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I asked for a vasectomy for my 18th birthday. At the time, I had an 8 year old sister, a 4 year old brother, and my mom was pregnant. My wish was not granted. Good thing.


Okay then, hack that shit.  Mess with it a little.  Make it work for you.  Dude, it's your mind; bend it whatever way you like, as long as you end up with something you can like.  What I'm saying is, choose your descriptions and prescriptions carefully.  Because you're right; the way you define things defines you.

Mojo for you, my friend.  Lots of mojo.


I think I really need to move out of the house. My parents just agitate me too much. They don't even mean to: they're not going out of their way to annoy me.


It's just... they're... not very intelligent, and have very obnoxious mannerisms. Difficult for me to convey.


I think the Big Goal is (as I've stated before) get my own apartment. I realize life will still be pointless even if I live on my own, but at least (I suspect) I'll *enjoy* it at that point.


Seattle's hella expensive, but you can get a not-bad place in Everett for <$1000/month.


I have to pay off my 10's of K of $ in student debt first

xen0phile posted:

I'm honestly not some America-hater, but, goddamn, football patriotism is ridiculous/hyperbolic to the point of parody.

Football is a misnomer anyway for a game which mostly involves throwing and carrying the ball, with an element of brutality and some silly set-pieces. The rest of world calls that American Football, if they refer to it at all.

True football is what Americans call soccer, which mostly involves kicking the ball, while the rest of the world call the game, correctly, football.

I normally say "American football" and "soccer" because that is the least ambiguous. I didn't say "American football" in that instance because it was clear from context.

Seattle has both a decent football (NFL) and soccer (MLS) team. The football team (Seahawks) won the championship two years ago. City went nuts.

Really, I'm ambivalent about sports in general. I'll watch them, but, I dunno... there are other things I'd rather do if I had the choice. Even though I don't watch a great deal of sports, I end up picking up information anyway, a sort of cultural osmosis. The same way I know which Pokemon are which despite never watching the show or playing the game

sometimes you look in archives and find a gem or two. perfect for the now-now.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

From Sentinel400:
Q Have you ever wanted to wear a uniform?

A When was I last out of one? The extent to which we are are all of us usually in uniform brings to mind Eno's definition of culture: everything we do that we don't really need to. Pajama bottoms beneath a raincoat? Out of uniform. Jeans with one leg cut off? Out of uniform. Contracultural apparel disturbs us. Countercultures are intensely cultural. Bohemias have dress codes as rigid as those of merchant banks. We all read uniforms, constantly, whether we're aware of it or not.

My favorite science fiction film wardrobe is worn by David Bowie's alien, in The Man Who Fell To Earth. He turns up for his first terrestrial business meeting wearing a brand new $1.99 Chinese flannel workshirt, buttoned at the neck, its printed plaid fabric about half an inch thick, under a shiny, sleazy, striped business suit. The sense of the character's inability to read or articulate our cultural codes is perfect, and heartbreaking.


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It feels like a lifetime since I stepped foot here.  Around the autumn I come back to read my twenty-something thoughts... And laugh at my bad grammer, which is still bad.

But @ 40, I feel weird walking in on myself. Maybe more like spying on myself.  Delicious, delirious, and vain young me. I was faster, witter, and oh-so ambitious. Also stupid, can't forget some of the dumb shit I've done/said either. I know it and own it. 

I get it. I'm tired. I'm awake. I'm softer in all angles. I withdrew a very long time ago from all thing social media. My hand is way too tired to curl four fingers so I give zero fucks now-a-day. 

When I was 20-ish, some of my faceless friends here were either in, entering or past 40. Oh and here's one of my fav. Gibson lost archive stuff:

Post about William Gibson files deleted from Boing-Bong.
Posted by ]MEZ[
I knew the article was bullshit, you know why?

If William Gibson was ever deleted from cyberspace, all of cyberspace would vanish into a sterling wink of light reflected by wings of a receding chrome dream, accompanied by a cackling Jorge Luis Borges on flamenco guitar.

We would all awake Victorian and differenceless.

Oh, deleted from Boing Boing.

I'm literally dying here ����



I bought TM's game on Steam, which I'm hoping a third cross lets work, but saying all that, have a drink, instead, am tagging QC MNTRL HRVY, Canada's smartest woman, who, apparently, missed the LV shootr by 3 minutes, but not the Sec_Instant who was hit 5 m before, press good to CS and Go.  In f-rancais, just beautiful and drp the hnd.  Cheers.Buck is worth a life time of what'ver. 

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