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and Jeremy Davies was so brilliantly...vague.
i think i'll check imdb when i'm done here to find more stuff with him in it.
That Solaris I did like a lot better than Stanislavs version. But you can't really compare the two. Yeah, it was a pretty good film.

But Jeremy Davies I love. I love his talent ever since I saw him in Wim Wenders Million Dollar Hotel. Actually I liked the directors "making of the movie" documentary a lot better than the movie itself. They used to show that on IFC. So very surreal and atmospheric.

And I certainly love anything by Wim Wenders. "Wings of Desire" and "Faraway so close" were nothing short of masterpieces.

"Cowboy bebop: the movie" I liked far better than the series actually; that doesn't mean it's bad. The series soundtrack is mainly bebop, but I really loved the classical pieces in the film. As for the action sequences, they were brilliant. Especially for an MA geek the way they had the moves so accurate; it just blew me away... the sidekicks, the spinning kicks. They animated everything with such detail to the actuall physics/sequence of the movements, you can easily use it as instruction reference.

Edit:Oh, yeah. Last movie I saw was "Read my lips" with Emmanuelle Davis and Vincent Cassel. Pretty interesting.