Reply to "what are YOU lookin' at ?"

not about movies about xmas.
rather gifts recieved.

spent all day watching the Indiana Jones trilogy.
what can i say that everyone else shouldn't already know? my fave of the 3 is leaning wait....
i i don't......
i often lean towards Last Crusade but really it's in a constant state of flux.

also today, i watched a rented dvd of 'The Weight of Water'. i rented it because Sean Penn is currently doing the best work of his life (for the last 5 or 10 years i guess) and to my happy surprise found out it is directed by Katheryn Bigelow who directed 2 of my favorite films 'Strange Days' and 'Near Dark'.

i was quite impressed. the tension is thick and deliciously subtle, rife with overtones of sex, jealosy, and closetal skeletons. two timelines to keep things interesting. Sarah Polley is exceptionally good. i was riveted watching her character grow from a seemingly weak and diminutive housewife, to a woman with passion and voice who inevitably rebels against her unsuited station. superb.
oh, and there's a lovely axe murder. just lovely. Roll Eyes

i will now spend the rest of my evening eating many many snacks and view as many episodes of 'Band of Brothers' as i can. i've been awaiting this set for a long while now and finally unwrapped it as the last gift yesterday.
mmmmmmm, cheeseball and bretons.>drool<