Reply to "what are YOU lookin' at ?"

since coming home from xmas day fam schmoozing,
i have remained on my couch watching continuous movies. did i mention i watch only oh..1 or 2 hrs of tv per week?
anyway, i digress.
aside from the odd sojourn into the kitchen, bathroom, and computer, none of which rates much more than 20 minutes or so, the time spent on the couch has now reached....>drum roll please<

.......44 hours. that includes 2 nights of sleep and about 5 naps. god DAMN i love myself. Big Grin

entire 10 episodes of 'Band of Brothers' watched.
also under my belt now is the greatest movie of all time......

The Empire Strikes Back

weird trend emerging: war, nazis, Harrison Ford.
what oh what do i watch next..... Roll Eyes