better...
Yesterday I watched a single X-Files episode.

And then "La Sirene Rouge", a movie adaptation from Maurice G Dantec's novel (the best French cyberpunk writer). Quite a good movie. Not as bad as I remembered it.

Then some Simpsons episodes (I've just downloaded the first season).

Edit : I forgot to add that after that I watched Top Secret, which I hadn't watched for almost ten years.

Trying to have some space between X-Files eps.

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Tivo'd Fellowship and Two Towers extended editions and watched them last week before going to ROTK. Made my own marathon. Smile

Been mostly too busy with games to watch movies during the holiday but I did watch plenty of SciFi's Twilight Zone marathon over New Years. <-- That's becoming an annual event for me.

due to the brainfart i had recently while watching this film(i had disdainfully forgotten how good it is) i purchased an outrageously priced copy for my own and watched it last night. Cool

yesterday i watched a borrowed copy of 'The Secret of Nimh'. how fantastic is this movie huh? Big Grin

also observed a borrowed 'Darkness Falls'.
what a piece of shit. worst movie i've seen in a few years that's for sure. i'm still pissed off that i cannot get that lost time back. Mad

other flicks seen over the past few days:
Superman I and II (TV)
# II is my favorite of that series.
1 - LotR:RotK. ---------------------no comment necessary. Saw total of FOUR times.
2 - Cheaper by the Dozen -----------funny, nothing memorable.
3 - Cold Mountain ------------------two words: great drama.
4 - Something's Gotta Give ---------funny as hell. fell in love with Keanu again, even if he's a schmuck.
5 - Paycheck -----------------------Lost effort down the tubes.
6 - Mona Lisa Smile ----------------Yawn.
7 - Peter Pan ----------------------Better than previous screen adaptations, but not as magical as I expected. The leading boy wasn't as stellar.
8 - The Last Samurai ---------------Well, I did love this one. Mostly because all the supporting actors were beyond stellar.
9 - Bad Santa --------------------- CoolInstant Christmas classic. People you need to go see this one. Why we call the Coens geniuses. Absolutely demented and hilarious. The best comedy of the year!
10 - Elf --------------------------OMG, brain tumor. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to see this one. I was blinded by the light.
11 - Stuck on You -----------------Didn't see. Will wait for it on cable, and even then maybe.
12 - Love Don't Cost a Thing ------Wake up dude. The story's been beaten to hell and back. Nothing notable. Saw it cause I like the boy from Drumline.
13 - The Haunted Mansion ----------Could not get the big deal about this one either. Also unmemorable.
14 - Big Fish --------------------- Cool Awesome. Tim Burton rocks. Big yes to surrealism.
15 - House of Sand and Fog --------Cool everybody should see this one. For me the best of the year and with a distance from the second one too.
16 - Honey ------------------------Funky. Loved it. Body language movies always speak to me, and this one was fluent.
17 - Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat --I know you people grew up on the books and you hated the film. Oh well. Myers did do his best. I went to see it for the girl; she has amazing talent.
18 - 21 Grams ---------------------Didn't see yet. Focus on the YET. Will remedy this weekend. They don't show it near me; will have to hop to Wilson town for this one. Naomi Watts is also worth it.
19 - Master and Commander ----------Well yahoo! We did love this one.
20 - In America -------------------Didn't see. Heard good things about this one, but like 21 grams, not near me. Will see.
21 - Love Actually ----------------Beautiful english humor.
25 - Calendar Girls ---------------Hey, it just came out. I will see it this weekend, just wait and see. Looks good.
26 - Lost in Translation ---------- Cool Just plain brilliant. A masterpiece.
27 - Mystic River -----------------Have to admitt, quite good.
28 - The Cooler -------------------Didn't see. But I want to see. Hell, it's nowhere near me. I really want to see.
29 - School of Rock ----------------Regrettably did not see. Oh well, will wait for video.

Cool American Splendor did not make the list, but it should have. Excellent work of art, far better than most of the junk on the heap.

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Bad Santa - "Are you fuckin' with me?!"

Last night's before bed movie was 'Higher Learning'. "Mista Williams...."
Ice Cube is , actually everyone is great in this film.
'Cube's character is my favorite, but i think the best performance should be credited to Michael Rappaport's portrayal of Remy.....
I love this thread :
I had never heard about Big Fish, and I did not expect anything from Burton right now.
I didn't know the Coen bros had anything to do with Bad Santa.
I really have to see these two as soon as they are realeased.

I watched Hard Eight yesterday, and I really feel stupidj for not having known it existed. P.T. Anderson is a true master.

Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
Bad Santa - "Are you _fuckin'_ with me?!"

Hey Cat, do you remember the slogan on the kids t-shirt at the end...? You know, the christmass present? (I think it was something ,,,nude or something.)

ArkanGL it's a Coen brothers story. directed by Terry Zwiggof.

Edit: one picture is a thousand words...

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I'm sick. Sick, sick, sick.

All I can really do is focus (somewhat) on movies,
so when I ran out to grab some emergency flu
supplies, I picked up the Cowboy Bebop movie.

Never seen it before, but I'm not surprised that I
really enjoyed it. One of these days, I need to pick
up the show.

I think Yoko Kanno helps to make CB as good as it
is. Great music.
watched 'Solaris' last night.
geez i shoulda seen it sooner. Soderbergh directed, based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem, starring George Clooney who hasn't shit the bed yet, produced by James Cameron.... why was i so hesitant to watch this?!?

great film on so many levels.
Visually deliberate (reminiscent of Kubrick's work), great acting during flashback scenes without much context, intellectually provacative,
and Jeremy Davies was so brilliantly...vague.
i think i'll check imdb when i'm done here to find more stuff with him in it.

as of yet, no one has really mentioned kid's stuff. i have THE BEST 19 month old nephew, armed with an assortment of 'Baby Einstien' videos. these vids are absolutely wonderful things. for anyone with young kids who has never heard of these i urge you to check them out.

Striv, i believe it was along the lines of " i ride naked" or close to. Wink
Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
and Jeremy Davies was so brilliantly...vague.
i think i'll check imdb when i'm done here to find more stuff with him in it.
That Solaris I did like a lot better than Stanislavs version. But you can't really compare the two. Yeah, it was a pretty good film.

But Jeremy Davies I love. I love his talent ever since I saw him in Wim Wenders Million Dollar Hotel. Actually I liked the directors "making of the movie" documentary a lot better than the movie itself. They used to show that on IFC. So very surreal and atmospheric.

And I certainly love anything by Wim Wenders. "Wings of Desire" and "Faraway so close" were nothing short of masterpieces.

"Cowboy bebop: the movie" I liked far better than the series actually; that doesn't mean it's bad. The series soundtrack is mainly bebop, but I really loved the classical pieces in the film. As for the action sequences, they were brilliant. Especially for an MA geek the way they had the moves so accurate; it just blew me away... the sidekicks, the spinning kicks. They animated everything with such detail to the actuall physics/sequence of the movements, you can easily use it as instruction reference.

Edit:Oh, yeah. Last movie I saw was "Read my lips" with Emmanuelle Davis and Vincent Cassel. Pretty interesting.
The French Connection

Watched it earlier this evening, after at least fifteen years since I last saw it. My girlfriend magically produced a DVD set of of both the original and sequel; turns out her brother'd gotten them as a Christmas gift a few years back.

This film still holds up after 33 years, even with Frog One's appalling French. And perhaps the most incompetent rooftop sniper in cinema...
House of Sand and Fog

I had looked forward to seeing this...the reviews were good and I thought it would be interesting. I'm sorry to say it was absolutely the worst movie I've seen in years! My Iranian husband liked it, though. I really can't understand why. Although there was some truths about how many Iranians live here in this country, I thought it was demeaning. I also couldn't stand the American characters in the film. The story was incredibly depressing...maybe it would have played better as an opera. At least then there would have been some passion in the performances.

The only highlight was that the guys who sang at my husband's brother's wedding sang at the wedding scene in the movie.
ok, take a deep breath and sit down.....

a very guilty pleasure viewed on a relic of a vhs to vhs copy.....

Iron Eagle. a veritable forest of cheese.
if i hadn't seen this movie all those years ago....well, you figure it out.

the best part....doug's dad shot down and captured by "hostile forces"
i loooove movies where the antagonists don't even deserve a nationality or anything.:
enemy nation
general blah blahblah
evil dictator "somewhere in the eastern bloc"
geez, i even watched the whole thing.
in the credits, the third character listed after Jason Gedrick and Louis Gossit Jr was David Suchet, and the character was Minister of Defense. no name!!!! what a riot.

last night watched Fargo again. must be the weather here or something. cold as hell with snow.
was on tv tonite. i LOVE this movie SO much. it never gets old. i must've seen this now 20 or 30 times (everytime it's on tv. that's alot over the years.)

i imagine 'Big Fish' to be along these lines.
now i'm gonna check it out sooner rather than later.

"if you build it, he will come..."
maybe Tim said to a buddy he has in broadcasting:
"if you play it(FOD), they will come(to my movie)..." Razz
Saw today in the presented sequence.

Chasing Liberty Yes, it is a juvenille bullshit, and she is an unbearable bimbo. BUT allow me to have a rare girl moment here when I say: Matthew Goode is The babe. I kept thinking, while watching it, get real dude; why don't he ditch the bimbo already. The story was made bearable by the small romance from the sidekicks - Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra.

Calendar Girls The first half of the film was laugh non-stop. The second half left things to be desired, but still not bad.

Monster Charlize Theron is truly unrecognizable here. I kept looking for that beautiful face and couldn't see it anywhere. Her and Christina Ricci gave some excellent performances. Hardly any sex scenes guys, so no need to start drooling when you read the story line. which is interesting to say the least. As a character study it's perfect.

I just watched Pi for like the 5th time and it is FUCKING AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, see it. Don't bother trying to give some pithy critique of it, the movie is brilliant. Not the best movie ever made but probably my favorite, right next to The Godfather and some others(including Usual Suspects and Brazil) that changed cinema as a whole(yes Pi did change cinema as a whole).
So, what are you lookin' at?

I feel certain there's more, always is.
No, feta cheese is ok, Greek olive oil is ok(Italian is better), your Madza 626 is ok. That movie is the shit.

Sorry, I get a little upset when people don't agree with me 100% all the time like they should Razz

I feel certain there's more, always is.

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