Reply to "what are YOU lookin' at ?"

ok, take a deep breath and sit down.....

a very guilty pleasure viewed on a relic of a vhs to vhs copy.....

Iron Eagle. a veritable forest of cheese.
if i hadn't seen this movie all those years ago....well, you figure it out.

the best part....doug's dad shot down and captured by "hostile forces"
i loooove movies where the antagonists don't even deserve a nationality or anything.:
enemy nation
general blah blahblah
evil dictator "somewhere in the eastern bloc"
geez, i even watched the whole thing.
in the credits, the third character listed after Jason Gedrick and Louis Gossit Jr was David Suchet, and the character was Minister of Defense. no name!!!! what a riot.

last night watched Fargo again. must be the weather here or something. cold as hell with snow.