15 Years on the WGB

My first login was in March 2003.  How things change. 

I used to spend a lot of time on this website.  Likely too much time.  People and things change.  Coming to this site now just makes me sad.  Its no longer the diverse and vibrant community I remember.  Its a ghost town.

Like a ghost town, its interesting to tour the cemetery of the early 'Topics'.  (They were called threads back then.)   I can't resist lingering over my early scribblings and those of the folks I liked and didn't.

I read there is a separate degenerate and inbred community of Wigbers somewhere 'out there'.   Its their own little Pitcairn Island, I suppose? 

Anyway, I fondly remember my time on this site, back in its heyday.

I agree Addict.

I have split opinions about digital ghost towns.

In the late 90s I once logged into the PAN, a BTX type network, that was quickly killed by the much more popular internet. That was my first encounter with one. Me and a friend were browsing through some sites. Film reviews, dating sites ... obvious that nobody has logged onto their systems for years now, but it was all still there.

We wondered who runs the server, and if the companies who originally set them up were even aware that they still existed. It felt eerily and cold reading through them. Like an memorial for the dead.

Over 10 years later, I created a backup of a forum not unlike this. The person that created it and its community died unexpectedly. A friend on mine. With him access to the database. So trying to preserve his work I created a backup. Compressed it fitted on a DVD which I gave to his sister.

Should sites with community generated content be allowed to die, or she they be preserved for the future ... for future historians ... for wonders ... turning into virtual museums?

I still belong to Palimpsest - a book conference - now moribund.

But one of the first I joined - Mornington Crescent in Outer Space - started in March 1998 - I joined July 1998 - and is still pretty lively, as are the other Mornington Crescent sites.

TheWGB is getting slower and slower. I wish Twitter had never happened. WG might have finished The Agency by now.

Fashionpolice posted:

Some of the people here (if they were actually still here) have been on the board for 15 years. My board anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. 

I'll be back!

Soon be 14 for me.

Re-reading the novel for the 7th time.

It's Pigkilla's and my 10th meataversary today (and also Green Robot and TwiMin's, I suppose)...well, met quite a few of you-all on this day and the days following, in 2008.

Happy Board Days to all!

With respect, we would be less "inbred" at that other place if more of you lot would turn up now and again thewgb dot com

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