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Season 1 of `Mr.Robot'.

WTF dude!  I LOVE it!  Saw the first two or three episodes over the past couple weeks, then binged through the rest last night.  The end of Ep.7 actually made me cry [the part where he finally, *really* talks to his psychiatrist about what's going on].  Great actor; that weird tension in the deep facial muscles, in that scene, reminded me of Armitage/Corto.  Strangely prescient, that.

Then he went all Luke Skywalker an' shit, which is also cool but a little out of my depth.

Highly, *highly* recommended, Xen0.  Can't wait for Season 2, hope there's going to be one...

Edit; Also, that creepy, driven young executive guy reminded me of Stephen Harper.  Anyone else see the resemblance?  Kind of hope to see more of him next season, but if not I won't miss him.

Once you've gone off the deep end,
there's nowhere to go but up.

The Rover - Was good when it was good, but a bit too sparse, or I hadn't had enough caffeine at the time.  I don't think it's the caffeine thing cause I'd downed a few Rockstars within thirty minutes of viewing.  Robert Pattinson goes half-retard and nearly scores an Academy Award, though!  Not bad for the biggest douche vampire that fucked up my internet alias for all time.

Four episodes in. I like it.

I'm not tired of all the casual-super-strength visual gags.

Villainous Doctor Who is great.

The leading lady is great at alternating between badassery and terror.


So far I still prefer Daredevil: old-fashioned fight scenes, the whole blind thing and Rosario Dawson.

But I'm definitely going to watch JJ until the end. See if I change my mind.



In other news:

I endorse the Minions movie.

All caught up with Star Wars: Rebels, The Knick, Black Jesus.

Finally got around to watching ex machina yesterday, as it appeared in amazon prime.  Good family fun, and a peppy soundtrack!  And the costumes!


I liked the characterization, if not the characters.  I think an alternate ending would reveal that Bluebook was the parent of Umbrella Corp., and the only way out at the end was down.

I always disliked James Bond and could never watch an entire Bond movie. Then about one year ago I watched one featuring Daniel Craig and liked it. Then I watched the other two. I really liked Skyfall. Sunday, for the first time in my life, I went to see a Bond movie in a theater : Spectre.

And I should have made that move for the previous movie, for Spectre isn't that great.

Talk of a failure : all these years, just to eventually make a bad move.

I love it!  It's so clean, and uncluttered, and I can easily tell whose posts are which ...

No, it's actually crap.

The notification still looks nice, but when I click thru it's ass.

(From my Android / Moto X)

Haven't checked iPad; I'll rant from there when I have a moment.


Watched Jessica Jones when it came out. Don't wait. 


Now watching Man in the High Castle.


Other than that, keeping up with the usual crop of shows: Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, Fargo, Homeland, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Blacklist.


Many of these have just gone on hiatus and had mid-season finales or are about to end the current run. Fargo is by far the best of the bunch this year. Jessica Jones has my pick for best new show.

gil posted:

Started watching Ex Machina. Stopped watching when it got boring and the (largely predictable) sex interest was briefly revealed, about 40 minutes in. Haven't deleted it, but I doubt if I'll watch the rest. Yawn...

I'd have to say, based on you only having watched half it and your statement about sex interest, that your concept of the direction this movie ends up heading is probably terribly bent....

There was some discussion and criticism of Ex Machina outside this thread which might interest you.  But it will contain spoilers, so follow that link at your own risk.


I've been binging on dinosaurs, basically the whole Jurassic series, although I am watching them out of sequence.  Skipped the first one for now, because I've already seen it [was a long time ago, but still], and cut straight from Part II to `Jurassic World', skipping Part III for now, because I'd heard that one was basically reptile porn; stupid movie, but you get to watch dinosaurs bite stuff -- mainly vehicles and people.  I'll get to that later.

Full disclosure; I'm cramming for the next aspie get-together.  That girl I've mentioned who goes to those has been totally obsessed with dinosaurs since seeing `Jurassic World', and I haven't had much to contribute to those conversations.  Until now.  She showed me some really nice pictures of dinosaurs with feathers, on her phone last time.  :-)

[Come to think of it, Aspie Girl is an apt nickname for her, because she's also a huge fan of Marvel comics, and that sounds vagualy like a super-heroine name.]

Full-full disclosure; I'm trying again to break the ice with Aspie Girl, partly because I actually like her, but I do have an ulterior motive.  That ulterior motive is, I'm trying to distract myself from Mz.Clean, who is truly the coolest woman I've ever met in my entire life, but alas, is beyond my reach.  Is that so wrong?  I hope not.

Anyway, the movie.  I liked `Jurassic World'.  :-)  The idea of trained raptors did seem a little goofy at first, but it's not too much of a stretch when you consider the close bond between falconers and their falcons.  I'm surprised they didn't mention that in the movie, btw.

Some of the humour, especially between the falconer and the executive, really amused me [but that probably has more to do with Mz.Clean, true to her OCD nature, being highly organized but not cold by any stretch].  The geeky technician who decided to stay behind, and his geeky co-worker who said she already has a boyfriend before hugging him goodbye, also made me laugh out loud, for obvious reasons.  :-\

But I've wandered off from the movie itself again, haven't I?  Anyway, the Japanese businessmen running away from the tyrannosaurus rex also amused me.  :-)  Wait, that was in `The Lost World' wasn't it?  Never mind.

Go, go, Godzilla.


Edit;  Oh yeah, almost forgot...  At one point in `Jurassic World', when the kids were racing back to the park gate in that hotwired jeep, I briefly got my movies mixed-up;


"We can't stop here.  This is bat country."




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Okay, `Jurassic Park III' wasn't bad.  :-)  I was prepared to not like it, after what I'd heard about it, so my expectations were low and the movie exceeded them.

I mean, it was far-fetched, but fun.  The kid's Newt wanna-be antics were cool, although he'd only made it two months on his own, and the raptors didn't have acid for blood.  Still, that's a pretty good track record.

The interactions between the characters was the best part.  And it was fun to see that guy from `Fargo' [the movie, not the series] playing essentially the same smarmy, cowardly, not-entirely-honest character he'd played in `Fargo' again, only this time with a shred of common decency.  I kept expecting him to get eaten any moment, but that never happened.  And by the end, I was glad it didn't.  :-)

And, you know, dinosaur porn.  You get to watch dinosaurs bite stuff, mainly vehicles and people.  As long as you've got dinosaurs and good special effects, who needs a plot?



:::totally ignoring all dino pics::::

Finished watching Man in the High Castle. Maybe it's just cause the book left almost no impression on me but the show really doesn't seem to follow the plot of the novel much at all. Without giving anything away, there are some rather bizarre plot devices introduced in the last few episodes that I don't really recall being part of the original story and they seem to exist simply to turn this into a scifi show instead of alternate history fiction. 

I could be wrong; perhaps I should re-read the novel. Still, it feels very much like Under the Dome did to me, where the underlying structure has been totally compromised in an effort to make a full series out of something that probably should have just been a one off mini-series. Ultimately I was left unsatisfied by the last few end episodes, which is too bad because everything leading up to the finale is so brilliantly brought to life and seemingly full of potential.

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