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Has anyone ever actually constructed a Fuckedness Index? Ever since reading the line in Spook Country, I have been trying to apply it to my perception particularly of Vienna fashion, but feel like I need some more precise quantification instruments.


I would be very thankful for tips about interesting work that may have already been done in this direction.


As token of friendliness, accept this sparrow enclosed in the Vienna airport.

2013-09-20 15.28.14


sincerely, Ann Cotten

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Some of these won't make any sense to you, and a few of them make very little sense to me...
  • For some reason, I imagined Daedra as an older version of Miley Cyrus,
  • Burton resembled Bradley Cooper, in his role as Chris Kyle in `American Sniper' [physically and mentally, but with a different face],
  • Griff looked like Neil Gaiman, to me,
  • Flynn's peripheral, unoccupied, was one of the personal trainers at Gym2.  Actually a very present, intelligent, nice person, she looks nothing like The Man's physical description of the peri either.  I think maybe it's because her form, working out, is perfect; steady pace, unhurried but not at all slow, surgically precise without any of the tension a word like `precise' implies.  Her [usually friendly] responses to people also lack hesitation or guile,
  • I couldn't help but imagine the `Pavel' peripheral as one of the trainers at Gym1, probably because he'd mentioned his family coming from Ukraine.  Actually *not* a douchebag, although he does have a competitive streak, a sort of arms-length quality to his personality [or maybe just with me], a preference for cut-and-dried opinions, and a sort of Neo-esque blankness about him [actually Keanu Reeves-esque; he's had that same slightly blank quality in every role I've seen him in, if for slightly different reasons from character to character],
  • So I guess it's no surprise that the younger Clovis would resemble Kate Moss [as Trinity],
  • Netherton was a fairly nondescript middle-aged English dude, hard to describe.  Some blown capillaries in his face, but not a full-on Rudolph red nose,
  • Flynn was just Flynn; again, a face that didn't seem to be referenced from some other source.  Some of my mental image of the peripheral [above] bled-over into her, but not much.


I suppose it was inevitable, but someone's finally started a Gabriel Hounds clothing line.


I don't care for most of it, seems to trendy for GH.  But at least they got Skirt Thing, so that's a plus.


No, not a brand of shoes. Sad Puppies are a group of SF writers who in the last few years have been campaigning for a ''change'' in what they see as trends in the SF Hugo awards.


There is a recent post at IO9 about this-


''The new slate of Hugo Awards nominees were just announced, and you can read the list at the link. Suffice to say, the nominees in pretty much every category (other than Best Novel) come pretty much exclusively from a fan campaign called Sad Puppies, organized by Brad R. Torgersen and Larry Correia. Last year, Correia organized a campaign which successfully placed one item in each category on the Hugo slate...''



This has caused some debate in the SF community.

I would like to know what opinions you have have about this subject...



Just started reading the Shadow over Innsmouth, and couldn't help think of similarities in the Peripheral. The Tiara, the fish people, the Antiquarian strangeness. 


So, we have been talking bout and analyzing the novel Pattern Recognition in my English class. We have just gotten to the end and I am a little bit confused. Why does Volkov have Cayce followed? It is because of Stella and Nora and him not wanting people to find out that they made the footage from fff or because he thinks Cayce thinks the footage has something to do with the Russian mob??? Thank you xx


As I write this there's 4 members and 60 guests. It's always some huge number of lurkers and a few of us... The few, the proud. I'm curious about our "guests" are they NSA monitors, North Korean hackers, Blue Ant types watching for trends, worker bots trolling ... others ??? Why won't they jump into the pool with us? There's always a bunch of them on the edge, watching. The water's fine. Don't be scared. Let me the first to extend an invite...


Member up. Would love to hear from you.






Here is a wild request.


I am Daniel Mayoral Diaz. I hail from a suburb of Madrid, Getafe. This is a peripheral city of the capital of Spain.


I read Neuromancer when I was 13, that was 1994. Since then, I studied English. I then procedeed to have a troubled teen life, reading whatever fell in my hands, (my father had a bookshop back then. Mostly he sold textbooks, that was what paid the house and our education).


Anyways, I admire your work, I have read everything I know you have written, and crave for more, junkie style. These days I am quite satiated,
with the Peripheral. Wild stuff!!


Chances are that I had the luck in the past to have attended the 2007 Vancouver Writer's Festival, which was quite an experience. I listened to a
(for me) brilliant talk about character creation and later wandering. I was almost mute when I saw you IRL but I managed to stammer something
around the lines of "I came from Madrid to attend your talk" and you graciously wrote "¡Hola!" in my copy of Spook Country,
which I had recently finished reading.


I've shown it to all my friends "Look! he wrote an opening exclamation mark, he like, knows Spain".


Years later I went to see also a talk in Bilbao. That was also very cool for me. It was in la Alhóndiga, in an auditory. I had a comic, Warren Ellis "SVK" and I would try and get it signed by you. And in fact, at the end of the talk, I had the chance. I was waiting and struck conversation with a lady and she told me she was from Vancouver. I told her I had been in Vancouver and about reading Douglas Coupland's "City of Glass" and she told me he was a friend of the family. I half understood that she was Mrs. Dismal herself, and at that point I approached you and you signed my copy of SVK. I exited la Alhóndiga jumping.


But to the point.

I got married recently with a wonderful woman, and we are travelling the States for a month. Towards the end we will be lodging in a friend of
Andrea (my wife) that lives in Vancouver. My proposition would be to invite you and your wife for coffee or tea. I know it is très longshot, and I feel like such a fanboy just for proposing it, but I would regret not to.


We will be in Vancouver around April the 14th-17th, the 18th we fly back to New York and the next day to Madrid.

I'll leave my email address in case you can let me know if it's possible.


Yours sincerely

Daniel Mayoral