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Did Torchwood ever get over the problem that they act like a bunch of fucken amateurs who achieve nothing?

Who cares. Its got Captain Jack in it (and Spike this new season too! yay!) Smile Smile Smile

Spike? James Marsters? Hot blond vampire? Hm. Maybe it's the Anthony Stewart Head connection?
Torchwood is a good show. It's more about the fucked-up people in the fucked-up world then it is about them battling the forces of evil/weirdness/goodness.

Moreover, it's well written and the characters are fully realized and mal adjusted.

Like actual people. It doesn't have that silly air about it that movies and shows like that often do, all these well disciplined people dealing with the edge of sanity. I think not.
Watched the second episode of that new Terminator show. It's ok, but I don't see me going out of my way to watch it. The whole time travel thing always makes things confusing.

Plus it's gonna be a lot of John Conner whining about how hard his life is. Is it too much to ask for a hero to suck it up and do the dirty job? This sort of thing is why I never really got into Spiderman.
Saw the movie Sunshine the other night with a friend. I was highly impressed - it turned out much better than the premise would have you think. Normally I don't much go for "save the Earth from imminent doom!" movies, but this one left me shaking after the final moments. Highly recommend it.
The Devil wears Prada

I knew it would be sappy, nothing else was on- My friend and I sat there with a mute button on and would predict what was about the happen and it did- It was good laugh-

A documentary about Saturn and on about catching pictures of giant squid-
'I Am Legend' tonight. Unlike others here, I loved it. All of it, including the ending. Suzie went in knowing nothing, and had a better chance to experience it 'raw'. I'd read the book, and someone here who shall remain nameless had thoughtlessly given a fairly major spoiler, but it was still a suspenseful tale very well told. I really liked the subtlety of it.

Spoiler: Suggesting rather than showing both the killing and burial of the dog, for example, and eschewing 'emotional' music made it a lot more compelling
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I liked it. It's a good cinema film. I'd be bored out of my skull flipping channels in 15 minutes if I saw that at home on tv. But on a big screen.... it's fucking magic. The photography alone is worth it and the soundtrack just takes you on a trip.
There is a voice over and that is good. It's a book adaptation. without it the film would be empty.
And Casey Affleck is damn worth the performance. Two and a half hours long but it didn't get me tired of it. Not even the ending.
I gotta stress this. The photography is fucking amazing.
and at the end I watched the falling credits to see "Music by Nick Cave & ....". No scanky shit! no wonder I liked the soundtrack.

I could only grab the last showing so now I'm back home after 2am to find the "Salton Sea" on tv. yeah....
so i caught both episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

first off, should it not be The John Conner Chronicles? i haven't found him all that whiny yet, personally, but i loathe that bitch playing Sarah. what a douche. she's just awful.

the chick who plays the good terminator is fine though. and fiiiiine as well. however, i hate those odd shots where they've got her in a fucking miniskirt. come on. no terminator would wear such inappropriate clothes, nor would Sarah Conner allow it. you simply can't survive nor avoid attention in that.

i feel like the show has some merit though. sleeper terminators in an ongoing pre-Judgment Day war. much could be done with this.

the show, while demonstrating some hope, is awkward and most likely destined to ruin itself.
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I Am Legend

Lots of holes and not quite the vehicle I imagined Will Smith would utilise, but enjoyable all the same. I somehow avoided the spoilers and found a well made, slick thriller.
That's why I liked it, it wasn't a Will Smith vehicle archetype.

I hadn't read any spoilers either.

For what it was, it was quite well done. More about the man then about the action.
Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
so i caught both episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

first off, should it not be The John Conner Chronicles? i haven't found him all that whiny yet, personally, but i loathe that bitch playing Sarah. what a douche. she's just awful.

I think Lena Headey is a good actress. She was excellent in Aberdeen.

As for them ruining it, well, they had the biggest Fox scripted debut since Malcolm in the Middle in 2000, so they are off to a good start (ratings wise.)

Aside-Frankie Muniz was too ugly to be on TV, I couldn't watch that show because of how ugly he was.
Went to see Juno tonight and it was really good. I have a mancrush on Michael Cera anyway, he's just adorable. Also Ellen Page is one of those girls that makes me feel bad cause I'm too old to even consider it and that sucks.

Anyway I went to see it alone and the ending made me feel all lonely, which sucked, but I don't blame the movie for that.
lust, caution - ang lee's latest, set about second world war and japanese occupation of china. switching between hong kong and shanghai, a group of students plot to kill a prominent collaborator. mainly revolving around the girl who becomes the guy's mistress, trying to set him up. her performance really makes the film, strong stuff.
Marc Caro's Dante 01

Marc Caro used to write for 'Métal Hurlant'.
Then he teamed up with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and they directed Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children.
They split before Alien : Resurrection. He did some design for Jan Kounen, but no more movies.
Until now.

Dante 01 is old-school scifi.
It looks like it had a pretty tight budget, which is not a bad thing.

The story takes place in a psychiatric facility / space station, in orbit around a fiery planet named Dante.
A new and mysterious inmate is brought on board.
It'll all end up in mystical crazyness.

The story is good enough : it's not a revolution, but it works.
The mystical/scifi aspect is very reminiscent of the 'Métal Hurlant' era (think Jodorowski and Moebius), except with added Christian symbolism.
I don't know if Caro is Christian, or if he just used christian symbols to make his main character more powerful. That annoyed me.

The cast is amazing : all the inmates are real 'characters', with strong features and memorable faces.
Dominique Pinon and François Hadji Lazaro, two regulars of the previous Jeunet/Caro films, are here too.
Lambert Wilson (whom you may remember from his Merovingian role in the Matrix sequels).

And finally : the design is perfect.
The movie looks like it was shot around the same time as the first Alien movie.
I really liked that.

Here you go :
I liked the movie.
Very few people will agree with me.
But sci-fi / cyberpunk fans are more likely than others Smile
Becoming a Woman in Zanskar

It was a fantastic special on the Discovery Channel. Two women from Zanskar in Tibet go on separate journeys to become women. One marries a man she does not know. The other becomes a monk and dedicates her life to work, education, and prayer.

Totally awesome.
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BUT I had forgotten this hilarious scene about weepy movies, where chick flicks are scoffed at and THEN it turns out the guys WEEP at the end of The Dirty Dozen.

Have you seen The Dirty Dozen? The ending is very.. emotional.

Even Lee Marvin looked liked he was *this close* from crying. And Lee Marvin has forgotten more about being a tough badass than Chuck Norris will ever know.

Speaking of which.. Rented Paint Your Wagon today. Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood fall for the same woman during the California gold rush. Hilarity and singing ensues.

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