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And this one's for FashPo...

Just saw this now...OMG!!!!

I once lent me sister-in-law a book, and I ended up telling her to just keep it as she had creased the spine on the cheap Kinky Friedman paperback!

She teases me about how my books look like they've never been read.

I won't even buy a book for myself if I can tell someone else has thumbed it at the bookstore, at least not without a substantial discount!
I'm pretty much the same, except that Mrs GL has a tendency to twist books when readin them. Eventually, they all turn into unrecognizable pulpy mush.

I used to whine about it.

then I figured : who cares?
By the time I have kids old enough to read my collection, the books will be old, smelly and yellowed anyway. What's a little damage going to change?

And since I don't intend to sell any of them on eBay... I have given up.

Still, I never really open a book. I just peek between the pages, so as not to damage the spine.
i tend not to lend books because i don't want them damaged. recently leant out gibson paperbacks though, and was so glad they were backups for my hardbacks! i should probably loosen up like arkan, but i'll wait for the right woman before i let anyone damage my precious...

as for second hand, they are different because they are cheap, and often good finds you wouldn't get otherwise, so those are wonderful gems to be treasured for different reasons.
I'll read books to bits and pieces. Really. What good is a book you love if it looks like nobody's ever actually touched it? Books need to look like they've lived, it's part of their charm.
I have the same attitude towards almost everything i own. I've no problem with my guitar being dent and scratched. My laptop looks like it's been through a floggin' after a year's use and if i would have a car i'd probably not care if it got scratched or dented either. The only exception is CD's, because damage to those actually influence the sound.
I often read 100 year old books that have been out
of print for 40 years. They're not that expensive
because nobody really wants to read archaeology
texts, but they're impossible to find. Replacement
is not much of an option, so it's in my best
interest to leave them in as good a shape as
possible. Plus, most archaeologists make plans on
what's to happen to their collections when they
die (those collections being the only thing they
have of value).
Originally posted by remotepush:
i should probably loosen up like arkan, but i'll wait for the right woman before i let anyone damage my precious....

I had to accept that with my knives....

I was thinking of buying some beautiful custom-ordered steak knives and then I realized I'd just get mad at my husband for the way he would handle them. It's not so bad that he puts them in the dishwasher, but he sure knows how to scratch a knife while sharpening it!
LOL, that's great, Gromit!

Ya know, these days I just try and stick to paperbacks. I made that vow after buying Cryptinomicon for $40 only to have the spine crack in the middle halfway through the first read. I swear to god it wasn't my fault, but none-the-less, the paperback rule... plus it's just hard to tote a really big hardback around whereas a paperback is imminently tote-able.

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