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      I wrote a novelette on the 'write something now' thread called cavr that starred a 6 boobed girl and a guy with 2 penises. What a moment when I read the same thing in 'the peripheral'.

     They say that when someone copies you it's a compliment but I think a karma debt has occurred.

      The kind of debt that could be repaid by helping a young writer get published.


Im focusing on selling this old short story this year.



The attack by North Korea on SONY was in my estimation an act of war. Not only was great damage done to a major corporation located here, but for the first time in our history the right of free speech and assembly was successfully denied us by a foreign dictator. In a sense we've been invaded and have suffered great harm. The emails released were only a small part of that. Theft and destruction by a foreign power of intellectual property occurred, personal, financial and medical records were siezed and the American public was threatened with murder if we excercised our rights of assembly and free speech. It succeeded on all counts. This is no December 7th or 9/11 type event, but this attack was historic and I think should be answered strongly and decisively or we and our way of life in this digital age will be doomed.  Any thoughts ?  


Tired of the same old stuff ? Got any favorite alternatives ??? Being Irish from a large extended family makes this one a particular fave of mine...




I know we are few, and post even less, but I miss those threads that allow to know more about other board members, and that allow new people to know about the old regulars.


In that vein, and also to discover new music, I will post the top 25 reproduced songs in my iTunes, discounting repetitions from the same artist, to see if we have some common ground, or if we are truly isolated islands.


As I age, I find some songs grow an inertia, so they stay at the top for ever, while new ones have huge difficulties getting in. Nevertheless, there is some change. Marked with an asterisk are those that were at my top 25 (or another work by the same author) in 2003, when I joined the board. Of the others many, maybe most, are influenced by the board.


As you can see, lots of instrumental music and soundtracks, the real classical music of the past century. I have taken out most of the Spanish (and a few Portuguese) songs unlikely to be heard outside Spain. I am looking for common points, not differences.


You are free to comment, criticize and even mock me for my personal preferences, but you may suffer the same in return.


Laurens Walking Angelo Baladamenti (A True Story OST). The perfect driving music.

A Man and his Hat Carter Burwell (Miller’s Crossing OST)*. For many years my favorite movie. 

Bylar Dead Can Dance*. 

A Case of you Diana Krall. The original (Joni Mitchell) and Tori Amos cover are also in there.

Holiday Green Day. Fist pumping, head banging great.

Giles Farnaby’s Dream Penguin Café Orchestra*.

Hope Wim Mertens*.

King George Dover*. A Spanish group that sings in English.

Volver Estrella Morente. Sometimes you tire of being cosmopolitan.

Dreams (Meng Zhong Reng) Faye Wong (Chungking Express OST) The original Cranberries song is also quite high, but this one always makes me smile.

Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica. I like it better than the original.

Things that scare me Neko Case. WG made me discover NC.

Wish you were here Pink Floyd*. 

Fisherman’s Blues The Waterboys*.

Cadillac Solitario Loquillo y los Trogloditas*.

2000 Miles The Pretenders*. Also around I have Holly Cole and Chris Martin covers, too.

Með Suð Í Eyrum Sigur Ros. This is what passes for new, in my tastes...

The Ship Song Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Amsterdam Ute Lemper. I dig also Brel, but she kills it.

'Til Kingdom Come Coldplay. Spiderman almost killed this song for me. Almost. 

Yumeji's Theme Shigeru Umebayashi (In the Mood for Love OST). And in 2046, and My Blueberry Nights. It is not in The Grandmaster, as far as I know.

Dejá Loin Yann Tiersen.

Gortoz A Ran Lisa Gerrard & Denez Prigent (Black Hawk Down OST). It is Breton.

Sinnerman Nina Simone (all 10 minutes of it).

Dragonborn Jeremy Soule (Skyrim OST).


Though not obvious in the site navigation.


They are here, and a quote appropiate even more to his last book.


Not so difficult to find, but I just do not want the last spammer memory to remain in the last Topic up, even if deleted.