what are YOU lookin' at ?

i thought i'd start a thread dealing with the movies just RENTED or OWN.
Whenever you've just checked something out, let us know:
have you seen it before?
how many times?
virgin eh?
do you own it?

last night i rented 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'. wow.
another good job by Sodoghberg(?)
what got me was that i had to keep wrestling with what i thought i was watching. i didn't know the events depicted were allegedly "true".
so i kept wondering, howe are they allowed to use all these gameshows unless it's...ummm...."real"?

loved the 5 sec. cameos by Pitt and Damon. funny.

i might go buy this one, though it's at the bottom of a not-so-short list.

also watched 'Commando'.
i've seen this movie countless times, the beginning of Arnie's one-liners.
watched it on an ancient VHS to VHS dub. sweet.
this one is indeed a guilty pleasure. Wink
Original Post
-Once upon a Time in the West:the Special Edition. - Maybe the best western ever made.
I always cry watching this movie.

-The Prisoner box set- Amazing. I wonder how they got away with this back in 1968!

- Assult on Precint 13- An urban western. John Carpenter's first movie. Proof you can make a decent movie with very little money.
Waiting for the Escape from New York Special edition DVD due this week...

-The Andromeda Strain- Intelligent Science Fiction movies are an endangered species. Watch this and then watch The Core and you'll see what I mean.
Finished watching The X-Files - Season 3
Now I'm waiting for the 4th (download or buy, depends of which is the fastest Smile )

I used to watch theses series some years ago, when I was around 12. I enjoy it more, now that I have more movie culture (and now that I am no longer afraid when there's a monster around the corner...)

I was young... and easily scared
Not in the 'rented' or 'owned' category, but a local cinema is running The Fellowship of the Ring last week and The Two Towers this week, in their extended remixes, on the big screen, so we're doing that. They cranked the sound massively, which made it impactful but a little deafening, but it was fantastic, and the extended version makes *much* more narrative sense. Then, of course, it's Return of the King next week: woot!

On that topic, thought I'd share this: http://corvette.boise.wirestone.com/gollum/gollum.swf

Originally posted by striv:
Finally rented "Donie Darko". See how it goes.

I recently saw that too. I had to discover myself what all that creepyness was about.
Recent viewings include:
"Hitler - the touch of evil" and LEON (for the 548th time)
I'll be seeing RotK in Thursday, should the local taxis' stike is over! *@&$%#$%* grr!

PS. any fans of the infamous Chris Carter's Millennium series out there ?!
Well, the plan to see The Two Towers at the cinema went awry - the bastards stopped it the day before we went to see it (yes, we should have been more vigilant in checking it out), but it's brought us back on topic for this thread, because we went out and bought the 4-DVD Extended version of the movie instead, and watched that last night.

Which brings me around to the whole 'does size matter?' argument. The extended versions of both Fellowship of The Ring and The Two Towers were *sooo* much more coherent, it makes you wonder why the studios would cripple them by forcing shorter versions. Sure, the churn rate in the cinemas is too low with longer movies - but I'd be willing to pay a bit more for a coherent 4 hour experience than a less coherent 2.5 hour one...
Originally posted by Bravus:
it makes you wonder why the studios would cripple them by forcing shorter versions.

They often edit foreign movies as well. Usually,
the claim is to account for cultural differences,
but equally as often, the original foreign movie
is way better than the American release. This
pisses me off.

It's getting really close to Christmas and as such,
it's time to watch the traditional movies (watched
while wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards,
&c.). Sneakers (VHS), Pi (VHS), Brazil (choice of
American release (VHS), the International release
(DVD) or the crappy American re-edit (DVD)).
Got a couple DVDs lent from unsuspecting parties (got a tendency to, well, hold on to discs until owner asks for them with a judicial order): Lucia and Sex, a spanish movie; the Animatrix (this one I must get), a couple forgetable anime titles, Rat Race (looked forward to see Rowan Atkinson's performance, and he ended up as a minor character and relatively unfunny, while Jon Lovitz's scenes were a riot!).
Mmhh... just recalled someone has my Toy Story 3 Disc set ever since... *cough*
Recently bought: Mulholland Drive, Metropolis (anime), NIN's 'all that could have been'. Salivating over the 'Director's Label' series: Cunningham, Gondry, Jonze. Oh yeah.

And: just saw Cronenberg's 'Spider' on film. Mixed feelings... beautiful photography and acting, but it could have been a 'Twilight Zone' episode. Or perhaps I expected entrails and wires...
Watched "Citizen Kane" over again. It really is amazing how clever some of the scenes are shot, and how the film is setup. It probably seems cliche mentioning this, but it is definitely worth a viewing or two.

"The Mummy" still stands the test of short time as an enjoyable popcorn flick.

As far as holiday films go, "Holiday Inn" will probably be showing at my house within the next week or so. I have never actually seen all of "Its a Wonderful Life", so I may make an attempt to watch it all the way through this year.

I could be wrong on that.
watched Buffalo '66 last night. AGAIN.
this movie cracks me up. i bought it brand new on DVD for a mere 10 bucks.
a great black comedy if there ever was one.
what impresses me is the fact that Vincent Gallo wrote, directed, stars, and scored the movie.
and when i say stars, he is in virtually every scene and he doesn't shut up. it's a riot "spen-ning time" watching Gallo at his best.
Last week I bought Three Kings and Chopper on special and watched them (again) over the weekend. Only had time to watch a few minutes of Chopper with commentary from the actual Mark Read but it sounded, er, interesting. "That's the best way to stab someone, get in, get out, fast, before the blood has time to come to the surface. You won't get a drop on you." Yeesh.
was gonna watch Three Kings tonight, ....
but instead i whipped out my trusty VHS Boyz N The Hood. it's 12 years old already...wow.
soooo many lines from this movie are repeated in my household on a daily basis.
come to think of it...a lot of lines from a lot of movies are repeated in my household on a daily basis.... Roll Eyes
Buffalo 66 rocks ("just make me look good").
Vincent Gallo fans should all watch Trouble Every Day, which I find too be the most disturbing movie ever.

Yesterday, I watched some episodes of X-Files season 4... On divx (and I plan to buy the DVDs if I enjoy it as much as the previous seasons).
It discovered the episode with the killer who makes black people turn albinos. Thats just weird.
(speaking of Boys in the Hood... )

watched it last night when i got home from ROTK.
jeez i'm such a sucker for loooooooong movies.
Magnolia. what can i say about this masterpiece?
top contender for the best film i've ever seen, and the only dvd i've bought where price was no object whatsoever.(i'm a bargain shopper. in fact, BTW, every hardcover i own with the exception of maybe a dozen or less, was bought at a bargain table or second hand shop for like, two or five bucks.)

it drives me crazy to no end that p.t. anderson has only 3 films. every one a perfect gem. and i own all of these gems.

as a matter of fact i purchases Punch Drunk Love the day it was released having never seen it. of course i wasn't disappointed.
hmmmmmmm, that's a thread all its own.(being so sure of a purchase you've never seen before.)
I just went and rented Hollywood Homicide, Tears of the Sun, and Pirates of the Carribean. I know I spelled that last one wrong, but oh well. As you can see I'm a sucker for big budgets / action movies.

Oh, and I intend to watch the new animated Bat-film Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman sometime over winter break (fuyu yasumi).

OT: At my Blockbuster they've dedicated a few shelves to employees' favorites. One guy had Johnny Mnemonic up there, so I went over to the counter and punched him. What would you have done?
i knew there was a movie i forgot i just watched.
i rented HH on monday and i really liked it.
the final chase sequence was a little drawn out, but oh well.
the price of the rental is worth it just for the interrogation scene. hilarious.
Lena Olin is great as usual.
love the constant cell phone ring tones.
*funkytown ringtone* now

oh, and about the Johnny Mnemonic.
i'd a shook his hand....
i liked it. it was good clean cyber-fun.

tut-tut Kieth. remember where you are... Wink
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
Bought the Chris Cunningham DVD this afternoon. (I have to wait until christmas, since it's supposed to be a gift from my mother...)

and you'll actually do it? never happen here.

of the three directors dvds, i most recommend the michel gondry one. he's so funny! and he's put together a 75 minute film where he explains how and why he did it. it rules.
I'll do it.. she's already wrapped it, and hidden in a closet (it feels funny to live with my parents again, just for holidays...).

I watched Revenge Of The Nerds tonight. Introducing my brothers and sister to this masterpiece. And the more I watch it, the more I love this movie.
I have also watched the first sequel, which is not as good... and I'm desperately looking for the 3rd and 4th, who were only released as TV-films.

These movies were never released in France.. that's a shame!
borrowed a copy from a friend. i wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it had its moments. the acting's mostly good, especially naomi watts. and to give david lynch credit, he does something new with the 'it was all a dream' concept. but still, it was all a dream??? how lame doesn't that feel. we could also have done without all the cheesy symbolism characters. and david? learn to kill your muthafucking darlings! thankyouverymuch.
.....is watch movies lately it seems. watched another pair last night.

Punch Drunk Love. okay, just watched Magnolia and thought, hey, more pt anderson is not a bad thing. this was my 4th viewing of this film and the most enjoyable. the color schemes, photography, sound effects, acting are all superb. hats off to Sandler for proving me right. he has a real talent that i think has only just been tapped.

Waking Life by director Richard Linklater. another bargain bin special i bought for 7 dollars. this film is so totally engrossing.
i love watching it with a small group of like-minded folks, the ensuing discussions are among the best i've ever had.
for anyone into lucid dreaming or states of conciousness, check this film out....

ArkanGL...Revenge of the Nerds?
bravo bravo! "rooks rike sarad.."
johnny mnemonic, last friday night. no comment, whatsoever.

now I've got Brazil which has been brilliant so far (and that's just the first 10 minutes). I probably do not need to point out that it has terry gilliam written all over it.

bought a anime dvd box set - ghost in the shell, akira and ninja scroll ($40 AUD!!) now I'm just waiting for the dvd player I ordered last week to be delivered so I can watch them.

last night I watched the pricess bride for the gazillionth time. inconceivable!

of course then there's ROTK on Thursday - I have two free movie tickets that will be splurged on that one. can't wait - having a hard time keeping out of that topic!
anyone ever pulled a "she's lost that loving feeling"?

As a matter of fact, yes. Me and about 8-9 of my friends serenaded our waitress at the local family style italian restaurant one night. We also tagged along to the two birthday tables to sing "Happy Birthday" with the staff. We're an odd bunch.

Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
it drives me crazy to no end that p.t. anderson has only 3 films. every one a perfect gem. and i own all of these gems.

Hard Eight
Boogie Nights
Punch Drunk Love

Which one did you miss? Probably Hard Eight. I highly recommend it. Soundtrack by Michael Penn... Gwyneth Paltrow as a white trash waitress/hooker... Samuel L. Jackson as a bad dude with bad hair... priceless.

That's a lie, but I said it with a smile -- John Roderick

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