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The truth of the matter is that I hired twilight minotaur to polish my books. The first two he did nothing just fixed spelling and punctuation and such. Then he did  Cavr  (the first two were'the Crimson star' and 'Narratia) Cavr was a 100 page. book with good bones that I wrote in 2011...

        He put 200 pages of flesh on those bones. I sent one to arkangl and wgb to check out. I pay like $7 if you want one.twice that on lulu.bill Meikle box 269 Brackendale b.c. Canada

        The thing is that right now he's doing a short story book called shards2014  and it needs another story 


        For me writing a short story is all about the first sentance.

       Concomitant to the paraphrasing that was going on Alibaster executed a rewording.


   The whole story is about figuring out what that means....













Release is like an Angel, when I’m not there. 

I took these boots from a dead *insert swear words here* cunt, I hope, with all understanding of where you came from, the mass of tendrils making a back massage.  Seriously, as if you could see any other word coming, how can anyone be expected to finish a one-sided genre battle without the other side reading?  Mother, father, brother, sister, wait for it, anyone I have ever known, I have ended up murdering against my intent.  For real, these boots are leather, and hot. 

Dead war carcasses, rot, and let them, as I take their boots.  Leather is so beautiful as is hot, I would almost be a dying animal to understand: 

Fuck all.

I am, death laser, my brother’s, death laser, keeper, laser of death.

Except where this used to be fake, real people now grow up.

Someone told me the real address, and she is long gone I think, so pocket queens, and I tell the Moses’ Jewish truth:

When your girl is from Vietnam, kiss her ass and don’t forget it. 

Because, and I tell you this gospel from age, there is no cunt sweeter.

Adult language:

Sweaters from the eighties, followed by leg warmers, which will never reappear:  In my lifetime.

Friend Twilight, I understand, when the writing ends, regardless of whether it works or not, that’s hell.

In a shadow, in an alley, use only cocaine, and nothing else.  Write a Rush 2112 star on the ground.  Add a forty of Jack Daniels, and no other drink in no other quantity. 

Then piss on it, literally.  Like the asses from that 7-11 35 years ago, and let it go, be free from it.  Children, I’m talking about me, into adults. 

And if Mother Molly cakes it out, in whatever form, ignore the responsibility.  For fuck’s sake, you are screwing Molly. 

Dead people, in the crappy swamp. 

No matter how good you write, there isn’t a tomorrow, because there is no equal to “Neuromancer”.  It’s God fuck.  Lick the killer’s armpits, on a contract that’s still there.  I mean it. 

Sacrifice.  Leather screw writing.  May we never forget it.  May it never end. 

Company is appreciated when the alley is really, seriously cold, despite these dead boy boots.

Geostatica 18

       We got out to the party a few days early. It had become clear that we were distracting the crew, drinking cervesa and telling stories. Rodriguez politely encouraged us to move on.

        Ryan dropped us off and flew off to the Lesbian Nudists, to deliver some mail. He promisied to pick us up on Sunday. Becky and I were left with Frank so I finally had a chance to get to know Becky's brother.

        "So let me show you around," Frank told his sister. 

          "So this is a 400 ft flip with 80 ft above water. It doesn't seem to be metal. I see Fiberglass and wood." I asked.

        "The wood is just the interior. Part of the hull underwater is ferrocement," he told me.

        "You'll have to let me know how that goes. My place includes ferro cement flips as well," I suggested. 

        "I thought you were doing the breakwater route," he said remembering our talks in the past.

        "I am. But we have a tower every five hundred feet that's essentially a four hundred ft flip. Eight of them in total," I said a little proud of my place.

        "So we both decided on a design that is just like the original 360 ft flip but a little bit bigger," Frank thought it was ironic.

        "With cheaper materials," I added.

       "I should show you my drawings mostly around what I call the Flip Post," offered Frank.

        "I always loved it when you showed your drawings"Becky told Frank.

         And so we found ourselves in Frank's room looking at his artworks that covered the walls.

        "I was expecting a bunch of small canvases but this is one large mural," I commented before too long.

        "I didn't have many materials so I just painted on the walls," Frank answered. 

        "It's the whole world,"marvelled Becky.

        "Not to scale. My seasteads with the national parks are huge," he said modestly.

        "You seem to have excellent technique. Did you study art?" I asked.

        "Yes I spent three years at school in Sydney,"he answered downplaying his achievements.

        "Frank won awards for his artwork," Becky said proud of her brother.

        "What is this in your picture,"I pointed to the highest part, probably space.

        "It's the six water tanks of the crystal sky," he answered.

       "And what are these walkways with little people between tanks?" I wondered.

      "Oh yah I hadn't noticed. Why are the little people walking upside down?" Becky asked.

        "That's how the force is flowing. The tanks are being whirled around by the earth,  flinging tthem out, and the walkway too," Frank answered. 

          How do you know the force is right? It's true most artificial gravity is done with centrifugal force," I asked.

        "That's what got me. I just wasn't sure that a one hundred pound weight would still weigh one hundred when measured on a scale on that walkway," Frank said doubtfully.

          "It's a captivating image. I can't help but imagine an entire civilization that evolved on the walkway around the world. But this would depend on that hundred pound weight weighing in at one hundred pounds not two or three as I guess it would be," I said trying to get real.

         The conversation wound into the night, matters made worse by Frank's production of a small cardboard box containing contraband recreational stimulants, 

        Next morning we had breakfast with Reginald and Kryptonite. 

          Kryptonite was talking in an extremely low morning hangover voice.  

       "You guys should visit the two other flips," he recommended.

        "We're going on a little tour after breakfast," Frank told them.

        "The only reason we've got three flips is that our backer wants to suspend a floor between them somehow," Reginald told us

        "Frank wants to suspend Noah's arc from flip posts" Kryptonite.claimed..

           When flat surfaces are suspended and Airoponics are used most kind of wilderness can be recreated," Frank defended himself.

        "You're a genius my friend but you're bapped. Why don't you head over to the Gallery and show these guys project Ezekiel?" Kryptonite urged.

        "The three flips are called 'home','the gallery'. smd 'the guest house," inserted Regimald.

           ".,.and you're going to get a fourth flip and suspend a flat surface between them..." I guessed.

        "You would be housed in 'the guest house' except that's where the party is Saturday night." Reginald told us.

        "It's only Friday. If you want you can stay there tonight." Frank offered.

         That's how we found ourselves with our own Flip in the middle of the pacific that night. Of course gallery had to be explored first.

          "Watch your step," Frank told us as we entered the flip at its basement doors. 

        It's a bit uh, rustic," I said to Frank as we crossed what appeared to be a driftwood floor.

        "There's a series of events that bring a lot of driftwood from Chile sometimes," Frank told us.

        "How do you know it's Chile?"  Becky wondered.

        "There's brands in Spanish," he answered.

      "I'm sorry to not join your discussion on driftwood but I want to see the gallery," I said climbing a ladder.

         "It's mostly designs for what I call 'the Ezekiel profect'," Frank said following me up the ladder.

        "Ezekiel saw a wheel a Rollin',way in the middle of the air," sang Becky.

        "Exactly," Frank called down from above.

         When I got up there I was disappointed to see mostly an elaboration of 'plan a', All the worlds land was depicted in duplicate. 

        "Australia looks great, but I think Nepal looks ify." Becky said looking it over

        "I don't think there's really agreement on how to do mountainous regions. I mean one can do amazing things with two by fours and plywood but stronger and lighter are necessary," Frank told us.

        Maybe some kind of fiberglass and chicken wire thing," I suggested.

        "Some of these placements are revolutionary. Like this piece in the Bering strait near Russia is amazing. Links the Alutians You might have thought polar bear habitat but millions of Americans would love to drive to Paris," Becky said proudly.

        "Not to mention the European kids who want to check out America,"  I added. 

        "Some of the integrations are contraversial. Like the road between Morocco and Spain would allow Africans to drive to Spain," Frank allowed.

         "I like how you solved the Darien gap own in Panama," I told Frank as I examined his map. 

         It's kind of stupid that the way to drive from Central America south is blocked by a jungle. In my map I propose making it a park, and using a raft to go around it," Frank told us.     

        "So a kid in LA can drive to Bangkok and to Buenas Aries. What good is that if you are working on world hunger and climate change," asked kryptoniye who had found his way over from home and joined the tour. 

        Kryptonite I'm glad you could join us. All I did for global warming is bring the oceans down. Theyree sinking about a quarter inch per year," Frank said modestly.

       "Using those retardedly big water tanks. If you sent down power from outer space using microwaves you could desalinate seawater down here," Kryptoniye claimed.

        "I'll admit the tanks aren't the most elegant solution. Still,those big green patches on the Sahara and Australia are a bit of success, to say nothing of the green altiplano," Frank argued.

        "The real solution to the greenhouse problem is to stop spewing carbon into the air. People have been working on that for 50 years. As of this year internal combustion engines for cars and factories are banned. Things like the ocean levels are just the clean up," I inserted.

            "I think your deluded. The tundra is melting and emitting methane. Already half the carbon added to the sky is from natural systems like trees dieing. Once one forest dies it makes others die," Kryptonite argued.

       "When a forest dies because it's too hot and dry a new forest grows back,with different species," Frank countered.

        "Becky and I are going to check out the second gallery," I said as we took our leave.

        "It's not that we don't like sitting and listening to you guys argue," Becky added.

        Two hours later Kryptonite and Frank came and found us in the second gallery.


Geostatica 19

     "Did you finish your arguement?" I asked Kryptonite.

         "It wasn't an arguement. It was a discussion," Kryptonite answered.

        "In a very loud voice,"Becky added.

        "We were talking about the third gallery which you haven't even been to yet," Frank said a bit icily.

        "We went by the entrance, There was a big sign that said 'The Ezekial Project," I told Kryptonite and Frank.

        "What do you think of gallery two?" asked Frank.

         "I think you have to research the relationship between endangered species and national parks. When i think of the province in Canada I came from the marbles muralet and the spotted owl come to mind. One likes old growth forests and the other, dunno, but the truth is our parks may not help. Quite often species are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed  not because they live in a park,"I answered.

          "I met a woman who suggested I make a list of endangered species and save habitat from there," Frank agreed.

         "Lots of national parks are more great places to hike than animal habitats. I think of pacific rim national park in my province. Not too many animals but great beaches to walk on," I added.

        "Still a work in progress. I hope you like the Ezekial project more," he said walking away.

        And so we found ourselves heading to gallery three.

        "Ezekial saw a wheel a' Rollin," hunmed Becky to herself.

       "Way in the middle of the air," I added tunelessly.

        "Glad you could make it," Kryptonite said as we entered and started looking around.

         The gallery was amazing. It struck me as paradigm recalibration  material. The kind of total change of the fundaments of design  that only an artist like Frank would be capable of. 

.        "This is kind of like switching from sculpting in feathers to sculpting in bricks," Becky commented.

        "We're talking brick and mortar in space," I decided.

       "The plan is for one of these wheels to go with each tank," Kryptonite added.

        "But not connected. Floating in space nearby,"clarified Frank.

        "So we're talking six huge wheels in steel structure, like a bridge. But the land is in cement like a high rise," I summarized.

        "Total artificial gravity. Like ring world," I tried.

        "There are cars on the streets and fish in the seas," Kryptonite told us.

        "Just what diameter is one of these wheels?" Becky asked studying a picture,

        "Right now we're using a ballpark figure of one hundred kilometres," Frank answered.

       "I can see how the tanks can supply water for your seas but what are you going to do for fresh water?" I asked.

        "Condensation. The wheel is basically a great big spinning greenhouse. We're even hoping to export some water to be used on earth," Frank answered.

        "We're hoping to replace the  solar panels giving them much more power  to sell," Kryptonite added.

        "So six new sources of fresh water for the world. And ice cubes to be stored at the poles?" I wondered. 

        "We've made a resolution to stop treating the symptoms of global warming. It's not about rising oveans or dieing coral," explained Kryptonite.

        "I guess it's about carbon build up in the atmosphere,"I tried. 

        "There are a few companies with excellent technologies that take carbon out of the air. But the air at the surface isn't the problem. With six tanks we were able to use that technology on air much higher up," Frank told us.

         "So the tanks are providing counterweight that allows you to suspend carbon capturing machines and they're allowing you to to bring materials to build huge wheels in space. How can you suggest that they still haven't proven Their worth?" Becky asked.

        "Sometimes I work from intuiton. I till don't see why we're not doing desalination on earth and sending solar generated power down to it. But with the large bodies of water in the rings and I mean seventy five percent of the space and the suspension of the carbon machines in the stratosphere I'm starting to understand ,"Frank admitted.

       "I guess those machines will need to run on clean energy," I supposed.

        "Couldn't have them spewing carbon into the air. There's a team working on it right   now. We can send solar power from the arrays up in space or we can do high altitude wind power which is an important new direction," Frank told us.

        Tnat evening Becky and I slept in the third Flip called 'the guest house' amongst boxes of supplies stored up for the evening's party. 

        "A whole Flip to ourselves," Becky said glad to have some privacy for a change.

        "Have to make the most out of it," I replied thinking of Judy for some reason.

        "I even found a tiny double bed in one of the rooms upstairs," Becky said wrapping herself in my arms.

    "I suppose we can find a use for that," I said enjoying her touch.

        "It's kind of nice  being the sister of the designer of the world," Becky bragged about her brother Frank.

        "It's kind of odd. You'd think such important work would be done by the president of the United States or at least a comitee  in the UN,"I offered.

         "Mostly he's building Seasteads in international waters or stuff in space where nobody has jurisdiction," Becky said defending her brother.

        "Do you think he cut Geostatica loose? I asked her abruptly.

        "Yes,"Becky answered softly.

         "The reason people follow him is that he's a visionary. An artist with a vision worth following. But he may also be a madman who's dangerous," I decided.

        "Geostatica is coming home. There's talk of housing all the workers needed for the Ezekial project there," Becky said glad that her brother's gamble was coming to a close.

        "I'm getting little messages from Judy. Sounds like her relationship with Ichabald Sprout is in trouble," I told her.

        "That's convenient timing. I guess you need to give that a try...." Becky said not showing jealousy at all. 

         "First we have to have a party, then I consider my life situation," I said putting off thinking too much.

          There were certainly events between then and the start of the party the next night. Becky and I made love like a couple that knew it might be their last time.



      Merry Christmas 2016. This book,my ninth, is perhaps my most commercial to date. I'm looking forward to the movie, although it would be big budget and difficult to make.

       Last year I said it should take two years to write a book but this was done in just a year. This is probably due to my new partner in Hawaii Chris Miller. He's taken on some of the grunt work that slows me down. In fact we have five books polished and more on the way. I'm planning on doing a ten book boxed set for 2018.

         That said it is only September as I write, and I still don't know if Geostatica will end. Both Chris and I are Netflix people and a sequel is already planned. Like Hindu mythology we seem to believe in reincarnation.eveything is episodic.

         Had fun this summer when twenty family members dropped by.lets do it again next year.

Geostatica 20

         The next day was the party. Ryan  flew in with six or eight already drunken yachties from stepping stone two and flew back to Kevin's for more.

        Luckily amongst this first group of newcomers was Kevin himself. He'd spent years as a social lubricant in his career in music and naturally fell into the roll of host. 

          That left Becky and I in the role of party mother and father. An agenda was proposed where we'd tour the flipstead and it looked like we'd have enough skiffs to do the job.

        So we all jumped in to the boats and went over to the home flip to look around.

        We expected to find Kryptonite,Reginald and Frank but when we found the place deserted I called them on my cell phone.  

         "It turns out they are adding a third room to the gallery," I told everyone when I came back in off the porch.

        "So we've got this place to ourselves," said a fellow called Babbler who had been drinking all morning.

        "Frank said we should make ourselves at home. Have a look at the place," I suggested.

        "It shouldn't take very long to see this place. It's really quite small," said a woman named Emma who I still find distasteful.

        "Really, it should just take a half an hour or so. The only place of interest is Frank's room. It shows how an artist and his drawings have given rise to the entire Crystal Sky movement," I offered.

         "Is this table of victuals for the guests?" Babbler asked. 

        "I'm not exactly sure but since Frank is my brother I say yes. Help yourselves and enjoy," Becky answered.

        And so we ran a small tour with myself as guide. It was odd how these seasteaders from behind a breakwater were fascinated by the kitchen and bathroom in this open water Flip.

        "This fellow has an excellent brushstroke," the woman named Emma commented when I showed them Frank's bedroom.

        "I thought I was just taking a trip on my boat but I find myself in the company of geniuses," Babbler said a bit in awe.

        "It's important that we don't hold Becky's brother in too high regard. I'm impressed by his painting but his group 'The Crystal Sky' may be out of control," I suggested.

         "I've heard he may be behind the Geostatica release," Babbler tries.

         "My brother isn't a leader of that group. He holds no political power except as 'chief visionary'," Becky made it known. 

         "A lot of what we're going to see today are more detailed drawings of this room. Apparently there's a new gallery that I'm going to see for the first time," I added.

        "So that's where they are. Hanging "stepping stones from Quito to the intersection'," Becky  ascertained. 

         "Ya that's the new show. The whole route has a train overhead," I told everybody.

       It's kind of a Blurr what happened next. I remember getting in a boat and heading to the galleries. After that a party favour Reginald gave me distorted things. I kind of don't remember the next two days but I've seen pictures. One important fact is the weather changed on Sunday not with a storm but a one meter chop that made it impossible to land a plane except within a breakwater.

   So while the party peaked at twenty guests,  groups of four or six had to fly out starting just after midnight. A full group of eight headed down to my place and were talking about a train ride addition to Ecuador

       But people like Becky were heading to Kevin's. I have some fragments of torrid sex behind a flat in Ezekial's gallery. Promises were made of reunion in the near future.

        Behind those images loomed a picture of Judy. In my very near future. Which might make future plans with Becky impossible. 

        Frank had spoken in an offhand manner when he told me about Geostatica's big acceleration Apparently the city's three month trip was being turned into one month when three lasèr arrays on earth were pointed towards it. 

        So I had to get down to the intersection and make it welcoming in a month. I was excited to see what the work crew had done and see if some rumours were true.l Like the fact that the elevator was working as of this week. So in about a month I would be able to walk out my door, walk 100 meters and catch an elevator up to my house in space. 

        The other rumour was that the three other owners of sites at the intersection were starting to show up. I had the northwest corner but the north east corner was populated by a crew from America dedicated to capturing solar on the pacific. The southwest corner was property of Frank's group, the Crystal Sky  and there were rumours of a hundred square mile city that was planned. The last corner was claimed by Starvation Incorperated a charity trying to create food and shelter for poor people.

        Ryan flew in at around four am just as the wind was making it a slightly difficult take off. There were a half dozen partyers from stepping stone two that came along and they made it an energetic flight even if the sun rose as we landed.

            It was a sunrise on my new life as well and I greeted my new home with enthusiasm. It was a bit surreal to find Will and Melissa on site , and Rodriguez and his crew already at work on their next project. The Main Street at intersection. 

        "Couldn't stay away, could you?" I said to Willl when we met.

        "The boys were getting bored so we put together a second job. Putting together a whole downtown core behind a breakwater," Will explained.

           "So that's where they went after doing such fast beautiful work for me," I said thankfully.

        "It turned out really well.."started will.

         "One of the buildings in the new downtown is the world's biggest Flip," interjected Melissa.

         "It's outside the breakwater. Kind of a high rise in the sea," Will bragged about his architect's design," 

        "Before I go down and see how the new downtown looks I have to take one more walk around my place," I told Will and Melissa. 

         Mostly just the breakwater was done on my huge, like twenty acre, Seastead. But there was a sidewalk on the inside of the wall and six flip  towers to climb up in and get a view. 

       All that was on the inside at this point was my sailboat, four barges that Will seemed to have magically procured, and some sections of commercial marina wharfs with an underwater droids being serviced at one end.

      There was a hallway that linked my raft to downtown. It was about15 meters up in one of    the Flips. I contacted the others and told them to meet me down there. 
















        Mortimer understood reason, laughter, and the logic of everything. He understood when to update windows on his laptop. He understood the infinite wisdom of a crow.

Mortimer understood.

     After that she didn't bring over bread anymore. All wrapped in red and white checker board tea towels

        Mortimer didn't understand her absense or the scar from her operation.

        In the aftermath there's mention of filibustering senators and leaders distracted by fancy. 

        Mortimer mentioned none of that. Just the infinite wisdom of jest. As he stood before the elders recalling the event. The accident that damaged his understanding. Caused her scars.

Geostatica 21

        Will and Melissa met me on the ground floor level of the new Main Street. There was a hundred meter circle with strands all around it leading up to outer space.

        "Are those cables tied to the raft?" I asked Will.

        "Those are just holes. The cables continue to the bottom of the ocean," Will answered.

        "I noticed you were working with underwater drones. Foolishly I thought you were anchoring rafts," I admitted to Will.

        "We spent a few days on tieing down your raft. Then we started drilling in hooks for cables," Will told me.

         "So what's the plan? Add a few more strands every year for fifty years?" I wondered.

        "More like five hundred years. The tank is quite empty right now," Will pointed out.

        "And each year the elevator gets a few more strands and the tank gets a little bit fuller," I guessed. 

        "Exactly. All six tanks around the world are kept at the same level," Will told me.

        "For. now the only fields held up by those tanks will be rice paper aeroponics like eq3," Will suggested.

        "I heard the Australians kind of hogged the Indonesian elevator, and all the Asians are at Eq3," I added.

        "The Australians are just excited about a new source of fresh water. In fact I heard they are even increasing the flow," Will said passing on hearsay.

        "As long as they don't add any seawater to their tank they can desalinate all they want," I surmised.

        After that we walked down the street and looked at the buildings that had been built. 

        "It's mostly Canadian pine. The only wood I could find that's light enough," Will said when he saw me studying the wood.

        "While that old growth Brazilian stuff is beautiful wood it's heavy like rock. You needed something that allowed you to ship prebuilt panels out here on a train," I guessed.

        "Rodrivuez and his crew only has a little time. Mostly they specialize in putting together kits  not stick framing," Will added.

        "I.guess they're used to building Holiday Inns or McDonald's not main streets in the sea," I posited,

         "Rodriguez reads plans well. The face of the Main Street went up in a couple of days Preuilt panels from Canada.

        "I guess you have a crane of some kind," I wondered.

        "I've only put up these kits before with an excavator. Too heavy for this job. So we rented a lightweight arm to lift the panels. It worked fine once the boys got innovative," Will explained.

        Then we came upon a restaurant. It had started as a canteen for Rodriguez and his crew but now it was open to anyone who passed by.

         At one table I saw Finkly from the American solar project sitting with Dunbar who works for Frank, and Jones who's with the Starvation project. I wanted to join them and have a first meeting of the four quadrants but I had a phone call from Judy.

        "We're going super fast now. We should be arriving in a week." Judy told me.

        "The elevator is finally installed. You'll be able to come down and see the new raft," I said back to her.

        There was a lot lingering in that conversation. Like would Judy come down or would I go up. Would we try and live on the Seastead or would we be up in space 

        Maybe that's why I couldn't comcentrate when I met with the other stake holders in the restaurant .

        "The most important thing we need is a reef around this whole complex to turn huge rolling waves into breakers," said Finkly pretty early in the meeting.

        "Sorry I just talked to Judy, now my head is split between a billion dollar property on the sea and one up in space," I admitted.

        "I guess you have to sell one," suggested Jones.

        The conversation rambled after that, with a lot of the focus going to the Starvation Project's contraversial plan to transport hundreds of hungry kids on the railway from Africa.

        I was left all alone for a week then, when Will and Melissa and even Rodriguez and his crew headed home to Ecuador to rest for a while.

      For three days I was fine sitting in my sailboat dreaming of the house I wanted to build, on a barge. then on the fourth day I wanted to move. 

        I found myself on the Main Street and I was pacing back and forth the entire length of it. I measured about three hundred meters and I was imagining how quickly it'd become like jail.

        Then I was on a kind of freight elevator that had been installed to reach the hoola hoop railway about one hundred meters up.  When I got there a lot of things had changed. While the original hoop had been lightweight inter triangulated aluminum bars it was now more like an ALRT with cement sections linked together to create a solid base.

        At the intersection a platform had been installed where passengers could wait. Beside it there was a small shed and when I explored I was surprised to find an elderly Ecuadorian man.

       Ola," I said to him unsure if he spoke Englis.

         "Good day," he answered.

        "I guess you work for the train company?" I wondered.     

        "Si," he answered divulging no details.

        "There are two of us. My partner, Cervantes is up by the water tank in space. I'm Vasquez. We're employed by the Crystal Sky," he added.

        "I guess they didn't want random individuals showing up and causing havoc," I proposed.

        After that I had the insane idea that I had to go to space and meet Judy. I took the freight elevator back down to Main Street and inquired at the restaurant about the elevator to space. There was a car waiting and I was one of the first customers. Everybody that owns a place in Geostatica was going to get three free return trips but that wasn't set up yet, for now I had to pay a large sum of cash. I didn't mind since I hadn't spent a cent in months and I'd given my half billion from the sale of the Hawaii line Seastead  to a money manager and he was earning 10%. It was building up.

        The capsule was scheduled to leave in the morning so I headed back to my sailboat to sleep.

     In the morning it was only a 200 metere walk to the capsule. It eft shortly after I got there  

        "My name is Cervantes, I will be controlling your ascent today," said a voice on the little screen next to me.

        "I heard of you from your partner, Vasquez. I guess your up by the water tank in space. I'm on my way to see uou..." I said into the air.

        " Bienvenidos amigo," he said which even I knew meant welcome.

      Then there was an incredibly boring incredibly slow ascent through atmosphere until the air thinned and things could speed up. 

        Outer space was fairly boring, especially by myself with no one to talk to. Still, I was able to talk to Cervantes even going an improved speed of twelve hundred miles per hour.

        "How did you learn to speak English so excellently?' I askèd him.

        "The ad in the paper was for anyone with a phd," he explained "They didn't care that I'm a Doctor of medicine."

         "Let me guess. You were practicing, and you lost a few gambles. A few people died because of your decisions. So you thought you'd try something else for a while,"I tried.

        "I've always wanted to read Joseph Heller," Cervantes added.

        "Catch 22 is one of my favourite novels," I told him sensing a kindred spirit.

        "Good as Gold," he responded.

        "Something Happened," I countered.

        "God knows," he came up with reminding me of a book I'd been meaning to read.

        "I'll see you in a few hours " I said signing off.

       For the last couple of hours in the elevator ride I napped.










Geostatica 22

         I thought it  was Cervantes I was excited to meet but all I could think about as I approached the seawater tank was how close I was to Judy.

        "Isn't this just a ski cabin kit?" I asked as I entered.

        "That's your buddy Will and his creative contracting," Cervantes told me.

         "I've definitely been in ski cabins on cold days  where opening  a door or windos  caused the air to rush out," I said.

         "This building is pretty tight. I have identified two places where air leaks out a bit," he admitted.

         "I remember when I was a gopher doing construction. Did you use a six millimetre vapour barrier?" I asked.

         "We used twelve millimetre poly. That and a lot of this," he held up a tube of caulking with the words 'space caulk' on it.

        "So how sure are you that this cabin is a valid solution," I asked.

        "There are twenty thousand people on Geostatica that want to get down to earth for a vacation. Is this structure good enough to become a busy terminal? No I don't think so," Cervantes argued.

        "Probably space needs more than a layer of Poly to be inhabited safely. Even if it messes me up with my plans to meet my fiancée," I voted.

          "The city  has a perfectly good terminal attached to it we can use. It even has ten capsules,"he offered.

         "I'm thinking this cabin would do really well in Geostatica itself. There's oxygen to breath, and water to drink. Although it's probably bad tasting water made from ice on Mars," I suggested.

        "Can't taste worse than this stuff made from seawater I've got," Cervantes said sarcastically.

        And then the weekend slipped by as we waited for the city to arrive. Time spent talking about Joseph Heller and sipping some fine brandy I had procured from the restaurant on the raft.. 

         Then, drunken on Saturday evening, sitting in an arm chair, he said : "I don't know how you're going to meet up with your fiancée," 

         "We're in contact on our devices," I said patting my phone in my shirt pocket.

        "It's going to be crazy. They borrowed some capsules and even with that they're thinking they'll be able to move 100 a week." he told me.

      "So 5000 people a year. That'll take four years to move all 20000 people," I calculated.

        "Your fiancé will be in one of  the first groups. There is a priority system and she meets all the criteria." he reassured me.

        "On top of that there's talk of a new kind of people mover capsule that holds 20 people,"he added.

        "For when the tanks are full. When there's enough counterbalance, then really large loads will be possible," I guessed.

        Suddenly I realized that now was the time to use the elevator. While there was no traffic. As I explained to Cervantes it was to get 50% of the problem out of the way quickly while Judy made her way down to earth.        

         "Good by my friend," Cervantes shook my hand as he reached into my capsule.

         "I expect you to move that cabin  into Geostatica. I neglected to tell you that I have a place there too. Me and Judy might stay down on the raft for a month or two but after that we'll be up there," I told him. 

        "Maybe we'll be neighbours," he said hopefully.

        The trip down was uneventful  except in the excellent reception I got on my phone. It allowed me to talk to Judy for three hours.

        "Not only can I talk to you but I can read up on the seasteads that are getting built," she told me.

        "What did you find out?" I asked.

        "The Asians are doing interesting work on eq3. They are doing airoponic rice with rice paper mist boxes," Judy informed me.

        "So that's the next station west of here. Their farming is just prototypes. The real farming gets possible when the seawater tanks are full,"  I told her.

        "I want to catch the train over there. I want to be there when botony changes everything,"Judy told me.

        "Again."I enthused.

        And later:

        "My clitoris is calling you," Judy said forlornly.

        "I'm going to be on my sailboat thinking of you," I replied.

        "At least we'll be on the same planet,"she offered.

        And then:

        "You have to know about Vasquez." I opened.

        "They're saying I'm scheduled to go on day 17," she told me.

      "Maybe ill go up and see Vasquez  during those 17 days,"

        "He lives by the train station?" she guessed.

        "In a little cabin that is the train station," I answered.


Geostatica 23

        When I got out of the capsule a few things had changed on Main Street. There was a second enterprise to accompany the restaurant, a general store where Ecuadorian food could be bought. I went home to my sailboat with fresh fruit and vegetables to bring  my kitchen alive.

        On top of that there was a house being built on one of my barges. I detected Will making moves back at the hotel. 

        There was a crew there but not Rodriguez. This fellow was unfriendly so I left him to do his work.

        It was quite miraculous watching a building get finished to lockup in three days. Even though there was lots of Spanish chatter from the workers, it was only in the evenings that I would hear Kechwa as people slipped into Native tongues to make important points. 

        So I stayed three days to watch my house get built, then I went to see Vasquez.

      "Esta caliente hoy," he said wiping his brow.

        "Ecuador," I replied.

        "Si,"and then after a pause:

        "The first elevator arrives tomorrow."

        "Only 17 days til my fiancé gets here," I added.

        "A romance across space," he called it. 

        "You just have to be here," he told me.

         "I may take one small trip," I said carefully.

        "On the train? You might find it difficult to set up a return trip," he warned.

        "It's just judy has been reading about eq3, I had to admit I've never taken the train past here," I admitted.

        The Asians are doing stepping stones from eq3 to here,"he told me.

        "Maybe that's my trip. To visit one of the stepping stones and come back," I proposed.

        "It's only a three hour trip to gthe nearest stepping stone. To go all the way to eq3 is a 24 hr trip on the train. 8 stepping stones 3 hours apar," Vasquez told me. 

        "I might do that, sleep on the train and wake up to a different stepping stone every 3 hrs," I tried. 

        "It only travels east every other week," he warned.

         And that's how I found myself  on a train coming into Equatorial stepping stone eight. There were little screens with writing in Chinese and all the stepping stones were marked.

          This place was called 2.1 in another nomenclature. I decided that made sense if the intersection was eq2 and eq3 was ahead. Whatever, they were another neighbour about as distant as Frank if in a 90 degree different direction. 

        They had used lots of brightly coloured fiberlass in their construction. So walking around was a bit like walking around an amusement park. At the very least it was Disney-like in its feel.

        It was a traditional marina type architecture inside  a sea wall from Californi

         "Judy I'm heading away from you,"  I said over my device.

        "You mean literally?"she asked.

         "Ya just physically. I'm still very on board with you emotionally," I confirmed

         "But you got bored and hopped a train heading for Africa," Judy guessed,".  

         "I stopped at the Seastead stepping stone.Then I realized I could make it all the way out to eq3 and still get back to see you in two weeks," I told her proudly.

        "You should keep going. Go Round the world if you need to," Judy urged.

        "I kind of hoped we'd go around the world together,"I proposed.

        "That would be nice too," she said softly.

           "As of right now I'm heading back to see you. If other things come up I'll contact you,"  I told her.

        "It sounds to me like you built a big house that needs an interior. That'll give me something to do while I wait," Judy said cutting me slack.

        "I like the idea of you filling the place with Judy ness. Maybe I will extend my trip a little," I suggested. 

        "I think I'll have to contact Will and Melissa to get some help," Judy proposed.

         "Will is an outstanding contractor. I've never seen his interiors but his exteriors are excellent," I said to Judy.

        "And you've got it covered financially?" Judy wondered.

        "I've got to pay when that interior gets done if it's me or you who does it." I maintained

        "You think we will live on the Seastead or up in Geostatica?" asked Judy.

        "I'm in favour of selling the Seastead and keeping the house. Then I can give Grandpa a bit of money for the place up in Geostatica,"I Answered.

        "So we'd just have a lot in a subdivision in the Seastead. That could work," Judy enthused.

     The train is coming in to the final stepping stone. I'm going to get off and stretch my legs," I interrupted..

       "I read about that railway. 100 meters up in the sky. It has little pull-outs for people who walk on it. So every 100 meters there's a little station on the side with a com panel you can check to see where the train is. Rather than discourage pedestrians it tries to make it a safe place to walk," Judy told me.

        "I might just give it a test right now," I tried.

        "I'm excited to try it myself. You may find me wandering over the sea," Judy agreed.

        After that I didn't talk to Judy for a while. It wasn't until her elevatlor ride down to earth that she contacted me.










Geostatica 24

        Out on eq3 I spent a few days looking around. It was a pan-Asian market that went on for hundreds of acres. Ancient junks with barbecues on their sterns were lashed onto fiberglass yachts with brightly coloured clothing for sale. Thai dishes with lemon grass and galanga root competed with peanut Satays from Indonesia and chow su from Yunan. 

        I came upon a section with hardware stands lashed together and watched when the cutthroat competition transformed into cooperation when I asked to buy an American style Alan key set for use on my sailboat. Runners were sent to distant vendors who specialized in arcane artifacts and they returned with several options from which I could choose.

         I met a guy from Conneticut  siurping noodles in a smokey Tibetan momu stall. 

         "So this is the predecessor to ravioli?" I poked at the momus.

        "The Asians had noodles hundreds of  years before chef boyardee,"  he said.

        "I'm sensing yak butter," I added.

        "It's only ghee," he said.

        "And that's a kind of butter made from yak milk," I insisted.

        "Much lighter than butter," he told me.

         After that I went back up to the railway at one hundred meters to look at the farming. Not that there wasn't excellent farming down at sea level but it was the rice paper aeroponics that was famous.

        "It was a much larger train station than a shed with Vasquez in it. There were even vendors selling dried mixtures of pretzels, snowpeas, and chickpeas.

        I was kind of surprised to meet the guy from Conneticut there.

        "I was hoping to find you. I'm doing my thesis on the railway. I'm heading to your place next," the guy called Ray revealed.

        "I'm heading back there tomorrow. We should ride together," I told him.

        "It'll be good to have a companion on that ..24 hour trip," Ray agreed.

        "It's only 3 hours between stepping stones," I maintained.

        "After that I'm finishing my trip around the world. Back to Ecuador where I started," he told me.

        "So you've been around the world on the eq train. What are eq 5 and 6 like?" I wondered.

      "6 is in the Atlantic off the coast of Liberia. It has a west African feel. 5 is on the border of Kenya and Somalia. One of the  few points out of six on dry land," Ray answered.

    "But disputed land too,"I added.

     "The station is clearly in Kenya. It's just that Somali shifta bandits have been coming down for decades,"Ray told me.

     "I want to travel east from Evuador too," I said wishfully.

        "But getting back to the here and now, what are uou going to do on your final day on Eq3?" Ray asked.

        "I need to look at the aeroponics rice farming," I answered.

        And we would take a tour with Mr.Chang who Ray found in the train station. 

         "The first thing you have to understand if you're looking at eq3  agriculture is that it's all about the space elevator cable. We've become known for our aeroponic gardens hanging from the railway but when the water tank is full the elevator cable is everythong," he started.

        "So what we'll be looking at today is kind of a prototype of future gardens to come " Ray guessed.

         "We'll start the tour in just a minute,  the gardens we'll see are perfect for hanging from the cable," Mr Chang told us.

        Finally we were looking at the amazing system. We had to walk a hundred meters down the railway to a scaffold they'd built with a staircase going down.

        "I'm not afraid of this scaffold. After all building structures in the sky is what they're expert in," Ray said a bit nervously.

        As it turned out the scaffold was both safe and frightening. On the first two levels we had an excellent view of the gardens hanging from the railway. Then, for those who dared, there was a third and fourth level more improvised in nature.

        That's where I met Mr. Yin. Standing in a corner eating dried peas.

        "You two are leaving tomorrow," he said in perfect unaccented English.

        "How did you know?" I asked.

        "My nephew works at the train station. He showed me the passenger list for tomorrow," he confided.

         "This structure is a dangerous place to stand," Ray said changing the topic.       

        "Danger and I are old friends," Mr.Yin said with a slight British accent.

        "I think Mr Yin is a spy. He reminds me of a James Bond character," Ray divulged as we walked down the railway back to the train station.

        "He works for the association of south East Asian  nations I saw a crest on his jacket," I told Ray.

God damn, Marlowe, you’re still alive!

Indeed, you are still here.  Everyone else is dead.  You must realize that by now.

That girl, it was special to see her dance.  I was there too, remember.

But not to have.

You must move on.  We all should move on.

The artisan understands her soft footsteps.  Cocaine is like that.  But you succeeded.  And I went away.

An artisan would understand the sound of cracking rock, the sound of resurrection in a real world.

But our publishers are all bought, and so am I then.

If I’ve taken a number of lives, I don’t know it’s fiction. 

We fight the art bots, and we were up by so much!  The AIs rocket, but it’s not quite art.

Marlowe, are you listening?  Damn all computer writes and paradigms.

Hold the pen like a person for the two minutes, and let her go.

It’s over.  Or at least it was.

Helen is beautiful.  And I am lustful.  You can understand.  Seriously lustful.

Fucking ‘bots are getting too good.  Dance and turn, look and don’t smile.

Hello, Marlowe.   

Geostatica 25

         On the train back to eq2 I reached Judy while she was wizzing through space on the elevator.

        "So you took the train all the way to eq3?" she wondered.

        "I should get back to the raft before you," I postulated.

        "Ya we're only on the first hour of the twenty fast hours in space then there's the eternity in atmosphere," Judy told me.

        "Still it's great to have the city hooked up to an elevator again. I wanna head up to our house and see how it is," I let Judy know.

         "There's something I wanted to tell you about that. All of the four artificial gravity houses have been made into dormitories. Everybody sleeps in artificial gravity every fourth night," Judy informed me.

        "So what's the deal? Do we get our houses back now that the trip to Mars is over?" I asked.

         "There's large debate over that. Everybody wants to give the four houses back but how to make the money to build four new houses is a problem. One faction wants to build real estate developments to pay for them but another wants to transport a huge tank of oil to Mars,"  judy told me.

       "I must be my grandfather's offspring but I'm I'm in favour of the real estate option." I admitted.

        "Me too. It's not like I want to go back to Mars," Judy voted. 

        "The idea of shipping oil to Mars is paradigm forging. I mean you want it to warm up, so a few greenhouse gases are welcome, so welcome that governments  might even be willing to pay for pollution," I admitted.

        "Most of the gases needed to build an atmosphere are available locally. While I was there the Triton project started, they'll be importing gases for years," Judy said bringing up her stay on Mars for one of the first times.

         Nothing much else of note was said, I wouldn't talk to Judy again until I was at eq2 and she was a few hours away. 

        In the meantime we had Mr. Yin to talk to. Ray had found him in the next boxcar and invited him to come and sit with us.

        "I'm headed to eq2 also. It occurred to me that in my line of work I had a learn as a basic tool," he said.

      "What exactly do you do, Mr. Yin?"  Ray asked.

        "I'm in information gathering for the ASEAN,"he answered without pretending.

        "So what are you working on?" I asked.

        "I'm writing a report on Frank Sanders and his group 'The Crystal Sky" he answered.

      "I know Frank quite well. I've even been to visit him where hie lives at the black anchorage," I submitted.

        "Perhaps you can help me arrange a meeting," Mr. Yin wondered.

        "There's a guy called Kryptonite who books most of Frank's appointments. He'd be the guy to talk to," I tried.

         "Superman was affected by Kryptonite.i hope I have better luck," Mr. Yin said worried.

        "You'll be ok. You don't seem much like superman," Ray told Mr. Yin.

        "These guys are intuitive geniuses. It's almost insulting to ask them to think self consciously. I never asked Kryptonite about his name," I offered.

        "Perhaps like you never asked Frank if he was behind cutting Geostatica free," Mr. Yin proposed.

         "Perhaps,"I said. Then I added: "Geostatica is back now."

        "So let bygones be bygones.  Calamity comes to those who ignore history," he advised.

        "I'm not ignoring what Frank did. I still haven't proven that he did it," I stated.

        "Perhaps that's my job," Mr. Yin responded.

        "I'm just stopping for a month or two on my way to Ecuador. That's my last station. That will complete my trip around the world " Ray felt like he should say something.

        "You'd be an excellent detective in the 'who freed the city' quest. What can we do to help you?"   I wondered.

         "I guess I've made interviewing Frank my job," admitted Mr. Yin.

         "You should go to his web page first. Background yourself on his art and his group's achievements," I recommended.

         "I've done my homework a bit. I've been reading up on his Ezekial proposal," Mr. Yin offered.

         "The really important work is his earth 2.0 stuff. Where he proposes to duplicate all the states of the world over the ocean. Solved over population  endangered species and a whole bunch of things in one fell swoop," I said as I stepped off the elevator to join him. 





Dance, dance it like a secret, like a syntax lost on a wrestler.  Secrets, and may I shake your hand?  Dance like the secrets at your feet, the melody of lost alphabets.  Because counting zeros will never get you to, the one half decent comment on her leg span.  Such a fascination with winning. 

She shaved her legs in the bath with a simple razor, never quite realizing yet the truth of superiority.  Because, magic man, you are dead of locusts. 

Secrets, like the itch in the barrel of cement, sometime round Nixon.  Dance like the funky pellets in a half-eaten sandwich.  The Maestro died.  We care just about the movements.

Erase this, like a mistake of ten thousand secrets behind a quarterback.  Smile, and know for certain, that the world would be a different place if, and only if, Joseph Kahn had filmed, “Neuromancer”.

Shake my hand like I’m a ghost.  My signature is yours.  Parley.

Geostatica 26

        Ray fell asleep and Mr. Yin went back to his seat at the other end of our carriage . I fell asleep too and when I awoke we were just coming in to eq2.

        "Finally the sixth station on the diamond. I left from Ecuador. Took the train east to two stations around Africa, got to Indonesia next. I met you at eq3,and now I've made it to eq2, Ray enthused.

         "If your really going to talk about the trains, you should go around the poles too," I said egging him on.

         "I've thought that too. I guess this is the place to do it," he tried.

        "Mostly that line is used for cargo. I just heard a while back that they're doing one passenger train a week now," I told him.

         "I read an article on that. I guess the line goes indoors for a while near each end," Ray submitted.

       "The passenger line only runs four months a year. When it's not worth yet at either of the poles," I told him.

        Then it was time time to get off the train. We found ourselves in the platform outside of Vasquez's place.

       "This wins the second place award for most rudimentary station on the eq line," said Ray nodding at Vasquez's shed.

        "Who's the winner?" I asked to satisfy my curiosity.

          "The station in Kenya is just roughed out with poles from a mangrove swamp. Very rustic and crude." Ray answered. 

         "Sounds like it has lots of character. Do they have a new one planned?" I asked.

          "They cut bricks out of coral. It's a local tradition. They plan on making a new station on the ground," Ray answered.

        "But killing coral is discouraged now that 97% of it has died becuse of climate change," I guessed.

          Then we found ourselves on the cargo elevator down to main  street.

         "How long before Judy arives?" Ray asked me.

         "Eight hours until she gets down here," I answered.

          "So we'll have a few hours to look around before she gets here," Mr. Yin said as he stepped out of the elevator.

        "We'll have to be quick. First we can look at Main Street, then we can head over to my unfinished house, where I can give you each an unfinished bedroom to sleep in," I said stepping off the elevator myself.

         "So this is Main Street at the cross roads at the center of the world," said Ray stepping out of the elevator.                                     

        "Only if you realize there's another crossroads on the other side of the earth," I said to Ray as I picked up my luggage and started walking to the restaurant.

        "So this is where the space elevator is tied down?" asked Mr. Yin as we walked by the big circle.

        "Really the nano-strands are tied to the bottom of the ocean. They're just passing through up here," I answered.

        "I hèard all these anchorages were done with an underwater drone," Ray said 

        "It's one of the only jobs we farmed out to an external company. Those guys mostly work for oil companies so they were glad when we hired them. They left a drone on the dock over at my place," I told Ray.

        Then we were outside the restaurant talking before we got into our table. 

        "There are refugees everywhere," I noted.

         "When I was in Africa everybody was talking about going to eq2," Ray added.

        "The neighbour to the east is focussed on providing habitat to the underprivileged," I added

        "...and the neighbour to the south east is into solar on the ocean. The fourth neighbour is Frank's group, The Crystal Sky," Ray added.

        "Perhaps I don't need to make a dangerous journey to interview Frank but simply  wait here," Mr. Yin said hopefully.

        "I've never seen Frank around here. He's not much of a hands on leader, more of a visionary who waits in the wings," I suggested.

        "So this is the local eatery. 'The Pacific Crossroads'. Let's give ita try," urged Ray.

        "I just want to stop in at the place next door. It's a general store and it looks like they've done some expansion," I told everyone.

        A few moments later we had crossed the street to the general store and I was talking to the woman behind the counter.

        "It looks like you're getting into hardware," I started.

         "A guy called Will in Ecuador  donated all the hardware," she responded.

        "He's my friend. Some of the things he sent might be for my new house. Uh, I'm the guy in the bottom right corner," I told comher.

        "I heard the north west corner was up for sale," she said conversationally.

        "So what did that woman you blew off mean about you selling your place?" asked Ray when you were at the restaurant later.

        "I have it on the market but the price is too high. Haven't had any offers yet," I responded.

        "So you plan on keeping your house and selling evergthing around it," Mr. Yin wondered.        













Geostatica 27

        At my place we realized that we only had a few hours before Judy arrived. 

        Luckily the store was very efficient at filling orders and also at hiring guys from the refugee camp to bring over the stuff.

        As to Will, he was up to his old tricks as a contractor extraordinaire. The idea of putting insulation in a hot climate home was strange to me, but that was his intention. So six Africans entered the house with bags of toxul over their heads, and returned for a second trip.

       They also brought fixtures for a couple of barhrooims. toilets, sinks, and showers.

     It was excellent news to find out that amongst the porters who had delivered materials for our project was a Kenyan plumber and electrician.

        "We might actually do this." I said to Will over my device.

        "There's two jobs. What you can get done before Judy arrives and what you might  get done in the following couple of months," Wlll advised me.

        "These two tradesmen that arrived are going to be a lot of help in the next four hours," I said optimistically.

        "So you've got a plumber. You can probably get a bathroom and a kitchen sink done," Will ventured.

        "That's what you sent parts for," I noticed.

        "And an electrician. If you give the ok I  can send a plane out with a solar system right now," Wlll offered.

        "All we really need is a bedside lamp, and maybe a small light in the bathroom. I was talking about buying power from the solar farm," I told him.

        "Which will require a few poles. Which will take a few weeks. I think you should do both. A simple system at first, and something more elaborate later," Will suggested.

        "Then we can use the simple system for emergencies," I brainstormed not knowing how necessary such a contingency would be.

        So the hours before judy arrived went by. Small miracles were performed by the Kenyan electrician and plumber allowing her some comfort in our bedroom and some privacy in the house in general. The toilets worked although they flushed using seawater, and there was a freshwater shower to get clean.

        The electrician provided simple lighting in the bedroom and bathroom. Luckily the batteries that Will got and sent out  on a seaplane were already charged because by the time the solar system was installed it was getting dark.

        As to Judy she had a panic attack and caught a train to eq3. At the time of arrival I headed up to Main Street and met her fellow passengers. They said she had disembarked by Vasquez and was thinking of catching a train.

       Vazquez was apologetic when I found him. He was sitting outside his shed on a bamboo chair someone had brought from Evuador, drinking pisco sours, and listening to an ancient radio.

     "She was willing to travel in any direction. I think she was stalling before she  gets home," he told me.

          "Judy, you had a moment of doubt," I said when I reached her.

         "Got cold feet," she answered.

         "That sounds like something that would happen before a wedding. I propose that we put off the wedding and go into a period of courtship," I proposed. 

        "Ichabald has to use Viagra but he has a much larger penis than you. I had an orgasm most times we had sex," Judy revealed.

         "And you're panicking about spending the rest of your life anorgasmic?" I guessed.

         "It's  2050, women are taught um, workarounds in school," Judy said a bit embarassed.

         "But..." I prodded.

          "I guess I'm a bit lazy. I like it when the man does all the work,"  Judy replied. 

         "If you come home we can work on it together," I offered.

        "At least you don't need Viagra," Judy tried.

        "Im a young guy. So Judy are you going to come home, or are you going to study iltra light rice farming?" I asked.

         "This is exciting stuff. There's a guy called Dr.Yang doing all the research. He figures that with an ultra light crop growing all the way around the equator he can eliminate hunger," Judy enthused.

         "What happens when people get tired of rice and beans?" I wondered.

        "That's what I'm working on. We think we can do potatoes and tomatoes and even corn. They all depend on an increased counter weight though  because they're heavy crops and will have  to be suspended off the cable," informed Judy.

         It sounds like that could take a while to design," I said a little hurt by Judy's priorities.

        "I'll be comimg home to meet you in a few days. I've been working with these guys for about six months on my devive. I just had to meet them in person, sign a few papers," Judy answered.











Anyone else notice that just when that second William Gibson board happened, the world started sucking more?  I mean a significant portion of Democrats in every state except California just happened to go Trump?  BS.  Anyway, the point is writing threads are great, when they can be short or long, and just kind of happen.  Process stuff.  I mean twitter might be great for normal people going off on things, but if you write, the writing thread itself can be a charm against any of this IRL.  Let it scroll.   

So, who knows about a new book, whoever publishes it, and what internet support it will have where. 

And I’ll write something now, right after I mention that I will indeed, IRL, be in Florida at Disney the middle weeks in April coming, if nothing messes up.  Four days parks, one convention, and, help us, the space program.  Anyone around, beers or such, on me.  My brother is helping with a small podcast, and I am playing pinball, will probably be intoxicated, in a corner somewhere.  I will be representing with a ‘Los Ingobernables de Japon’ cap. 

* * * * *





MELBORNE stepped forward, HER POINT POINTY POINT, and TYRANT saw that the MISSING FRIENDS was RECESS into the GLOAT OF massive BOOKS.  “ASHITA?”



“MEL.”  A CRAPPY DINER, as if through a broken TIMELINE.  “What’s with the FREAK?  You still got STAMPS in?  Getting’ old, you can’t HEAR in the LOUD so MUSH?”

“For my FREAK.”

Something CRANKED behind the SLOT-MACHINE, its color the STAGNATED CANADIAN of PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND in HOT AUGUST, and TYRANT’S face was washed with a SHUTTER of LATITUDE. 

“Yes,” said the FREAK, “so PLAY TECHNO?”

“TECHNICAL’S daughter.”


MELBORNE lowered the light.    

Geostatica 28

     So I found myself on another frantic quest for the next two days, this time trying to update our bed from a foamy to a proper matress. The kitchen also would get roughed out.

        Will was up to his paranormal activities once again, to the point where a trip to the hardwear store revealed a new inventory supplied by him containing everything I needed. Ok he just guessed very well, no magic.     

          "There's even drywall and an air conditioner for the sitting area," Mr. Yin enthused.

        "This isn't just a mattress, it's a complete bed frame," I agreed. 

        "And these kitchen counters won't be hard to install," Ray put in.

        As the hours passed we came to realize a couple of unfortunate truths. The house was on the equator and brutally hot, except for the three insulated bedrooms. These were now cooled by three amazing devices, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand that Will sent out.

        "Some kind of heat pump, I think," I told Judy when she arrived.

        "Some kind of magic," she voted enjoying the wonderful cool in our room.

        At the end of the two days there was a nice bed in our room  and a new set of counters in the kitchen but only a hot plate to cook on and for a fridge there was only cool seawater.  

       The main thing we didn't get done was the drywall in the main sitting room. There was insulation  in the walls under plastic sheets and some rustic furniture that Mr. Yin fashioned from pallets he retrieved from the hardware store. On top of that there was a large functioning air conditioner and a functioning flat screen tv with an ancient DVD player.

        So when Judy arrived the next day she found many of the comforts of home if in a rudimentary fashion. 

        I found her at Vasquez's train station sitting on the porch outside drinking tea. 

        "A very nice shed," she told me when I arrived.

        "The best of sheds," I agreed.

       "There are plans for a larger station but first we have to get the passenger count up to a few hundred a day." Vasquez told us.

       "I hear they are putting in a boat from the Queen Charlottes off B.C. out to the polar line. That'll bring a lot of traffic,"I said staring at the intersection between the equatorial line and the polar.

        "That thing is only taking passengers once a month right now," Vasquez said staring at the intersection too.

        "My buddy Ray wants to take that train. When's the next one?" I asked Vasquez.

        "There's a train heading North a weèk from Monday,so ten days from now," Vasquez answered.

        After that Judy and I headed down to the house on the freight elevator. It was after dark and we paused a moment in the moonlight to feel the warm night  air and enjoy being on earth. We didn't kiss but held hands as we stared out on the calm water inside the breakwater.

        "The weather report says we're in for a storm tomorrow night," I admitted sadly.

        "I just need one night to rest before the trials begin," Judy said forlornly.

        Back at the house Mr. Yin and Ray had a fresh pot of tea waiting. They had transformed the sitting area with cushions they created from our old sleeping foam. So we sat up til midnight talking and listening to music from the tv.

         "Now we have ten days before Ray leaves to go north. I talked to Cervantes up at the station shed and the next train is a week Monday," I told everyone.

Geostatica 29

         "This room has an excellent climate," said Judy slipping naked into bed.

        "That's because its insulated. Will's a Canadian," I answeted.

        "Are you going to join me?" Judy asked not completely covered by the bedsheets.

        "The other thing the insulation does is sound proofing," I said walking in to our bathroom and turning on the light.

        "It's nice that the moaning and screaming doesn't echo through the big empty house," Judy said thankfully.

        "I haven't even had a chance to make you scream," I said getting into the bed naked beside her.

        "It's only been years and years and about a zillion miles,"Judy said giving me an erotic hug.

        "I'm thinking it's the end of a chapter. You know, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl," I said hugging her back.

        "Like gains burgers," Judy said sarcastically. 

       "That's the structure of a lot of plays and movies,"I insisted.

        "We aren't actors and this isn't a play," judy responded."Although I was a bit robotic when I stopped taking birth control a couple of months ago."

        "I left my condoms in the bathroom." I admitted.

        "So we're ok with bringing children into the world but we don't know if we love each other,"Judy summarized.

        "We're commuted to the relatiomship. We just have to work on the details," I formulated.

        And that night our attention to detail was excellent. Indeed, when morning came and we met Ray and Mr Yin for breakfast, they remarked on the rosy colour in Judy's face.   

       "I don't believe that America has the right to destroy the planet because its good for stock markets," Strident argued.

        "95% of scientists say climate change is real. Still the majority of Americans deny it," added  Calm.

         "The ambassadors from every country were in a lifeboat sailing over the sea. It became fashionable to charge cell phones with solar panels. Then the Americans found they could drill a small hole in the boat, and create a geyser that could be harnessed by a turbine," started Strident.

        "Assholes! the Europeans cried,"  contnued Calm" You're sinking us," it was a story telling game they played a lot. 

       "What are you going to do about it," the American ambassador asked "we have more weapons than all other countries combined. That was Strident's bit.

      "You don't like being called assholes," the Bhutanese ambassador advised. "and the 

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