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Damn it! Missed my Board day by 2 weeks, so here's a long kitten.





You think it's worth it to report spam posted on a someone's `wall'?  They've started doing that recently.  I'm of two minds about it.  I mean yes, it is spam, but no, it's not getting in anyone's way.  What do you think?

As for the shoe-spam...  Fuck it, I'm about ready to go full hobbit, just to spite them [yes, even in January, except maybe the SPD biking shoes].


Congratulations, Mr. Gibson, on The Peripheral, your latest quirky, razor sharp, PKD evoking and Ozian themed masterpiece!  I have enjoyed watching your lean and mean style morph over the decades from the angry young cyberpunk of the early years to the wry and thoughtful cyberfunk of the later years.


Significantly, I could not help notice that you finally openly acknowledged your participation in the dread, ongoing, twilit and allegorical Zone Wars that have raged in fiction and film since the helicopter crash that killed child extras Renee Chen and Myca Le and actor/director/writer Vic Morrow around 2:20 am in the morning of July 23, 1982 on the John Landis set of the allegorical Landis, Joe Dante, George Miller, and Steven Spielberg film, TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE (1983) in The Peripheral.  Indeed, with the name of the Dorothy linked Flynne evoking Jeff Bridges' Flynn in Steven Lisberger's allegorical film, TRON (1982), the name of the Tin Man linked Burton reminding us that Tim Burton began his film career with the allegorical animated short, VINCENT (1982), and the name of the Cowardly Lion linked Leon evoking Brion James' Leon in Sir Ridley Scott's eerily prescient, twilit and allegorical film, BLADE RUNNER (1982), you abundantly affirmed that you were launching a major salvo-if not trying to end the Zone Wars at last-in The Peripheral.


Of course, Flynne, Burton and Leon created a truly twilit trio of one female and two males that reminded us of Renee, Myca and Vic, reaffirming your twilit and allegorical intentions in The Peripheral.  Heck, your closing Acknowledgements and Thanks were even dated July 23, 1982, the thirty-second anniversary of the TZ disaster, conclusively confirming your twilit and allegorical intent in your latest novel.


If you want to jack into all of the latest insights into the dread Zone Wars, feel free to visit my site at  You might also want to read PKD, a short, pithy and sarcastic roast of Zone Wars obsessed fiction and film in the inimitable style of PKD that I have posted to wattpad.  Where were you in '82?




Gary W. Wright


PS Were Lowbeer and Griff a nod to Anne Carlisle's immortal Margaret and Jimmy in Slava Tsukerman's Spielberg and George Lucas roasting allegorical film, LIQUID SKY (1982), in another link to 1982 in The Peripheral?  If so, great allusion, as LIQUID SKY is one my favourite films.  Saw it the first time in a double bill with ERASERHEAD in the fall of '84 at the Studio Theatre in downtown Vancouver...:>


I'm pretty sure I'll be in Van this weekend.  How about you?

It's mainly to see my sister, brother-in-law and nieces [and dog, they got a puppy  :-) ], but I should have time to hang out on Sunday, possibly wander around and get lost, but not *too* lost.

I'm guessing there will be another US book tour, probably in June 2015.

Herausgeber: Penguin
Erscheinungstermin: 28. Mai 2015
Sprache: Englisch
Buchlänge: 400
ISBN-10: 0241961009
ISBN-13: 978-0241961001

Book critic ED TAYLOR calls WILLIAM GIBSON's new novel, via headline:
"PERiPHERAL -- An intriguing new piece of CLI-FI" --






      I wrote a novelette on the 'write something now' thread called cavr that starred a 6 boobed girl and a guy with 2 penises. What a moment when I read the same thing in 'the peripheral'.

     They say that when someone copies you it's a compliment but I think a karma debt has occurred.

      The kind of debt that could be repaid by helping a young writer get published.

Im focusing on selling this old short story this year.



The attack by North Korea on SONY was in my estimation an act of war. Not only was great damage done to a major corporation located here, but for the first time in our history the right of free speech and assembly was successfully denied us by a foreign dictator. In a sense we've been invaded and have suffered great harm. The emails released were only a small part of that. Theft and destruction by a foreign power of intellectual property occurred, personal, financial and medical records were siezed and the American public was threatened with murder if we excercised our rights of assembly and free speech. It succeeded on all counts. This is no December 7th or 9/11 type event, but this attack was historic and I think should be answered strongly and decisively or we and our way of life in this digital age will be doomed.  Any thoughts ?  


Tired of the same old stuff ? Got any favorite alternatives ??? Being Irish from a large extended family makes this one a particular fave of mine...