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So I've started a new Fantasy Football league for the WGB here. Hopefully we can get enough people in to play. I'm looking for at least an 8 person league populated entirely by WGB members. If you are interested, please leave a message here or email me at and an invite will be coming asap!


It's happening!






Forgive the elitist title, first off; everyone's gotta have their click bait in this distracted, 1/2 second attention span age!


This is not a thread for 'intelligent' people.  This is not a digital exurb for Mensa members- it's just a place to think and reflect together.


I wanted a thread where deep, or simply more involved discussions on a variety of topics from philosophy to history to futurism could take place.  I feel like the WGB in particular and the internet as a whole (or perhaps simply the aggregation of sites I experience it through) is missing the serious discussion that used to keep me coming back to this board.  


I want to keep it kind of open ended, like a college seminar.


So let me start with a thesis:


"Any sufficiently advanced corporation is indistinguishable from government."


Ok, let me rephrase that, Jeopardy style:


What is the difference between an exceedingly large corporation and a country?


Google most famously has its own university.  But so does Walt Disney, Motorola, and McDonalds.


Google represents one-tenth of Mountainview, and shows no signs of slowing expansion.  Employees work in Google offices, eat at Googleville restaurants (tax free), sleep in Googleville apartments.  Google is diversifying into *everything*, it's in smartphones, self-driving cars, robotics, the energy grid.  


It does not yet have its own police force, military, nor prosecutors.  All corporations do have in-house security and their own "constitutions" -- protocols within their premises.  "Breaking laws" -- breaching of the code -- results in exile, generally (booted out the door).  Privatized militaries continue to grow and over two-thirds of US intelligence operations are outsourced to contractors.  Besides official US-government-sanctioned activity, what else are these corporate CIAs and armies doing?  



Take it from another angle with a sprinkle of Aristotelian logic:


The primary form of 'By The People' democratic government is through citizens voting for representatives to carry out their will.


 90% of US elections are won by the campaign with the most money.  


The biggest corporations (and their very-richest executives) contribute vastly more money than the average citizen.


Ergo: Washington DC is but a vessel to carry out government by the biggest corporations.  Corporations ARE government through a nation-state proxy.


provided their own money, police forces, utilities, militaries, education systems



Or let me put it in a historical sense:


There is no necessary difference between a corporation and government, because they are both fundamentally social constructs, in the Foucault sense.  A government exists only in the minds of the human beings who collectively believe in it.  Who agree that that piece of paper with Jackson on it is worth two salted frappacinos and three blueberry scones.  Understand that if they run away with the scones, they will be rounded up by the police and prosecuted according to pieces of paper we agree upon called laws.


This form of government, the democratic, free nation state is a relatively recent, hard won phenomenon in the history of human civilization.  It was hard won through often violent revolt and revolution, from France to America to Russia.  In the end, the social constructs: ideologies, countries, corporations, constitutions, doctrines, laws, religions -- these all had to be stripped away, torn up, and the raw face of the human animal revealed.  Insane creatures that come to crave power, fame, prestige, immortality -- and who will subjugate and stomp on the face of their fellow man and woman to achieve such.  The constructs, the icons, the semiotics, the uniforms, the flags, the logos, the crowns and gold and hushed marble -- the pomp and circumstance serve as set pieces to convince the actors (the common people) that the play they are in is and always has been, the Way of things.  You must sit there, in the muck, servant, in your servants clothes.  The King sits here, on the golden throne, in his king’s robes.  But in truth, all the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare pointed out.  The King is but an actor.  You, the servant, are an actor.  The costumes, the setpieces, the stage itself must be torn away, to reveal the true nature of things.  Iconoclasm is the great equalizer.


The stage was torn, in 1776, in 1789.  The emperor was shown to be naked.  Liberte!  Egalite!  Fraternite!  Stripped of their constructs, of their cake and lavish finery, princes and paupers were equal, and thus the democratic nation state rose, and the power of the few, the royalty and the aristocracy diminished, made subservient to the will of The People.  Government by the people, of the people, for the people.  


So the human creature, flawed and still hungering for subjugation, constructed the corporation.  It was a sleeping giant, a sleeper cell composed of men in finery less conspicuous than the garish robes of European royalty.  The suit.  The strategy for the aristocracy had to be a covert one -- lest they risk having their heads lopped off upon the guillotine again.  The corporation was sold as, “a way of maximizing utiltiy, ensuring prosperous business”.  It was given incredible privelege, limited liability, and personhood.  It grew, and grew, and grew, and, in time, it became so large that it rivaled the power of the democratic nation state, the government By The People.  And when it surpassed that of the nation state, it sent its tendrils into these governments, buying elections, moving policy in its own interests.   The corporation then, became the shadow tyranny, the puppet master By The Few, controlling the empty husk of the democratic nation state.


Eventually, as corporations become advanced enough, the elite no longer will see the need for the pretense of national governments, and simply turn corporations into tyrannical, autocratic nations themselves -- they will provide their own money, police forces, utilities, militaries, education systems.  Any sufficiently advanced corporation is indistinguishable from a government.  The corporation will become the nation of the 21st century.  The new construct.  Players whose stage is the boardroom.  The King sits here, in his corner office, at his twenty thousand dollar mahogany desk.  You, the janitor, made to stand, sweep the marble floor.


Perhaps the stage must be torn up, again.


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Is the Brain a homunculus afloat in its cerebro-spinal amniotic fluid, the body a placenta integrating it with the external world? Biological systems are massively fractal, self-similar structures....


One of my many heros is D'Arcy Thompson who is best known for his Biological treatise "On Growth and Form". I love the idea that different biological morphologies across species are simply variations on a common theme. Parsimony and Butterfly Effect. Nature creates the new out of simple alterations and combinations of the old (throwing in vast iterations and voila - something unrecognizable but actually based on the same simple theme). Maximum complexity for minimum evolutionary investment.

I encountered similar excitement in studying embryogenesis - especially when discovering that that the skin and the brain develop from the same layer in the blastocyst.  The organs that intimately contact the outermost and the innermost worlds are derived from the same cells and share many characteristics in physiology and histology. And it is doubly interesting that the placenta and the fetus develop from the same blastocyst. Biological systems are massively fractal, self-similar structures.... The placenta is the quintessential fractal border - fractal interface. Massive surface area. The organ that connects the fetus intimately with the outer world. Its is intimately integrated with the fetus, but ultimately it is not the fetus. Both and neither. Another fact I find extremely interesting is that the placenta has no nerves....

I also remember reading Dawkin's The Selfish Gene and thinking the idea of the phenotype being this giant robot designed to propagate a community of genes a really interesting perspective in a Philip-K-Dickian science-fiction fashion. I am not a big fan of Dawkins' scientism bent but he has a lot of creative ideas. What if we take the idea a step further....

What is consciousness? Where is it located? In the brain? In the Body? Both? Which part contains the "I"? The Brain? 

Where does our Knowledge come from? Completely from our senses? Our sense organs transduce the outer world into patterns of neurological activity. But is this a one-way relation? What of reason, intuition, inspiration? Is the Body a homunculus, the brain a placenta integrating the body with the internal conscious world...?

Brain, body; fetus, placenta; chicken, egg....



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i hereby call the 1st session of the WGB Think Tank to order.

1st order of duty - think big, demand the impossible, change the world.


open to the floor for comment.




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As previously tweeted, I'll be around and available in Vancouver from the 12th to the 15th of this month - i.e. week after next!

Another friend has already nabbed the evening of the 14th for a meat, but every other evening is available, and so is the afternoon of the 15th.


Would be delighted to hang out with as many of y'all as possible at some point.


Has William Gibson ever said if he met or read Mc Luhan in Toronto in the 70s?


"...Margot was taking her NYU extension course in disease-as-metaphor..." -- Pattern Recognition


What mediates the boundary between self and non-self?


The immune system is our first line of cognition, and is often described as the body's security system.




"An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system....

Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment... In other words, individuals living in too sterile an environment are not exposed to enough pathogens to keep the immune system busy. Since our bodies evolved to deal with a certain level of such pathogens, when they are not exposed to this level, the immune system will attack harmless antigens and thus normally benign microbial objects — like pollen — will trigger an immune response.[39]"  -- Wikipedia


In Virtual Light, Rydell and Sublett work for Intensecure - a very large and powerful security company with ties to Datanet.


Rydell has a habit of going overboard in security situations.  Sublett is allergic to everything....


Rydell and Sublett are duped into over-reacting to a harmless situation when they are fed false information by the Repulic of Desire - a group of hackers who have taken take control of the "Death Star", Intensecure's communication satellite.