Reply to "what are YOU lookin' at ?"

1 - LotR:RotK. ---------------------no comment necessary. Saw total of FOUR times.
2 - Cheaper by the Dozen -----------funny, nothing memorable.
3 - Cold Mountain ------------------two words: great drama.
4 - Something's Gotta Give ---------funny as hell. fell in love with Keanu again, even if he's a schmuck.
5 - Paycheck -----------------------Lost effort down the tubes.
6 - Mona Lisa Smile ----------------Yawn.
7 - Peter Pan ----------------------Better than previous screen adaptations, but not as magical as I expected. The leading boy wasn't as stellar.
8 - The Last Samurai ---------------Well, I did love this one. Mostly because all the supporting actors were beyond stellar.
9 - Bad Santa --------------------- CoolInstant Christmas classic. People you need to go see this one. Why we call the Coens geniuses. Absolutely demented and hilarious. The best comedy of the year!
10 - Elf --------------------------OMG, brain tumor. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to see this one. I was blinded by the light.
11 - Stuck on You -----------------Didn't see. Will wait for it on cable, and even then maybe.
12 - Love Don't Cost a Thing ------Wake up dude. The story's been beaten to hell and back. Nothing notable. Saw it cause I like the boy from Drumline.
13 - The Haunted Mansion ----------Could not get the big deal about this one either. Also unmemorable.
14 - Big Fish --------------------- Cool Awesome. Tim Burton rocks. Big yes to surrealism.
15 - House of Sand and Fog --------Cool everybody should see this one. For me the best of the year and with a distance from the second one too.
16 - Honey ------------------------Funky. Loved it. Body language movies always speak to me, and this one was fluent.
17 - Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat --I know you people grew up on the books and you hated the film. Oh well. Myers did do his best. I went to see it for the girl; she has amazing talent.
18 - 21 Grams ---------------------Didn't see yet. Focus on the YET. Will remedy this weekend. They don't show it near me; will have to hop to Wilson town for this one. Naomi Watts is also worth it.
19 - Master and Commander ----------Well yahoo! We did love this one.
20 - In America -------------------Didn't see. Heard good things about this one, but like 21 grams, not near me. Will see.
21 - Love Actually ----------------Beautiful english humor.
25 - Calendar Girls ---------------Hey, it just came out. I will see it this weekend, just wait and see. Looks good.
26 - Lost in Translation ---------- Cool Just plain brilliant. A masterpiece.
27 - Mystic River -----------------Have to admitt, quite good.
28 - The Cooler -------------------Didn't see. But I want to see. Hell, it's nowhere near me. I really want to see.
29 - School of Rock ----------------Regrettably did not see. Oh well, will wait for video.

Cool American Splendor did not make the list, but it should have. Excellent work of art, far better than most of the junk on the heap.

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