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Open until June 30th.Check out the making of our new mural Ugg Shop, or come and see it in person at 2 Bond St South Yarra.Il keeps feet comfortable and can be used in winter without a pair of chaussettes.D'être greater Ugg boots sale value touched ugg boots The treasure map leads right to The Ugg Shop Where We-have the great Mid Stud boot in Both Berry and Black. A great look with this denim spring.There are show bags, fireworks, rides and lots of family fun - but our favorite are the great Ways That The city gets to experience a taste of life on the farm. Demonstrations were grinding grain Into flour, finding out Where our crunchy Aussie Apples come from, milking cows and sheep shearing are just Reviews some of the Ways for us learn about what agricole Victoria the provides for us. Short Ugg boots have been one of the most beloved by women and children boots and become increasingly popular in recent years.


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Ugg boots originated from Australia, INITIALLY as utilitarian footwear worn for warmth. They Were Often worn by surfers DURING THE 1960s. In the 1970s, the boots Were Introduced to the surf culture of the United Kingdom and the United States by local surfers returning from surfing competitions in Australia. Deckers holds registrations for the UGG trademark in the United States, China and over 130 countries.The short --other further Top Ruled That UGG is a well-known trademark recognition That HAS Gained and distinctiveness worldwide, and while acknowledging the challenger's allegations That UGG is a generic term in Australia, Ruled That Alleged Such facts-have no bearing on the validity of the trademark Within Turkey. Bruce and Bronwyn McDougall, owners of Uggs-N-Rugs, a Western Australia-based manufacturer, started legal Action Against the UGH-BOOTS Registration in Australia in 2005 SPECIFICALLY, They Brought a non-use Action Against Deckers Deckers alleging That HAD not Actively Farming the UGH-BOOT trademark in Australian trade for the past three years.


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My dermatologist is going to kill me, but I lie to her all the time." As he trots around his store, happily kitting out each woman in Michael Kors booty — sequined sheaths, swaths of sand-colored jersey, and gold stiletto sandals — he dispenses as many tips and feel-good mantras as the queen of talk herself. "You're not short, you are petite," he corrects one diminutive woman. "Dress your down look up," he instructs.michael kors black friday And "beige plus blonde equals gold," he singsongs to a platinum-maned dame as he selects jewelry. "That's fashion math." "Fashion math" is just one Kors-ism. There's also "fashion fat," meaning when those who might be an ideal weight in the real world can't squeeze into a sample size. Then there's "fashion fame," which is different from that of, say, Kors's really famous friends, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas. Kors himself has attained this beatific state (where one gets great tables at restaurants but not too much paparazzi attention) thanks mostly to dispensing such quips as a judge on Project Runway.


Adoring fans have even gathered them into homemade mashups on YouTube. Such notoriety does, however, mean a lot of time spent chatting with his fans about their shoes, their bags, or their Kors printed caftans, even at such far-flung locales as the Fontelina beach club in Capri, Italy. His business has benefited from such recognition too, with his three lines — Michael Kors collection, Kors Michael Kors, and Michael Michael Kors — collectively drawing $1 billion a year. But being so approachable would be anathema to many designers. Kors is hyperaware that he is hardly a reclusive artiste: He sends his models down the runway with huge smiles plastered on their faces to punchy, poppy feel-good musical hits of yore and does his very own catwalk finale turn.


"We all laugh because he walks the whole runway," says dear friend Aerin Lauder. cyber monday michael kors clutches 2014 "Most designers just peek their head out and wave." But intellectual fashion is not Kors's calling card, as many of his designs, though luxe, have a familiar and pleasingly visceral appeal; think the perfect 10-ply cashmere crewneck or a sublime tawny floor-sweeping knitted-fox fur. "There are two kinds of designers: ones who are very happy locked in their office surrounded by their coterie. The last thing they need to do is to go to a trunk show; they'd go running for the hills," he says, sitting down for a brief break in his swank Chicago hotel suite. "I not only enjoy it, I think, how do you design things that are applicable to life — unless you live it?"


He contentedly munches on minibar Pringles and goes on to talk about being a "Gleek."It's been three decades since Kors started his namesake line, a milestone he recently celebrated with all the trappings of the life he's cultivated. First was an intimate party at the Carlyle hotel after his Fall 2011 show where he was feted by Anjelica Huston, Patti Hansen, and Rene Russo. (Kors used to sneak into the hotel at 15 to see Bobby Short, "thinking I was very glamorous with a coat over my shoulder and a big polka-dot pocket square and tie.") That was followed by a splashy dinner in Paris at the U.S. ambassador's residence, complete with Mary J. Blige performing and a raucous dance party. "I just thought, what a great way to finish the whole thing off and say thank you to everyone who's been a part of the 30 years from around the world," he says.Michael Kors swears he can't program his VCR, which has been blinking "12:00" 24 hours a day for the past two years in his minimally furnished Greenwich Village penthouse.


He insists that he can't remember his daily exercise regimen without his personal trainer, Courtney Franklin, by his side to nudge him. But the baby-faced designer more than makes up for such quirks when he's at work, nine floors above the traffic in Manhattan's Flatiron District. There, Kors and his 35 employees create sexy little somethings that have fashion insiders heralding him as the next Calvin Klein. The 31-year-old Kors has charmed Julia Roberts, Demi Moore and supermodel Christy Turlington with sleek sportswear and bare dresses that he has been fashioning for well-heeled boutique customers for 10 years. In January, Kors went wider, introducing a less expensive (price range: $50 to $400), less exclusive line of sporty clothes called, not surprisingly, Kors, which retailers say has been selling like candy since it arrived in 150 department stores nationwide. "Michael Kors is going to be a household name," says Andrew Basile, fashion director of New York City's Bergdorf Goodman, where Kors's gray cotton jackets ($285) and orange poplin shirts ($95) are hot sellers.


"I'm the most established new name in town," jokes Kors, relishing the attention from this new venture, which, along with new swimwear and shoe lines, is expected to boost sales to $35 million this year (up from $8 million in 1990). During the '80s, when new talents were celebrated one season and out of business the next, Kors worked at a deliberate pace in unglamorous garment-district digs, gradually expanding his collection from 15 to 350 pieces, while nurturing a motley clientele, including rock singer Belinda Carlisle, actress Faye Dunaway and news personalities Jane Pauley and Diane Sawyer. "I find his clothes comfortable, simple, practical and fun," says writer-activist Gloria Steinem, who began wearing Kors no-frills styles for TV appearances three years ago and has been hooked ever since.



Ud more than high-end style, den som disse fineste masker brugte sko st Meningen at tilbyde mother ndbar plads. The Nike Shox columns found at the rear of the shoe offer a really awesome green roshe run nz Qualunque sia la caccia stata acquistata la scarpa per, non vi caccia Inoltre in avvicinamento e che assolutamente l'acume per cui si dovrebbe acquistare una scarpa costante di astenersi costi accidentali e diffusione aswell delle risorse diventano pi difficili. Nike Max bubble that may arise in the back of the shoe makes it an example that people love. In 1980, Nike Inc went public soon after it had established nearly fifty% with the market reveal in USA athletic shoe sector. But it is also focus on the style just like James that perfect combination of strength and speed to the match. If so, where exactly is the pain? That's Nike Shox not a reality it really is a promise.


They are actually improved in multifunction design several people from across the world are extremely attached to them. This may maybe be a capable mesh higher to include footwear. If you are looking for an incredible running shoe that appears superior, is secure and offers outstanding performance, then it is good to contemplate the This shoe will not only seem trendy but the feet will be singing praises based on how well it performs in the real entire world. Get, he repeatedly asked about the searching information, will not fade clothing will slip difficulties like yarn. The access to a significantly broader base of merchandise, in this case extra colours and types of footwear that may possibly not be obtainable in shops and at wholesale pricing, can be stored sensible, even after shipping and managing.


The Nike Air Max Turnaround is wonderful to get a player who has a quick style of play and is trying to find a basketball nike air max 2009 shoe to help. L'entreprise mne constamment la voie aussi loin que le style est inquite pour les chaussures de sport. roshe run dynamic outlet I have observed the fact that shox's are great for operating plus they are. Most consumers aren't conscious that great sports activities merchandise are really extremely difficult to design. I also like the Nike Free of charge when I do cross coaching exercises in the fitness center. Remove the laces from your Air Max sneakers. Nike air max Kidrobot is the most expensive shoes in air max 1, even though the other kinds of shoes are not cheap either. But being as well special gifts it's great number of troubles.


Finally in 1917, they started to become mass produced and gained their name sneakers, as the people who wore them could sneak around without being heard. It is considered as Nike best-selling shoes around the world. People may assume that the Air Max 360 marks the end of Nike Air Max. Nike Air Max series this year to the packaging and promotion is the highest, and many of the Air Max series shoes greatly enriched the market. Equipaggio Kicks uno tra questi negozi web based. What tends to make this sneaker fairly distinctive is nonetheless not using minimal yellow-coloured Air Force 1 25th Ladies sneakers but the woven black substance used around the upper. Also in 2007, Airtran Airways did not renew Vick's endorsement agreement when it expired.


Returning up in your fourth portion have arrived at the pretty minimum eleven forthcoming Nike shox Dunks, a subscriber foundation identified merely by Todd Bratrudos Mail out Support abide by up and also the royal/camo Established for Skateboarding Mids. The Nike Air Structure Triax Men's shoes can show an actual durability under real road conditions. If you have a given underpronated or perhaps even breakeven gait, is basically the shoe for your running. The shoe consists of a number of features that generally appeal to consumers. A further excellent matter about these types of shoes is always that they're just highly classy. gray pink roshe run


The quantities current a sad actuality, one of five kids is considered obese, and this tendency only boosts with time, childhood obesity is escalating in diverse ethnic teams, in both genders and all across the world, North America and Western Europe are top the charts with regard to childhood weight problems, but other regions Nike Shox of the world aren't to far behind. Therefore, when you want to buy your Nike Air Force 1 shoes, it is advisable to buy them in the evening as your feet would be slightly swollen and you can get the right size. Since I played basketball a small proportion times a week behind afterward, and so many population played in them I figured I would give it a try. However, if you make a little effort, you can get these foot wears easily.


Not only is the range very vast but the prices are also very cheap. You head for the similar agency assuming that you could get the exact same prices. This latest Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 comes in a Black/Silver colorway. Nike Air Max Benefit of Poor purely complete the very much first-rate attributes are they effect possibly be customized with an special's individualized needs. However the original stitching on the side panels is not common with the modern versions of the shoes. When the official Nike website has been successfully reached, the user should then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Nike ID" button. They named their company Gebruder Dassler Schulfabrik.



However, I find it to be a good shoe for recovery runs and long runs, and nearly chose it as my shoe for my BQ marathon attempt a few weeks back (I opted for the Kinvara). I’ve run long runs in them with little issue, and did a half marathon simulation in 1:35 during my last training cycle and they felt great. roshe run palm trees For an all-out, marathon length race I like a shoe to have a bit more cushion and don’t mind a slight heel lift, so the Free Run+ fits the bill better than most shoes out there.As for sizing, the shoe runs true to size for me, and the fit is nearly perfect. The forefoot is plenty roomy for my medium width foot, and the heel through arch fit is nice and snug. There is a bit of arch support, which will likely turn off those more interested in truly minimalist shoes, though it is slightly less pronounced if you remove the insoles.Here’s where things get a bit tricky.


Whether or not you like the Nike Free Run+ out on the road is going to depend largely on what you want out of the shoe and what you plan to use it for. As I mentioned at the outset, the Free Run+ is thickly cushioned (though a tad firmer than the Saucony Kinvara) and has a moderate heel lift (about 7mm).I have a fairly long history with the Nike Free line of shoes. My first step into more minimal footwear was with the Free 3.0 v1 back in 2009.In the past several years the Free line has expanded and has become a bit of a juggernaut in the footwear world.roshe run hyperfuse free shipping Nike Frees are consistently among the best selling shoes in the US, and the top-selling shoe in the line is the Free 5.0+, which I’ll review here. I loved that shoe, and would rank it up with my favorite running shoes of all time.


Thus, ground feel is not great, and the heel will not be one that helps get you immediately onto your midfoot/forefoot. On the plus side, they are extremely flexible (due to the extensive siping/grooves on the sole – see picture below) and very light, so if you are coming from a heavier, more traditional shoe with a 12mm heel lift, you will definitely notice a difference going into the Free gray nike running It is for this reason that I view the shoe as a good choice for someone looking to transition slowly into more minimalist shoes.A few last thoughts on running midfoot or forefoot in the Free Run+. It took a lot of work for me to transition to a midfoot striking running stride, and I still lapse from time to time, but I can run midfoot fairly easily in the Nike Free Run+ now that I have become comfortable with the gait (see video below).


That being said, as I have mentioned above, I would not choose this shoe as the ideal one to get someone off of their heels. It will help you get a feel for what it is like to run in less shoe, and will help in the process of acclimating to a lower heel lift, but my feeling is that if you really want to work on a midfoot/forefoot running stride, you need a shoe with as little heel as possible.In summary, the Nike Free Run+ is a great looking, very comfortable shoe that is an excellent choice for someone who runs in traditional trainers and wants to transition to less shoe. For someone who has already made the switch, it can serve a role as a recovery and distance shoe, and my feeling is that the Free Run+ would hold up well as a marathon shoe for more minimalist runners as it provides some protection from late-race form-breakdown (though I would probably recommend the Saucony Kinvara over the Free Run+ as a marathon shoe since it is a bit lighter and has a bit less heel). mint blue white roshe run


The Free Run+ will likely see continued use in my rotation, and although it is far from barefoot-like, it fits nicely in the transitional minimalist category.The Nike Free 5.0+ is almost invariably among the top 3 selling athletic shoes in monthly sales as reported by SportsOneSource – it’s a hugely popular shoe. However, it’s popularity and dominance among athletic footwear is largely a reflection of its usage as a fashion item and casual shoe. Though people certainly run in it, more likely buy it for causal usage.


In fact, I was at Disney World in Florida last week and I swear Frees were on about half the feet I saw walking around the parks .What is it that makes the Free so popular? Fashion trends are surely part of it. When I was working at the college I swear almost every female student had a pair, and some told me they had 4-5 pairs in different colors. But, they’d also comment to me that they loved them since they’re so comfortable. To me, the latter is why they have endured – Nike Frees are incredibly comfortable as causal shoes. They lack extensive rubber outsole so they feel soft (but not too soft) and don’t make much noise when they contact the ground.



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Cayce Pollard has a phobia of certain product brand labels that produces a physical reaction.  She only wears clothing with the labels carefully removed.  This phobia is not all down side, however, the book opens with Cayce in London on a five figure contract for the Blue Ant agency as a "coolhunter".  After one glance at a new logo, she says it doesn't "work".  The Blue Ant people ask her to remain in London for a short time while they rework the logo.  Cayce realizes this process must have earned her an enemy in the person of one Dorotea Benedetti, the liaison with the designer.  Horrible little things begin to happen that could only be attributed to Dorotea, though Cayce can prove nothing.  

In her down time, Cayce is involved in a small global community of enthusiasts who follow and discuss the "Footage", which is dozens of extraordinary video files that appear at random places on the Web, each one no longer than a minute, with no coherent narrative.  The founder of Blue Ant has also heard of the Footage, he considers it a brilliant breakthrough in guerilla marketing and wants Cayce to help him find the maker of the film fragments.  He makes nearly unlimited resources available to aid Cayce in her search, but it is her friends in the chat room, especially "Parkaboy", who get the first lead.  They have discovered that the Footage is watermarked with steganography, obviously to track where the files go on the web.  And a footage-head named Taki in Tokyo claims to have extracted an encrypted number from one of the files, in a bid to impress "Keiko", a completely fictional female persona created by Darrell in San Francisco.   Now that they have caught Taki, they need to reel him in. To do this, Parkaboy and Darrell enlist a Japanese-American bartender named Judy to create a semi-pornographic image of Taki's dream girl, and Cayce flies to Japan with the image to make the trade.

Taki has no social skills whatsoever, and the meeting with Cayce makes him nervous almost to the point of death, but he offers up the twelve digits, and Cayce hands over the "Keiko" image, but the deal makes her feel sad and ashamed.  Cayce goes into the ladies' room, writes the number on her hand, and when she comes back out, Taki is gone.  Stepping outside the bar, she is accosted by two men dressed in black.  Cayce pulls the face of one man into her skull, a move that very nearly kills him, and stomps on the foot of the other man.  A retainer for Blue Ant named Boone Chu pulls up in a scooter to help her get away.  In an alley they give their jackets to a pair of Yakuza toughs on another scooter, who circle back to where they came from to provide a diversion so Cayce can escape.

Parkaboy emails Cayce and says that the "psychosexual cruise missile that is Judy, tweaked, has found its mark".  Taki has posted 135 twelve-digit numbers, one for each fragment of Footage, and the numbers create a map in the shape of the letter "T".  The chatroom is abuzz. Meanwhile Judy has discovered what they have done to Taki and has taken pity on him.  She wants to make direct contact with Tali, and send more pictures, otherwise she'll blow the whole operation.   Cayce encourages Parkaboy to let Judy have her way, and is actually glad someone else is pissed off about what happened to Taki.   But Cayce has discovered something big closer to home, the man she messed up in Tokyo is the driver for Dorotea, and worse, Dorotea now works for Bigend.  Cayce is angry enough to nearly quit, but Bigend manages to calm her down until Dorotea makes her confession.  She was working for a Russian who had burglarized the office of Cayce's shrink, obtaining sufficient information for Dorotea to attempt to make Cayce uncomfortable enough to refuse the job with Blue Ant.  The two goons in Tokyo worked for this Russian too.  Someone thinks Cayce is getting too close.

Through her contacts in London, Cayce learns about one Hobbs Baranov, a mathematician formerly employed by the NSA who, it is suggested, was instrumental in the creation of the Echelon system that monitors all Internet traffic, but now, in his retirement, lives in a little trailer and deals in rare mechanical calculators manufactured in the 1940s.  He is a singularly unpleasant man who is even more sore lately, having lost an auction for the fourth such calculator ever made.  Cayce proposes to buy the calculator with Bigend's credit card, but only if he can use his connections to discover what email address a certain company sends the video files after they encrypt the numbers.  She leaves a photo of the T-shaped map on the table with the 135 numbers.

In a surprisingly short period of time, Baranov obtains the email address, and Cayce makes the trade.  She writes an emotional appeal to the creator of the footage, mentioning the loss of her father in the WTC bombing,  letting the artist know how important the film fragments have become to her and many other people.  She writes that Parkaboy thinks the creator is dreaming for them. Cayce says her search has become a scary adventure, and begs to know who they are, where they are, and if they are real.  She has made the connection.  The reply says they have lost their father by a bomb, mother too.  They mention they are in Moscow.  They ask how Cayce obtained the address.  And they ask who are these people who are interested in the segments of the work.

Cayce is excited and embarks on a flight to Moscow.  Parkaboy emails her and reveals that the proportions of the "T" matches a component of a US Army Claymore mine.  Cayce puts him in touch with Blue Ant so he can fly to Moscow too, she says she needs him there with her, because she may be very close to learning everything.  She gives him the mystery email address because at that point only Cayce had it.  In Moscow, Cayce is contacted by the owner of the email address, Stella Volkova, and they meet for coffee.  She is not the maker of the footage, but the sister of the maker, who is Nora.  Stella is, however, the one who share's Nora's work with the world.  The same bomb that killed their parents also hurt Nora very badly.  They are protected by the security apparat of their uncle, a very rich man in the world of organized crime, but when Cayce spoke of how her father died on 9-11 she believed that Cayce would not hurt them.

The  next day Stella takes Cayce to visit Nora and watch her work.  There is a T-shaped fragment of a Claymore mine buried in her head, in a place where it would kill her if anyone tried to remove it.  Nora is almost completely isolated, and lives solely through her work.  For three hours Cayce watches the outline of the next segment of footage being created on an LCD screen, frame-by-frame.  Cayce knows she has found the source of her digital Nile and she leaves in tears.

Before Cayce can check out of her hotel she is accosted by Dorotea, who steers her to a bar and orders Perrier water.  Dorotea says she knows Cayce found the maker, and she says Volkov's people know too, the people who employ her.   Soon Andrei Volkov will know, and will consider Cayce a danger because she has met his neices.  Dorotea wants to know how Cayce got the email address.  She reveals that she  is Mama Anarchia, her nemesis on the footage chatroom, and she's been on to Cayce ever since the day Cayce speculated the makers might be associated with the Russian mob.   The water Cayce has been drinking is loaded with something similar to a date-rape drug.  Dorotea expects that Cayce will now be compliant and reveal the source of the email address.   But Cayce has a paradoxical reaction to the drug and messes Dorotea up at least as badly as the mugger in Tokyo, though she will not remember any of it.

She wakes up two days later in something that resembles a hospital, or a prison, in the middle of a barren wasteland, and simply walks out until it grows dark and cold.  She is found with night-vision goggles by a helicopter pilot and met by Parkaboy, who says he emailed Stella after they hauled Cayce away on a gurney and told her what happened, and that he was a friend.  Thirty minutes later he was rushed through Moscow to some very high-end real estate to meet Stella, her uncle, Bigend, and the Chinese hacker, Boone Chu, who had hacked her hotmail.  

The helicopter takes Parkaboy and Cayce back to the "prison" which Parkaboy reveals is the CGI render farm for the Footage. Bigend is glad Peter found her and relieved that Cayce is well.  Bigend and Andrei Volkov, the wealhiest man in Russia, have become partners, if not friends.   Andrei had been obsessed with protecting his neices, and the mechanism he put in place for that did not mesh entirely with Stella's desire to make Nora's work public, and all of Cayce's recent troubles stemmed from that.  The software they used to track the footage flagged Blue Ant's interest in the Footage, and that's why Dorotea was ordered to disrupt Cayce's relationship with Bigend.  Cayce is pressed by Bigend and Andrei's security chief on how she got the email address and she answers in such a way that both conclude it was a friend of her father's with access to Eschelon.

Later, Cayce and Parkaboy have become a couple, and Cayce has discovered that she no longer has her allergy to trademarks, perhaps a side effect of the drug Dorotea gave her.  She wonders if it also means her work as a coolhunter is impossible. Judy Tsuzuki has flown to Tokyo to be with Taki and at the bidding of Cayce she is employed by Blue Ant there.    Cayce has sent some money and information provided by Volkov's group that will allow her mother to have Win Pollard declared legally dead, which will clear the way for the life insurance and the pension money to come through.


The current Wikipedia entry on Spook Country contains the following nugget:


The identity of the old man remains unclear, though context implies that he may be Pattern Recognition's protagonist Cayce Pollard's father, having removed himself from the channels of normal life to focus on disrupting what he sees as criminal elements operating in the United States Government.


This is an interesting speculation that would fit within the principle of Occam's Razor as applied to writing, do not multiply characters needlessly. However, from what we know in the following book with respect to the Ugly T-Shirt, he still has friends in high places and markers to call in.  If he had faked his death to protect his family, then he could not resort to obtaining those favors, since two men can keep a secret if one is dead.


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Hollis Henry, lead singer for the now defunct alt.rock band The Curfew, and a former drug addict and Columbia-educated linguist named Milgrim find themselves in London working for advertising magnate Hubertus Bigend, unaware that their lives previously crossed in Spook Country.


One of Bigend’s current interests is fashion, particularly the intersection between street wear, work wear and military clothing. Milgrim is sent to South Carolina to take photographs of a pair of Army BDUs where he gains the notice of a federal agent named Winnie Tung Whittaker employed by DCIS. Winnie photographs Milgrim and intimidates him into working as an informant.


Bigend asks Henry and Milgrim to investigate a secret brand of clothing named Gabriel Hounds after an obscure English legend. At the same time, he becomes aware that a coup is being plotted within his company, Blue Ant. When Milgrim realizes his cell phone is being tracked by rogue elements in Blue Ant, he slips the phone into a pram belonging to the moll of a member of the Russian mob, which leads to one of the mercenaries involved in the coup, who followed the pram, being captured and beaten. Revenge against Milgrim then becomes the top priority of the mercs.


A parallel subplot follows Hollis as she tracks down the Gabriel Hounds designer, strongly implied but not expressly stated to be Cayce Pollard, the protagonist of Pattern Recognition. Joined by her boyfriend Garreth, the mysterious daredevil featured in Spook Country who had been severely injured in a BASE jump, Hollis Henry offers to help Bigend gain the release of Bobby Chombo, who has been captured by the mercenaries to force Bigend to swap him for Milgrim, but as part of the deal, Bigend must allow the Hounds designer to remain anonymous. Bobby Chombo is absolutely critical to Bigend’s plan to gain the ability to foresee stock market prices by a number of minutes. Events reach a climax at night in an open space in London named Wormwood Scrubs where the mercs demand the prisoner exchange to take place.


Zero History concludes a trilogy of contemporary novels written by Gibson using what he calls his speculative-fiction “toolkit”, making them just as enjoyable from a literary standpoint as Neuromancer or Idoru (Gibson’s descriptive prose and plotting is unassailable) while totally immune from being overtaken by real world technology and events.   That these books are just as bewildering as his previous two trilogies set much further up the timeline says very much about the times we live in, a world of constant future shock. Fact has become stranger than science fiction.


With all the Facebook-hate and Ello-soufflé, it's time to give Diaspora a proper try.


Using the #wgb tag, we can have threads and pretty much do everything we do here... with a much cleaner interface.


This blog post has a brief history of the network, and explains how hashtags work :


This is pretty good too:


Pods are the only part I find confusing about Diaspora.

A pod is where you log in and where your data is stored, without any impact on who you can interact with.


For instance, I have registered with this French pod, hosted by a reputable company:

Heavyboots registered on a different pod, but can still see my posts and vice versa.

So, pick a pod and join us. (please do, because I can only chat about mountain bikes and deserts for so long )


(if we end up migrating there for good, we can start talking about hosting our own pod)