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I really liked Nightcrawler because I am fascinated by the autism/sociopathy thing.


Maybe I'm not thinking about this the right way, but the protagonist could easily have failed. In the real world, I'm guessing 99/100 times, pulling shit like chasing a police chase, or staging a murder, would have gotten him arrested or killed.


We get to see the 1/100 that succeeds. A bit like, I dunno, business startups.


Sociopaths/risk takers are, I suppose, society's r-strategists. That is, they're like turtle hatchlings. Most get wiped out for taking the risk. We only get to observe the adult turtles that were extraordinarily lucky.

Originally Posted by xen0phile:

Maybe I'm not thinking about this the right way, but the protagonist could easily have failed. In the real world, I'm guessing 99/100 times, pulling shit like chasing a police chase, or staging a murder, would have gotten him arrested or killed.

That's one major problem I had with it.  For some random guy who, "Is on his computer all day, getting teh learnin's" he is retardedly lucky and successful.  He's got the luck of like, a major Marvel comic book franchise hero, like Iron Man or Spiderman.  It's total wish-fulfillment, but in this case it's Palahniukian nihilist wish-fulfillment rather than escape-certain-death, save-the-world gary stu bullshit of comic movies.  


He runs like a hundred red lights in high-traffic areas at 80 mph without a goddamn scratch, just for starters, nevermind being at multiple crime scenes with blood everywhere and obvious incriminating evidence.  I'm like, "Ok, this guy is going to like STUB HIS FUCKING TOE or something, at least, at some point.  But no, he escapes every single incident with his annoying little emaciated face perfectly unscathed.  It's like he's fucking Moses parting the Red Sea, where the Red Sea here is the copious oceans of blood, mayhem, and death he's vulturing on and causing.


In a way, Nightcrawler straw-mans the societal anomie and fuckedness it's attempting to critique.  "Look at this terrible economy, terrible hyper-capitalist jobless wasteland where kids have to cut copper wiring, lift manholes and steal watches in the dark, begging for the chance of an unpaid internship.  Oh, but you know what?  It's the fault of those sociopaths over there.  Those weirdo EVIL anti-people people, rather than a collective failure and weakness of everyone in the society."  Also Gyllenhal is a good guy, but this is obvious, "Look at me, I want an Oscar, pretty please!  I'm half-retard!" type acting.


Buzzard Deals with basically the same sort of issues as Nightcrawler, and the protragonist is even pretty goddamn despicable.  A regular millenial, shit out of luck with no money and no job prospects, going to desperate lengths.  But the protagonist in Buzzard felt a whole lot more believable, and had a humanity about him that gave the film more weight.  It wasn't just an "I do bad things, because I am evil," (Which Gyllenhal actually SAYS), but just a regular guy who is in a complex set of circumstances and emotional states that leads him to rationalizing acts, which one might consider "wrong" on the face of it, "justified", or "retaliation", depending on the angle.  He also not as flat as Gyllenhal's sociopath, and has a mom he cares about and fakes having a career for to keep happy.  He honestly feels bad about shit he has to do, even as he rationalizes his way through them.

The Conversation - A very timely movie (our times) from 1974 by F.F. Coppola, with a great cast of much younger familiar faces.  It has plenty of tech and surveillance themes, so you folks should take a look if you get a chance.  I actually came across this in a clickbait list of "best spy movies" webpage while hankering for seeing the new Bond flick SPECTRE.  So, something good can come from those sites.  They had Ronin very high in the list, with which I wholly agreed.


I saw SPECTRE yesterday, and it was pretty interesting.  I think there are a ton of homages to past movies, and this has a much different pacing (particularly later in the film) than what one thinks of in contemporary Bond/action films.  I'll omit details, lest spoiling ensue.


To keep with the theme, Bridge of Spies is a very solid trip back to the depths of the Cold War.  They packed in a ton of material into a reasonable running time.  It really had me recalling walking through Berlin in 2001 and seeing the path where the wall was, and lots of Soviet apartment blocks being torn down in the eastern portions.  There are a lot of common themes between that era and our own ongoing/endless conflict era.


I also picked up my ticket for a 12/17 10:35 PM showing of the new Star Wars episode, so won't have to brave the theater (and its minefield of spoilers) again until then.

I've been debating seeing SPECTRE.  I hadn't realized it was Sam Mendez, so maybe that'll be the clincher.


Still need to get on that Frankenhooker.  With that glowing review from FashPo, I guess it's a must-see!  So I don't have to sleep with the lights on, I guess I'll follow it with a Life After Beth chaser.  That looks like a nice sweet romantic ironic comedy.  

My husband recently had to wear a tuxedo for an event at work. Rather than renting one, he bought a discount tux at a suburban mall near us. The salesman asked, "Is it for a James Bond event?" and my husband had to disappoint and tell him that it was for a galla party for a research prize.

But now he's going to wear it on Friday, and I'm going to wear some bronze metallic Fluevog platform boots. So we're going to by stylin' when we see Spectre!

Going as Darth Bastard was fun, but kind of a hassle.

I'm thinking next year's Halloween costume will be simpler; take one of those white disposable painter's overalls, stick a few biohazard symbols on it at random, blue nitrile gloves, and a *transparent* mask so I won't get asked to take it off everywhere I go...

Not quite a spacesuit, but you get the idea.  ;-)

Not planning on wearing that to a zombie movie either, so I'm off-topic now.

Oh well,
Originally Posted by xen0phile:

I might finally go see "The Martian" now that the Eclipse Phase campaign I'm in is approaching Mars.


I should wear a space suit to it.


(I'm not actually going to do this: real space suits cost on the order of a few million dollars).

So if you're a hardcore cosplayer, you'd spend a few million x2 dollars, cause NASA always doubles up on everything!


GreenRobot and I are thinking of doing a Predator costume at some point, since I discovered from a fellow 80's-action zealot on another board that Predator blood is a magic trick concocted of Halloween glowstick juice and Vaseline.

Tomorrowland — I spent the whole movie going, "Why is this Brad Bird movie so unfocused?" and then at the end I saw Lindeloff on the credits… Basically, it's not a *terrible* movie, but it could have been a lot better too.


I also rewatched the entire 12 hour extended dance remix of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy on Netflix. So good.

This is the original version with subtitles and such, not the Fincher version. I still find Noomi Rapace better than Rooni Mara (or whatever the hell their names are) as the dragon tattoo chick, which is a bonus.


(Not that Fincher's movie isn't good too, mind you.)

Season 1 of `Mr.Robot'.

WTF dude!  I LOVE it!  Saw the first two or three episodes over the past couple weeks, then binged through the rest last night.  The end of Ep.7 actually made me cry [the part where he finally, *really* talks to his psychiatrist about what's going on].  Great actor; that weird tension in the deep facial muscles, in that scene, reminded me of Armitage/Corto.  Strangely prescient, that.

Then he went all Luke Skywalker an' shit, which is also cool but a little out of my depth.

Highly, *highly* recommended, Xen0.  Can't wait for Season 2, hope there's going to be one...

Edit; Also, that creepy, driven young executive guy reminded me of Stephen Harper.  Anyone else see the resemblance?  Kind of hope to see more of him next season, but if not I won't miss him.

Once you've gone off the deep end,
there's nowhere to go but up.

The Rover - Was good when it was good, but a bit too sparse, or I hadn't had enough caffeine at the time.  I don't think it's the caffeine thing cause I'd downed a few Rockstars within thirty minutes of viewing.  Robert Pattinson goes half-retard and nearly scores an Academy Award, though!  Not bad for the biggest douche vampire that fucked up my internet alias for all time.

Four episodes in. I like it.

I'm not tired of all the casual-super-strength visual gags.

Villainous Doctor Who is great.

The leading lady is great at alternating between badassery and terror.


So far I still prefer Daredevil: old-fashioned fight scenes, the whole blind thing and Rosario Dawson.

But I'm definitely going to watch JJ until the end. See if I change my mind.



In other news:

I endorse the Minions movie.

All caught up with Star Wars: Rebels, The Knick, Black Jesus.

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