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Originally posted by charmakarmacat:
spent all day watching the Indiana Jones trilogy.
what can i say that everyone else shouldn't already know? my fave of the 3 is leaning wait....
i i don't......
i often lean towards Last Crusade but really it's in a constant state of flux.

Last Crusade had too much of a blockbuster feel,
where Raiders has a cool sort of pulpy b-movie feel.

My tape copies are wearing out, it might just be
time to get the DVD box set.

I found LXO to be full of action scenes that
weren't very exciting. It was like Last Samurai in
that it was interesting and pretty to watch, but
devoid of much soul.

Some movies watched over the past week:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Two Towers (Extended edition)
Fish Called Wanda

Also at friend's house:
Cradle 2 the Grave (dvd)
Pirates of the Caribbean (dvd)
Piranha! (on tv)
Anatomy of a Murder (tv)