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so I was supposed to be finished and spending the month polishing but no Im at 186 pages and still going.



I thought I'd  ask for help polishing these fist pages


There are issues please tell me what page and Ill try to fix


due dec 1


Holy hell, this is one monster of a storm:





200 m/h (325 km/h) sustained winds. Highest ever wind speeds measured in a tropical cyclone.

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From a collector's stand point, I know that the UK Gollancz is the TRUE 1st edition of Neuromancer..


Are the UK versions of all or most his other books also the TRUE first editions?




This past holidays in Tuscany I used Google Maps in my phone a lot. From ersatz-GPS to excursion planning and route optimization, it is one of my favorites. But I got a bit worried when looking at a city map that it inmediately marked a hotel with the note "Reserved 26-29th August". I knew they read my e-mail, but I had not interiorized they actually got meaning out of it. On the other hand it is nice to have that search done for me, but I suppose soon it will remind me I have to buy a present to my wife, a detail for my mistresses, child support for my youth indiscretion, and where to buy pork heads because I have an Illuminati initiatory meeting tonight, and it is my turn to be the Master of Ceremonies.


On the other hand it has been insisting the whole week that I really need to buy a real human skeleton, from a reliable source in China. So maybe I have forgotten something I should be doing.


Neuromancer is my all time favorite book, and something about the cyberecks used in Gibson's Sprawl have always inspired me, so I have built what is as close as I can currently get to an actual deck. This one is inspired by Case's Ono Sendai in Neuromancer. As well as being a cosplay prop it is also a working computer. Since I can't currently add a neural interface to it I've made do with some customized video glasses.

Additional pictures on my portfolio site:!cyberdeck/co0n

Sticker graphics by WolfeCreative:

Ono Sendai Cyberspace 7

I just talked to Penguin and they have reinstated the new member registrations, but with moderator approval of incoming accounts.

I'll be helping them process new account requests, so we will see what happens.

I have nothing to add, just thought this needs its own thread [partly so it'll show up on the main page].

Thanks, great news.  :-)

[edit]  On second thought, I can think of one thing to add...  That's basically how it was with the old board; iirc, new memberships had to be approved by Tiger68, and that also seemed to work pretty well in terms of limiting spam.  Wonder how he's doing these days...

Still great news, btw.


or as we call it.... the latest greek drama.


if things get to a vote on the coming Sunday

it's going to be a big and definite NO.

What people don't understand is that

however catastrophic an exit from the Euro might be,

the austerity measures so far have been equally catastrophic.

the majority of middle class is destroyed to the point they consider they

have nothing else to lose.


what worries me is that this might end up in civil war

[worse case scenario but considering our history... not implausible].


[I had to stop derailing the Amsterdam thread]


I just took the time to read the late Lester Zombie's Facebook Obit.  It was touching.  I remember him fondly.


One thing I did not understand about 'Lester's' (I refrain from using his Christian name) life, was how successful he was in living 'Interstitially'.  That is, he was like a weed growing between the cracks in the cement. 


I don't think he had a job or a regular income.  It was only when his father passed that he had, adequate housing.  I don't think he was starving.  And, when he finally passed, it was from old age and 'a hard life'.  I suspect with more care in his middle-years, he would still be here.

Lester lived 'between the cracks'. 


My question is: "How hard is it, to life 'Interstitially'?


BTW, there are so few people like Lester in the Forum today.  I lament his demise.




New registrations are not permitted currently. Already registered? Sign in here."


I forgot my Login ID.  To take the "easy way out", I decided to create a new ID.  I received the above message. 


No new members are allowed. 


I dug deep and finally cam up with a working WGB login.


Is this the beginning of the end for WGB?  With no new Wigbers, eventually people will 'age off' (like MoM and Digital Primate) or pass (like Lester Zombie) and that will be the end of WGB?