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Cleared for the time be. I think I've deleted at least 2000 posts. Luckily I can delete all of one users posts at the same time. One bot-account had posted over 600 times! Others averaged at about 26. Basically  the spam deletion strategy is to not go after the ones that are seconds old but wait until the user name has changed and take the prior spam in one fell swoop. 

I'm up at weird times, and willing, although it might not be the greatest idea to let me operate heavy machinery...  Then again, how long has it been since I've exchanged flames with anyone?

Also, *how* does one volunteer?  Or have I volunteered already, with this message?


I've heard from Penguin. They've got better tools than maxi-pads, duct tape and buckets, and have put a temporary hold on all new user registration and have "reached out" to hoopla!


Looks like things are under control.

Now to get back to ordering more signs for the library. I just redesigned the awful lanyard our secretary was about to order. Lanyards are awful, but they don't need to be godawful.

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