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Been having a blast with my new Netflix trial period.  I cut the cord when I moved so Roku gets me Amazon, Hulu, and now Netflix.  There are hundreds of channels and many are free but really those three plus sling for some live tv and a good antenna are really all you need

New favorites include The Blacklist and Jessica Jones.  JJ is so very UN-Marvel Comics, with several powerful female leads.

Also watch The Gunman by Sean Penn


I avoided this for some time because I thought it was just another of the "middle aged assassin retires and gets sucked back in" genre that seems entirely dedicated to funding the retirements of older male action stars.  See "The Expendables" series for the model pretty much taken to the limit.

This was surprisingly good though, with Sean Penn drawing on his experience in Haiti to tell a story about the problems inherent in NGO work in the developing world.  Before you go all "harumph!" I worked with a doctor that also worked in Haiti and had nothing but good things to say about Penn.  He learned the language and mastered the business of NGO work quickly, worked harder than anybody else and never asked for recognition for the work.  

But the film focuses on a killing in the Congo, the excellent Javier Bardem and the super cute Jasmine Trinca and a strong supporting cast really make this a good film, mixing action, loss, love, and jealously into something genuinely fun to watch.

The Expanse 1x02 / 1x03 last night. They did not fuck it up so far, which is high praise for the SyFy channel.

I'll be watching 1x04 tonight for sure, and then jonesing for the rest of the holidays for reality to catch up with newsgroups. How the hell did 1x03 and 1x04 get leaked before 1x02 came out, I wonder?

Never Let Me Go - I get the idea, and maybe it's my spoiled hyperkinetic American brain but the pacing of this thing felt like a retarded glacier high on tryptophan.  

"I'll have a cup of tea.  With milk and sugar in it please."

Fake tea pouring, fake milk, sugar pouring.

"I'll have tea with milk and sugar."

"No, silly!  You need to make your own order.  What would be at a cafe?"

"I'll have a water, please."

"No, like a coffee."

"I'll have a coffee, please, with milk and sugar in.  

Fake coffee pouring, fake milk and sugar pouring. 


(Reaction shot, no reaction.  Tarkovskian pan of sky, grass field, 60's British boarding school building...)

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WHO CARES!!??!?!??! (self immolate)  

The feeling reminds me of that old Eddie Izzard skit where he skewers the bipolarism of Anglo / American film, with USAnians being on the manic end and the English being on the depressive end.

"All the British cinema nowadays are like, 'A room with a staircase and a view of a pond,' about people awkwardly arranging matches.  Then the Americans blow the budget up 50 million dollars and make it into, 'A room with the VIew of HELL!'  'Staircase of SATAN!'  'Pond of DEATH!'"

At the end, you get basically the same plot twists and turns and emotional beats as the dystopian clones-as-spare-parts thriller The Island except minus like... everything that was interesting about The Island that kept you awake during the making of the movie.

So when that asymmetrically-cheeked chick from the uber-glitzy modern remake of The Great Gatsby omphaloskepsises about the meaning of the last 103 minutes, concluding that, "Maybe we're all clones leading meaningless, dull lives, pre-determined lives, never knowing the purpose,"  I want to scream, "Maybe the film is a clone leading a meaningless, dull narrative, never knowing a purpose."

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Way better than the previous three, that's for damn sure!

Great to see the old faces, a lot older (wow Carrie Fisher has been chain smoking in the interim, from that voice!)  And Mark Hamil is the surprise Marvel-esque to-be-continued cameo.

The world is much more lived in, the aliens and bots much more Jim Hensonesque, so it seems the film makers learned from Episodes 1-3 some important lessons.  

Definitely see it in theaters if you can.  I took my kid to see it at about the same age my dad took me to see Return of the Jedi (then got me to eat miso soup during the after-movie dinner by telling me it was "Jedi Sauce" and would fill me with the force.  I have loved miso soup ever since).

I however will not be binge-gifting for family and friends at Wal Mart with all the Star Wars merch, nor Target, despite the old-school marketing war that occurred during the preview slots.  


Thanks, I was curious about that one, cautiously optimistic -- hadn't seen anything Jar-Jar-like in the previews or reviews...

I wonder if Aspie Girl's seen it yet...?  ;-)  Will make sure to ask tomorrow, or later today, depending how you look at it.  Saturday, in any case.



New "Star Wars".

I definitely enjoyed it. Um. Rot13-ed comments (maybe with some spoiler-y stuff) to follow:

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(pbzcner erl'f zrntre yvivat pbaqvgvbaf gb gur ubzryl ubzrf bs *yvgreny fynirf* Nanxnva Fxljnyxre naq zbz)

I've enjoyed the new X-Files episodes, thus far.  All the old, good ingredients are there: aliens, government conspiracy, random monsters, flashlights, one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the small screen.

With all the flashbacks, I feel like I need to go hunt down all the old shows and watch the movies again.  I don't think I actually saw the second movie all the way through.  That one I might have tried to watch on an airplane ride, but didn't finish.

electricdragon/ madevilbeats posted:

re: X-Files: That episode with the Were Human was awesome.

I agree, very well done indeed.  Mum's the word, lest spoilers.

I figure next week will get back to more of the black helicopters-type story, having had two fun monsters in a row.

X Files, series 08 and 09 marathon

Never watched the final series as thought I'd not take to Doggett et al, but its hugely enjoyable and true to form. Can't wait to catch up and view the new season.

Cabin Fever 2016

Remake of the 2002 slasher that I so enjoyed. Same storyline asever, but too many holes in this simple plot, lol. Still worth 90 mins with a few beers, if only for the stupidity factor



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